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  • Summary: Tweak your car for optional performance, then hit the track and watch it transform over land, air and sea. Pick up awesome power-ups along the way to wreak serious havoc on your opponents! RACE with what's under the hood, but WIN with what's strapped on top!
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  1. The sound was not exactly great but they were all customizable right down to the amount noise the engines made.
  2. There's a distinct lack of personality or defined identity for what "Extreme Racing" attempts to achieve.
  3. Final gripe of the day is that you can come first or second in a race by simply holding down accelerate and bouncing off the walls. Need we say more about the skill level involved? No, didn’t think so.
  4. 50
    I can live with a bit of choppy framerate or occasional clipping in a game (of which little is found here), but what I can't stand is boring gameplay.
  5. Not very thrilling. Despite the nice premise of your transforming vehicle mid-race, the game falls down in far too many respects.
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