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  1. 89
    A brilliant 2D-action game that deserves a lot of praise. This game genre has been around since '80s, so it's awe-inspiring that a company would be able to bring such new and innovative ideas to something that's been done for so long.
  2. This isn't the same Silhouette Mirage that debuted on the Saturn nearly three years ago, however - the game has somehow transformed from a delightfully quirky platforming romp into an average, unbalanced, and tedious exercise meant for "hard-core gamers."
  3. This once excellent, oddly addicting title that appeared on the Saturn three years ago has become little more than a tedious chore to play.
  4. Despite its clever design and often charming presentation, however, the game unfortunately winds up being too quirky for its own good in many cases. [Feb 2000]
  5. How to put it politely? The music in Silhouette Mirage is utter and insanely crappy j-pop tunes that got stuck in my head in the worst possible way (headache!), almost tempting me to switch the TV's split-screen to get access to the audio of an annoying high-pitch sound of a test pattern in progress.
  6. I'm all for surreal games, so Mirage gets my vote in that department. But all of that weirdness aside, the game is extremely original and provides tons of depth. And when you couple that with the Treasure name you get something you truly special and fun. [Feb 1998]
  7. An exceptional title. Even in a generation where 3d is king, Treasure has managed to create one of the most enjoyable titles in either dimension.
  8. The game is your basic shooter/platformer, but the innovation of having a hermaphroditic character that has to decide between stealing spirit or doing damage adds more play to the game than you might think. [Feb 2000]
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  1. KarenF.
    Mar 1, 2005
    This game is so cutesy that it makes me sick...boring enemies and bad plot. I feel sorry for all of those who actually bought this.