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  • Summary: Run the streets of New York as 50 Cent and G Unit as you seek revenge against those who shot you and left you for dead. Shoot, punch and throw enemies through 16 different levels featuring all new gameplay, over 30 new counterkill moves and a wide variety of firearms and melee weapons. Compete or cooperate in 5 different multiplayer modes for up to 6 players and customize your character with real world G-Unit clothing. Watch the exclusive G-Unit documentary available only on the PSP, or any of the 15 music videos or kick back and listen to over 160+ tracks of Classic, Current and Exclusive Music & Score. [Vivendi Games] Expand
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  1. G-Unit Edition isn’t the most competent top-down action game available on the PSP. However, if you’re a fan of 50 Cent or his music, there is a lot of fanfare in the game.
  2. Definitely a must-have for any Fiddy fan but if you’re just concerned with the quality of the gameplay then I would recommend renting this one.
  3. This type of game has been done so much better in the past and we just can’t think of anything that makes it stand out – not even the tacked on multiplayer which feels like exactly that.
  4. Fans of 50 Cent will find a lot to like about the loads of extra content available in Bulletproof but gamers will be disappointed by the repetitive and uninspiring action presented in this PSP game.
  5. It's impossible to understand how the developers came so close to making a good game and then failed so thoroughly.
  6. A mish-mash of things, which basically is the result of this game: a big mess. Unless you're all about Fiddy, you shouldn't purchase this game… even for 50 cents.
  7. At every turn the game beats you over the head and inundates you with 50 Cent, both as a rapper and a brand, to the point where the whole experience comes off as one ridiculous narcissistic commercial.

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  1. Sep 29, 2011
    Oh come on. This game wasn't that bad guys. OK not really good but it's a PSP game- and how many GOOD games are there on handhelds? But definitely could've been better. Expand
  2. Leo
    Oct 2, 2006
    I think that violence should be allowed in video games, but it is wrong when a REAL person is shown shooting people. It just provides the media more ammunition in their arguement against violent games. Expand
  3. SeanMoran
    Feb 24, 2007
    I was disappointed, not the best game, not even a good game, I didn't enjoy this, actually I couldn't wait for it to be over, I played it, didn't like it! The only reason to play this would be to burn time! I think I'd rather be watching the t.v guide for 10 hours, not the game for people who like action/shooting games, this game seemed rushed and in-complete, don't waste your money, if you like action/shooting games, shoot for grand theft auto san andreas, much better highly addictive game, with a good story, this game totally the opposite, if there was a -100 rating available I would give this game that rating. Expand