Pro Pinball: Fantastic Journey PlayStation


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  1. Don't expect a greatest hit and know that in the end this is still Pinball, which while cool, gets old fast.
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  1. Feb 13, 2014
    Now that time has passed - 15 years since its release in 1999, time to ignore the other reviews from the so-called "critics" of the era.Now that time has passed - 15 years since its release in 1999, time to ignore the other reviews from the so-called "critics" of the era. Fantastic Journey, along with the rest of the Pro Pinball Series (Timeshock!, Big Race USA), has (a) stood the test of time, to (b) rise to the forefront of its sub-genera. Proof? It has maintained a true and sizable cult following all these years - what other late-90's PC game has achieved this? None that come to mind. And (b) the series -- including Fantastic Journey, is being updated for Android tablets, Apple devices, and other game systems. There have been many, many pinball titles -- most have failed. And they failed because the developers didn't understand pinball. More so than any other attempt, the Pro Pinball series simulates an actual game of pinball. No others, to my knowledge (and I've played of have most), emulates a true game of pinball on the PC. There are many things that are remarkable about this series: the perfect ball physics, the challenging/fun rule set, the music, the voice talent - all perfect. I will have this game installed on every PC I ever own for as long as it's available. It's so good, that I actually prefer it to many real pinball tables. All three tables in the Pro Pinball series are excellent. Fantastic Journey, the third in the series, was initially my least favorite. But gradually it grew on me to be "probably" my favorite of the series along with Big Race USA. Not a day goes by when I don't play a few games. At the time, critics said it was "just" another pin sim -- good, but "we've seen this before". This is a ridiculous assessment. No -- wrong. This is like saying (pick a great game) is "just" another RPG game. It is another brilliantly - no, "perfectly" designed virtual pinball table that ranks up with the very best real tables from Williams, Gotleib, Bally. Love pinball? Get it. Love great games? Get it. It is as close as most will get to owning an actual pinball machine. Rule set? Perfect. Replay value - perfect because it's pinball, no two games are alike. Ball physics? The best. Graphics? Have stood the test of time. It's a perfect simulation, astonishing this was released in the 90's. You can read about the theme, rules, elsewhere. Ignore the moronic and subjective quibbles from the game critics and get it. Full Review »