Mixed or average reviews - based on 31 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 31
  2. Negative: 10 out of 31
  1. Somewhat reminiscent of Sega's tragically overlooked "Spartan: Total Warrior", 300 is similarly diverse but much faster paced and brutal. [Apr 2007, p.56]
  2. Until "God of War" comes out on PSP, this is the next best thing. [Apr 2007, p.95]
  3. For a handheld, this is the complete package, and an enjoyable romp through 480 B.C.
  4. I enjoyed 300: March to Glory because of its relative simplicity.
  5. Hack and slash action that feels like it has a point makes this a highly playable game. [Apr 2007, p.85]
  6. You can get through the game in probably about five or six hours, and there's not much incentive to replay it. This march to glory might be short, and it's sometimes awfully low-rent.
  7. It's a simplistic hack-and-slash that tends to get painfully repetitive, but 300: March to Glory has its moments.
  8. Like the movie and graphic novel that inspired this game, 300: March to Glory is ultra violent and interesting but as a game it just doesn’t offer enough variety to be much fun for long.
  9. While the violence and gore of the film seems to have carried over to the game, the repetitive and dull combat and lack of replay weighs heavily on the total enjoyment and really makes it hard to recommend to anyone but the most diehard 300 fans.
  10. I guess this might be a fun game to rent and beat on a Saturday. After all, developer Collision does add a little something at the end of the game to make it not as much of a downer.
  11. And though the characters are all chiseled hunks of manhood who pause to talk smack way too much, the graphics themselves couldn't outwrestle a 100-pound bank teller. But this is still a better game than you might expect, given its relative out-of-nowhere-ness.
  12. It's just too bad the game is so repetitive--even if you buy all the combos and upgrades, the gameplay quickly grows repetitive. [May 2007, p.84]
  13. 59
    You'd have no idea it was attached to one of the most stylish epics ever made if it weren't for the name. [Issue #152, p.73]
  14. Variety is nice, but when it borders on the absurd, it’s just stupid. And overall, the gameplay in 300 fails to do service to the movie or the genre at large.
  15. 57
    Bland, uninspired and at times a real mess. Even if you're desperate for something to play on PSP, leave 300 on the shelf. Go see the film or read Frank Miller's graphic novel.
  16. Standard fare in the world of licensed games. With lackluster levels, imbalanced controls, and below-par graphics, 300:March to Glory does not seem to be a good representation of the subject matter upon which it was based.
  17. A limp action game that fails to capture any of the jaw dropping action of the film. [May 2007, p.75]
  18. Occasionally you’ll have to fight in formation, or against an elephant or a slightly bigger Persian soldier, but none are exciting enough to lift the whole experience above its more banal moments. [May 2007, p.115]
  19. 300 the video game could have been a lot worse for sure, but it's a shame that it couldn't have aped the film and comic's more contemporary, slick and glossy finish.
  20. This idea may well have worked on the PS2 with the additional horsepower, but not on the PSP.
  21. 50
    A derivative, repetitive and shallow tie-in that fails to capture the dynamic energy of the comic or the film.
  22. This game version sadly falls in the worst of all three media releases behind the graphic novel, and motion picture.
  23. 45
    If you took a "Dynasty Warriors" game and stripped away every redeeming quality, you would more or less end up with March to Glory.
  24. While the stylized cut scenes do a decent job of re-imagining the original comic artwork, the in-game graphics are blocky. Worse yet, they’re simply generic, evoking none of the turbo-charged, blood-soaked style of either the comic or the movie.
  25. The button mashing game play bears a resemblance to Koei's Dynasty Warriors series, but with poorly applied phalanx and stealth segments thrown on top. The graphics look shoddy, particularly with the constant barrage of arrows and sloppy animation.
  26. No frills? No thrills, more like. [June 2007, p.105]
  27. 40
    As depictions of large battles go its probably the least epic I've ever seen, hampered by an engine that seems unable to cope with more than ten or twelve characters on screen at once and some of the most soul destroyingly boring combat you'll find it manages to take a fantastic premise and some of the most visually striking source material around to produce a game that will be filling bargain bins around the country within weeks.
  28. 40
    It has moments of inspired violence, and the story it tells is engaging, but there is too much monotony to the gameplay to make it addictive.
  29. 25
    The broken controls, derivative enemies, and maddening attack moves remove any ounce of fun. The saving graces are the cut-scenes, but we don't even play that part. So in short, it's at its best when you're not touching the controls, and when a game plays this badly, you don't want to.
  30. Truly a generic licensed game gone wrong.

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