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  • Summary: The King of Fighters takes a new turn for excitement! Thrill to the new story of the new hero "K" (that's "K Dash" to you, pal!) and a new system with teams of 4 fighters battling it out in white hot "Striker Matches"! Choose from 32 Tough Guys and Gals.
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  1. The one-two punch of this brawler and "Metal Slug X" has finally brought a smile to the faces of SNK fans still morning the loss of the NeoGeo Pocket.
  2. 70
    KoF '99 retains all the fighting fun of the previous years, though the load times will wear at your patience and make you long for the Dreamcast version.
  3. A decent port of an inherently disappointing game.
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  1. KyoK.
    Sep 4, 2002
    This game is perfect and just i expected to be more better than 98'. The fast combos and DM and SDMs make the game more interesting. I just wish that there would be more stages. Good and well done SNK. Expand
  2. RyanH.
    Jan 7, 2002
    Best fighting game ever!
  3. DavidH.
    Mar 30, 2002
    Wicked Awesome game...the moves are fantastic and the graphics are the bomb.
  4. KayL.
    Sep 22, 2001
    I love it.
  5. JosephA.
    Apr 23, 2002
    This is a great game when it comes down to the dream fights as well as the fighting period. It is an action packed game full of exploding characters, and I think it is wonderful. I think this is the game that I have been waiting for. Expand
  6. ScottM.
    Jan 20, 2002
    This is a really great game, totally worth the $9.99 I spent on it. ^_^ anyways its not the best kof game but it's still a really great game. (kinda like how die hard 2 isn't as good as die hard but its still a good movie) The boss is cheap but other than that its perfect sooo i give it a niner. Expand
  7. Dmar
    Nov 26, 2001
    King of Fighters 99'....hmmmmm. It's a good fighting game overall. The team mode may just be the best part in this game. The color edit mode is cool...but I can't get my new colored fighter into other modes-Arrgh! While the graphics are tight, the control is ok, yet the game suffers in one huge way. The boss is REALLY CHEAP! He and his moves are corny! And tough there are other modes--there still something missing that I can't figure out. Bottom line---only for SNK and lovers of 2d fighting. If you don't apply to this desperate! Expand

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