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Summary: The last Final Fantasy for the PlayStation, Final Fantasy IX returns to the pure fantasy roots that spawned the series. This latest installment features highly detailed characters, vehicles, and environments, and breathtaking cinema-graphics. The addition of brand new features such as the story-enhancing Active Time Event system and the return of minigames that grant additional gameplay make Final Fantasy IX not only a memorable gaming experience, but also a significant step forward in the series.
Rating: T
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Developer: SquareSoft
Genre(s): Role-Playing
Number of Players:1 Player
ESRB Descriptors:Animated Violence, Mild Language
Cast Credit
Hironobu Sakaguchi Conceived And Produced By
Nobuo Uematsu Original Score & Music
Nobuo Uematsu Original Score & Music
Yoshitaka Amano Image Illustration
Motonori Sakakibara Movie Director
Hirokatsu Sasaki Effects Designer
Akira Fujii Real-Time Graphics
Hidetoshi Kezuka Field Data
Hidetoshi Kezuka Map Planner
Takeshi Endo Field Design
Motoharu Tanaka Event Planner
Hiroshi Arai Character Modeling
Hiroshi Kawai Main Program
Minoru Akao Sound Program
Eiji Nakamura Sound Effects
Eiji Nakamura Sound Effects
Tomoyuki Takechi Executive Producers
Hideyuki Matsumoto Field Map Graphics
Hiroyuki Itou Director
Shinji Hashimoto Producer
Hiroshi Kuwabara Character Modeling
Kazuyuki Ikumori Field Graphics
Tomohiro Hasegawa Texture Artist
Tetsu Tsukamoto Texture Artist
Takanari Tajima Monster Modeling
Shintaro Tamai Monster Animation
Go Kikuchi Battle Character Animation
Go Kikuchi Monster Animation
Teruaki Sugawara Game Sound Editor
Teruaki Sugawara Sound Effects
Akihiko Maeda Event Planner
Brandon Idol Character Modeling
Brandon Idol Field Character Animation
Cecil Kim Field Map Graphics
Hideo Minaba Art Director
Kaori Sato CG Designer
Behrooz Roozbeh Field Map Graphics
Insun Kang Field Map Graphics
Paul Moya Field Map Graphics
Masahide Tanaka World Map Graphics
Takeshi Arakawa Texture Artist
Takeshi Nozue CG Designer
Kenichi Someya CG Designer
Yuichi Shiota Additional Character Designer
Kimihiko Miyamae Field Map Graphics
Takeshi Tateishi CG Designer
Akira Iwata Field Map Graphics
Yoshitaka Fujita Movie Sound Editor
Takuya Iwasaki Monster Animation
Toshitaka Matsuda Field Map Graphics
Hideo Kubota Monster Modeling
Kei Miyamoto CG Designer
Toshiaki Matsumura CG Designer
Masaharu Inoue CG Designer
Keiji Kawamori Synthesizer Programmer
Hiroshi Takahashi Map Planner
Hiroshi Takahashi Particle Management
Christian Scheurer Field Map Graphics
Eric Pavey Field Map Graphics
Veronique Garcia Field Map Graphics
Ryo Inakura Game Sound Effects Editor
Ryutaro Kanno Battle Planner
Eiji Takahashi CG Designer
Shinji Koide Monster Animation
Ryota Toyama Event Planner
Koji Kobayashi CG Designer
Junichi Murata Background Designer
Samuel Heine Monster Animation
Tomoyuki Sato Monster Animation
Kenji Nomura Monster Animation
Kazuhito Yamamoto CG Designer
Eisyu Takamura CG Designer
Koichi Takahashi CG Designer
Megumi Yasue Field Map Graphics
Sanae Nakanishi CG Designer
Masayo Tateishi CG Designer
Koki Nara Field Map Graphics
