Silent Hill PlayStation
  • Publisher: Konami
  • Release Date: Jan 31, 1999

Generally favorable reviews - based on 17 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 17 out of 17
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 17
  3. Negative: 0 out of 17
  1. It's a horrifying action/adventure that will set the pulse racing and put the mind on constant alert.
  2. With multiple endings, secrets and hidden items you'll find replay value deep within the game.
  3. 90
    From the inexplicable sobbing of an unseen child in a blood-stained school hall to the loud rattling of an invisible "something" underneath the floorboards that you're standing on, the game never sinks into predictability. Imagine all of this while never quite being able to see past arm's length into the darkness.
  4. If you thought that "Resident Evil" was scary, well let me just tell you Resident Evil is akin to Disney's Bambi compared to this... If you want a game that will surely help you soil your undies kids, than Silent Hill is what you want!
  5. 90
    One of SH's coolest features is its excellent Dual Shock support: The controller beats like a heart, thumping harder when you're close to death, and its responsiveness keeps you in command.
  6. The various flaws (like horrible voice acting, odd attack control, and hyper-linear gameplay) keep it from earning a perfect rating. But it's a worthy successor to "Resident Evil."
  7. A genuinely terrifying experience combined with a unique, gripping story and immersive atmosphere.
  8. Another thing that I found annoying was the fog effect. I do not know if it is hiding pop-up or setting the mood of the story (which it does an excellent job for since you cannot see 10 feet down the street). I just found it very annoying.
  9. Enough creepiness to make Christopher Walken uncomfortable. [Jan 2004, p.189]
  10. Aside from the grainy graphics, imprecise controls and somewhat strange puzzles, this game is pure horror fun.
  11. Flawed, yes, ambitious definitely - Silent Hill is a whole new experience adding to the challenge of "Resident Evil 2," while maintaining what it set out to do... drain you psychologically and scare you shitless!
  12. Go buy Silent Hill, pour yourself a strong drink, turn out all the lights, and immerse yourself in the sickness. It's a hell of a lot better than going to see the latest Wes Craven movie.
  13. One of the most successfully unnerving elements is the game's lighting... It was that effect, much more than any fearsome creature, which made me leave a hall light on one night after playing it.
  14. No game will freak you as much as this game, and I truly believe you will enjoy it no matter what genre you're into most. If you don't have this game, buy it, and while you're there, pick up a set of briefs. You'll need em'!!
  15. The control in this game is simply its worst feature, and it will probably cause some players to grow frustrated and put this title down too early.
  16. Have you ever been so terrified by a phone ring?! [Nov 2001, p.51]
  17. Those looking for the intense action of RE may be disappointed. If disturbing atmosphere is your thing, with an emphasis on 3D exploration and puzzle solving, then SH will be worth a whirl.
User Score

Universal acclaim- based on 191 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 39 out of 39
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 39
  3. Negative: 0 out of 39
  1. Jun 9, 2011
    Without a doubt, the best horror game in existence. To this day I've never played anything this frightening or uneasy feeling, and I'm a horror game fanatic. Nothing I've played on the Xbox 360 or PS3 or ANYTHING made today has had the same effect on me that this has. Before I played this game I thought things like Dead Space and/or Resident Evil games were freaky, then I figured it was about time I played Silent Hill games. I started with Homecoming, which wasn't really all that great, and then I figured I should start from the beginning and work my way forward - so I found it online, bought it, and found myself successfully freaked out. The visuals alone are groundbreaking. It's like a well-shot movie and a nightmare at the same time, and, though the mysteries are explained in later games, I was never completely sure what the hell was going on in the town in the first place prior to my playing of other sequels. The game resembles a psychological, nightmarish experience as perfectly as a game can - and the crappy graphics of the late 90s helps with this effect. Also, though many may complain about the difficult controls, I think they helped add to the experience and desperation of certain situations. Even now the effects of this groundbreaking game can leave you on the edge of your seat, and though it isn't an easy game to find (unless, of course, you're able to buy it on PSN, which I haven't checked to see if it's available), you should definitely consider it. Full Review »
  2. May 12, 2011
    Truly masterpiece of survival horror and artistic expression in games. Music and sound effects are hypnotic, same about graphics (for PS1). Must play for everyone. Full Review »
  3. Apr 17, 2011
    By far the greatest game I've ever played. Chilling to its very end with a storytelling which no matter how many horror games will come will never be forgotten... Full Review »