Metal Gear Solid PlayStation

  • Publisher: Konami
  • Release Date: Oct 21, 1998
  • Also On: PC
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Summary: You are Snake, a government agent on a mission to regain control of a secret nuclear weapons base from terrorist hands. Lightly armed and facing an army of foes, Snake must avoid firefights in order to survive. If Snake can locate them he can utilize advanced hardware, ranging from silenced pistols to ground-to-air missiles. Enemies react to sight and sound - so stay quiet and stay in the shadows. State-of-the-art graphics: textures, transparencies, models and explosions. Taut, gripping story with multiple endings - a truly cinematic experience.
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Rating: M
Developer: KCEJ
Genre(s): Action Adventure
Number of Players:1 Player
ESRB Descriptors:Animated Blood and Gore Animated Violence Mature Sexual Themes
Cast Credit
Banjo Ginga Voice-Liquid Snake(Japanese)
Fredrick Bloggs Voice Actor - Jim Houseman
Hideo Kojima Director
Hideo Kojima Writer
Hideo Kojima Writer
Shiro Mukaide Script
Kazumi Kitaue Executive Producer
Christopher Randolph Voice Actor - Otacon
Kim Mae Guest Voice Actor - Mei Ling
Renne Collette Voice Actor - Nastasha Romananko
Julie Monroe Voice Actor - Sniper Wolf
Chuck Farley Voice Actor - Genome Soldier B
Chuck Farley Voice Actor - Vulcan Raven
George Byrd Voice Actor - Donald Anderson
George Byrd Voice Actor - Grey Fox
Mae Zadler Voice Actor - Meryl Silverburgh
Bert Stewart Voice Actor - Kenneth Baker
Rika Muranaka Music
Jeremy Blaustein Translator
Kazuyuki Sogabe Voice-Psycho Mantis(Japanese)
Kouji Totani Voice-Revolver Ocelot(Japanese)
Motoyuki Yoshioka Producer
Yoji Shinkawa Artwork Director
Yoji Shinkawa Character/Mechanical Design
Nobuyoshi Nishimura Animator
Masaharu Sato Voice-Donald Anderson(Japanese)
Yuji Korekado Programmer
Makoto Sonoyama Programmer
Kunio Takabe Programmer
Tomokazu Fukushima Writer
Takashi Mizutani CG Artist
Kazunobu Uehara Main Programmer
So Toyota Motion Director
Yoshikazu Matsuhana Assistant Director
Motosada Mori Military Advisor
Kyoko Terase Voice-Meryl Silverburgh(Japanese)
Naoki Imamura Voice-Johnny Sasaki(Japanese)
Kazuki Muraoka Sound Effects Director
Mineshi Kimura CG Artist
Yutaka Negishi CG Artist
Hideki Sasaki CG Artist
Miki Ito Sound Design
Ikuya Nakamura Texture/Pixel Artist
Tomohisa Aso Voice-Jim Houseman(Japanese)
Takanari Ishiyama Sound Design
Hiromi Tsuru Voice-Naomi Hunter(Japanese)
Kaneto Shiozawa Voice-Gray Fox(Japanese)
Houko Kuwashima Voice-Mei Ling(Japanese)
Hideyuki Tanaka Voice-Hal "Otacon" Emmerich(Japanese)
Yuzuru Fujimoto Voice-Kenneth Baker(Japanese)
Doug Stone Voice Actor - Genome Soldier A
Doug Stone Voice Actor - Psycho Mantis
Akihiko Nagata Executive Producer
Akio Ohtsuka Voice-Solid Snake(Japanese)
Yukitoshi Hori Voice-Vulcan Raven(Japanese)
David Hayter Voice Actor - Solid Snake
Patric Zimmerman Voice Actor - Revolver Ocelot
Carren Learning Voice Actor - Naomi Hunter
Kumi Sato CG Artist
Daizo Shikama CG Artist
Yoshiteru Kobayashi CG Artist
Ikuzo Fujimura CG Artist
Yoriko Shimizu Animator
Yukiko Kaneda Animator
Ryoko Yoshimura Animator
Shingeo Okajima Programmer
Kohei Onoda Programmer
Shigehisa Kozyou Development Tool Programmer
Ryoji Makimura Sound Design
Satoshi Hirano Script
Shinji Yamashita Script
Eiko Yamada Voice-Nastasha Romanenko(Japanese)
Naoko Nakamura Voice-Sniper Wolf/Computer(Japanese)
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Awards & Rankings

#1 Most Discussed PS1 Game of 1998
#3 Most Shared PS1 Game of 1998