Satoshi Naito CG Designer
Reina Ikeda Battle Character Animation
Reina Ikeda Monster Animation
Ayako Kuroda CG Designer
Takuya Hada CG Designer
Makoto Ise Game Sound Editor
Takuji Sasaki Additional Character Designer
Takuji Sasaki Texture Artist
Norifumi Nagaoka Background Designer
Norifumi Nagaoka Battle Programmer
Tsuyoshi Sonoda Effects Programmer
Makoto Sawano Texture Artist
Toshiyuki Itahana Card Designer
Kayoe Takagi Monster Animation
Yuichiro Kojima Additional Character Designer
Satoshi Ito Field Character Animation
Satoshi Ito Field Character Animation
Tatsuru Nakaza Texture Artist
Makoto Hasegawa Effects Programmer
Ryotaro Takahashi Character Modeling
Ryotaro Takahashi Particle Designer
Ryotaro Takahashi Particle Designer
Hiroyuki Hamada Field Character Animation
Hiroyuki Hamada Monster Animation
Yoshifusa Hayama Monster Modeling
Kazuya Takahashi Field Map Graphics
Charles Pinady Map Planner
Hiroyuki Suzuki Monster Modeling
Sho Okamura Field Map Graphics
Ryoma Ito Monster Animation
Shin Nagasawa Character Design
Shin Nagasawa Effects Support
Yasuhisa Izumisawa Additional Character Designer
Shinichiro Okaniwa Effects Support
Shinichiro Okaniwa Particle Designer
Shinichiro Okaniwa Particle Designer
Manabu Inokuchi Battle Character Animation
Manabu Inokuchi Monster Animation
Manabu Inokuchi Monster Animation
Kazuko Shibuya Additional Character Designer
Shukou Murase Character Design
Kyoko Muramatsu Monster Animation
Masaaki Kazeno Texture Artist
Yusuke Tanaka Battle Character Animation
Yusuke Tanaka Monster Animation
Naoya Kawahira Event Planner
Kazushi Urata Field Map Graphics
Hiroyuki Hoshino Field Map Graphics
Tatsuo Heianzan Character Modeling
Tatsuo Heianzan World Map Graphics
Tatsuo Heianzan World Map Graphics
Masahiro Kataoka Event Planner
Kuniharu Takeuchi Additional Character Designer
Kuniharu Takeuchi Field Character Animation
Takaharu Matsuo Field Map Graphics
Hiroyuki Ikeda Effects Designer
Yasuo Kuwahara Event Programmer
Tatsuya Yoshinari World Map Program
Hiroyuki Honda CG Designer
Masateru Suzuki Field Character Animation
Masateru Suzuki Monster Animation
Kenji Kadonishi Monster Animation
Ikuyo Yoshida Field Map Graphics
Mari Miyamoto Character Modeling
Mari Miyamoto Field Character Animation
Kumi Kanai World Map Graphics
Kiminori Ono Map Planner
Kana Yamazaki Field Map Graphics
Yukihiro Taniguchi Field Map Graphics
Tatsuhiro Okamoto Field Map Graphics
Shin Ienaka Field Map Graphics
Motoko Kitamura Field Map Graphics
Masaki Yasuda Field Map Graphics
Kimitoshi Tsumura CG Designer
Shiho Tamura Field Map Graphics
Akihiro Tokunaga Field Map Graphics
Hiroki Mitsushima Field Map Graphics
Daiju Komatsu Texture Artist
Koichiro Soeda Monster Animation
Mieko Kinoshita Monster Animation
Mitsuki Sato Monster Animation
Hiromichi Morita Monster Modeling
Koichi Ebe Monster Modeling
Kazumi Seki Monster Modeling
Haruya Ishii Texture Artist
Yoko Nagare Monster Animation
Yoshiyuki Souma Monster Animation
Shinya Ichida Monster Animation
Takehito Suzuki Background Designer
Takaomi Moto CG Designer
Takayuki Katagi CG Designer
Akihiro Tsuchiya CG Designer
Hiroshi Fujiwara CG Designer
Takuji Yasuda CG Designer
Motohito Nasu CG Designer
