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  • Summary: Stardate 54101.02
    It's the 24th Century: Borg vessels are rapidly approaching near space, Romulans are suddenly attacking Federation vessels and a respected Starfleet Captian has turned renagade, taking his ship with him! As a hotshot pilot in the elite Red Squad tactical strike force,
    under the command of Lt. Commander Worf, you must uncover the plot behind this deadly pattern of events and fight back to save the universe from a doomsday scenario. Flying a prototype single seat combat fighter, codenamed "Valkyre", you and your squad members are in for the fight of your lives... Expand
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  1. While diehard Trekkies might be miffed, casual fans and space shooter freaks will love Invasion.
  2. Simply the best Star Trek ship game on any console system right now, it's a good thing that Activision took the time and care to give the Trek fans an experience worth waiting for.
  3. Other than slight pixelation in a few parts of the game, the graphics will leave you breathless and the sound is absolutely spectacular.
  4. If you liked "Colony Wars," or if you like "Star Trek," you'll probably like this game. I didn't like "Colony Wars," and I don't like "Star Trek."
  5. Aside from the fact that Invasion feels less like a Star Trek title than it does a "Colony Wars" update, it delivers the goods for a shooter: fast, furious, and addictive action.
  6. It gets very, very low marks for 'tossing down with the rest of the boys' and taking part in the cliché and amorality that most Star Trek games aspire to.
  7. Despite the game's fluid control system and innovative lock-on features, its pacing and repetition simply mar the gameplay experience.

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  1. Jim
    Mar 31, 2007
    I give it a 9.5 its a fun game, and for trek fans it is a nice thing to see the actual voices of Michel Doran (worf) and Patrick Stewart (Cpt. Picard) in this, granted it coulda used a few more characters from the TNG series, but other then that its done very nicely. Collapse

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