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  • Summary: Join E.T. for a space odyssey to six dangerous alien planets. Your mission is to find rare and exotic plant specimens to achieve a truly cosmic goal: Save the UNIVERSE!!! Throughout your adventure, you'll need E.T.'s special powers of Telekinesis, Heart Stun, Healing Powers, and Telepathy to help unravel puzzles achieve mission critical objectives. Do this while neutralizing dangerous alien creatures and threatening government agents, and you'll be a hero. Collapse
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  1. A lot better than anyone dared to imagine (damn that Atari ‘classic!’) – just don't expect the game to be as timeless and breathtaking as the movie and you'll have a good time.
  2. A decent-enough scavenger hunt to amuse youngsters for quite a few hours of simple and repetitive item-gathering and level-clearing fun.
  3. This is a nice little program, certainly not all that challenging, but delightful for its animation of a benign alien creature and its charming ways.
  4. It’s dreadfully ugly and unredeemingly unfun. [Mar 2002, p.110]
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