Tomohiko Osugi CG Designer
Kengo Takeuchi CG Designer
Masanori Yoshida CG Designer
Hideaki Takeda CG Designer
Shinya Senzaki CG Designer
Keiko Imamura CG Designer
Koji Ida Monster Modeling
Makoto Yagishita Character Modeling
Makoto Yagishita Particle Designer
Miwa Hashimoto Monster Modeling
Kaname Shindo Additional Character Designer
Kaname Shindo Effects Support
Ryotaro hashimoto Texture Artist
Airi Yoshioka Field Map Graphics
Hideaki Morita Field Map Graphics
Minori Hisamatsu Map Planner
Rei Fukuzawa Field Map Graphics
Takako Miyake Field Map Graphics
Shinobu Shinagawa Field Map Graphics
Tadahiro Inoue CG Designer
Tomohiro Kamiya Game Sound Effects Editor
Natsuko Sugiyama Game Sound Effects Editor
Manabu Daishima Field Map Graphics
Jun Sakurai Effects Support
Jun Sakurai Field Graphics
Koichiro Shiratori CG Designer
Hisashi Susuki Executive Producers
Kazuhiki Aoki Event Design
Yasushi Kurosawa Battle Design
Takayuki Niwa Battle Program
Nozuma Yamagishi Field Design
Toshiuyki Itahana Character Design
Thomas Shih-Ta Peng 3d Character Programmer
Toshiyuki Momose Storyboard
Tomohiro Katano Character Modeling
Nobuhiro Fujii Battle Programmer
Nobuhiro Fujii Card Game Programmer
Soichiro Yasui Battle Programmer
Soichiro Yasui Menu Programmer
Satoshi Shiozaki Battle Planner
Manabu Washio Battle Planner
Manabu Washio Menu Planner
Junnosuke Kanazawa Background Designer
Yuichiro Suzuki Effects Designer
Takenobu Tomita Effects Designer
Tomonori Hiraishi Effects Programmer
Fumiyasu Sasaki Additional Character Designer
Sanae Tsuji Additional Character Designer
Sanae Tsuji Map Planner
Nobuaki Koumoto Event Planner
Tomoko Iemura Map Planner
Nobuhiro Nakajima Map Planner
Gen Arai Field Map Graphics
Brian Beppu Field Map Graphics
Wesley Cann Field Map Graphics
Francisco Cortina Field Map Graphics
Karl Coyner Field Map Graphics
Masataka Hayakawa Field Map Graphics
Takehiko Hoashi Field Map Graphics
Sangwoo Hong Field Map Graphics
Hiroki Inohara Field Map Graphics
Yasuhiko Kamata Field Map Graphics
Koji Kawamura Field Map Graphics
Atsushi Kimura Field Map Graphics
Thomas Lee Field Map Graphics
Greg Lev Field Map Graphics
Mathisha Nihalsingha Field Map Graphics
Jacob Rowell Field Map Graphics
Richard Semple Field Map Graphics
Donald Taylor Field Map Graphics
Takuji Tomooka CG Designer
Takuji Tomooka Field Map Graphics
Misako Tsutsui Field Map Graphics
Christopher Voy Field Map Graphics
Mitsuhiro Yamada Field Map Graphics
Masahito Yoshioka Field Map Graphics
Mio Kokami Particle Designer
Shawn Taras Field Map Programmer
Naho Kodama Character Modeling
Naho Kodama Field Character Animation
Yoshitsugu Sato Character Modeling
Yoshitsugu Sato Field Character Animation
Timothy Kyle Harrison Field Character Animation
Kanji Nomura Field Character Animation
Atsushi Inuzuka Monster Animation
Yoichi Tanaka Monster Animation
Kazuhiko Okawa Texture Artist
Shoji Shiromoto World Map Planner
Emi Komine World Map Graphics
Syuntaro Furukawa CG Designer
Mitsunobu Ochi CG Designer
Masayuki Nakajima Game Sound Effects Editor
Masataka Saitou Game Sound Effects Editor
Kyoji Umakoshi Game Sound Effects Editor
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