Cool Boarders 2001 PlayStation


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  1. 40
    Hast no discnerable identity of itsh own. Vich gives it roughly a snowball's chance unt hell of surviving zist holiday season. Zus ze subject must accordingly be pronounched dead ont arrival
  2. CNET Gamecenter
    Where this game excels, though, is the fast, fluid gameplay and the tight controls, which thankfully weren't changed, and which are enhanced by the analog controller.
  3. I could go on and on about how "CB 2001" acts and walks radical, but fails to deliver the satisfying appeal of an 'extreme' sports game.
  4. Da Gameboyz
    A decent game. Although the music isn't any great shakes, and the graphics, while good, could stand to see some improvement. The gameplay is very good.
  5. The ugly graphics that simply can't compare to what thy eyes have seen on the PlayStation2. Seriously, after playing SSX on the PlayStation's big brother, it hurts even to look at this game.
  6. The free flowing nature of the sport is stifled, and it all comes off as if the developers have never strapped a board to their feet and headed down the mountain, let alone hung out with a crew of real riders to find out where they're coming from.
  7. Daily Radar
    From the moment this underwhelming title stumbles into action, gamers will be hard-pressed not to notice its painful mediocrity --CB2001 makes the annual SCEA father-son hackeysack tournament look like a paragon of x-tremity.
  8. 80
    If you are starving for some snow shredding action, jump on it, but if you are looking for some cutting edge carves, hold off for "SSX."
  9. Blocky backgrounds and mushy controls make this about as tasty as a mouthful of yellow snow.
  10. Another mediocre game and, at times, a pain. However, it does have some cool moments and will easily consume a couple of free hours.

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#46 Most Discussed PS1 Game of 2000
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  1. Aug 21, 2013
    The PlayStation One era seemed to signal an influx of extreme sports titles, and snowboarding games in particular. At the time Cool BoardersThe PlayStation One era seemed to signal an influx of extreme sports titles, and snowboarding games in particular. At the time Cool Boarders certainly provided fast paced gameplay and utilised the newly introduced analogue sticks to provide more precise controls. Of course it has since been surpassed both graphically and gameplay wise by more recent efforts such as the SSX series and so is not really worth bothering with nowadays. Full Review »
  2. [Anonymous]
    Jul 18, 2006
    Good snowboarding game. Worth the buy on the PS1.