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  • Summary: Using the PSP's powerful graphics, processing abilities and Wi-Fi modes, Awesome Studios has produced a brand new genre-defining puzzle game, the aim of which is simple: Guide your various, colored mercury blobs around each 3D maze simply by "tilting" the level. Watch as the liquid metal blobs ebb and flow around the countless challenges encountered along the way. After a short spell in the training camp world, experience a smooth learning curve as you work your way through each level from start to finish, eventually unlocking the next world beyond. Negotiate obstacles and hazards, solve puzzles, and compete against ever- tightening time and percentage limits while avoiding traps and predators. Finally, defeat end of level boss modes to complete each world. The game has instant pick-up-and-play appeal with no instructions needed, and you can spend minutes or hours immersed in the game. Skill, timing, and dexterity are all required to navigate the 72 levels that spread across 6 unique, thematic worlds. [Ignition] Collapse
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  1. A must have for two audiences: those who have been looking for a game that lets you play around with a virtual version of an illegal substance, and those who enjoy a great puzzle game that takes a lot of skill to master.
  2. Like "Lumines," it’s a classy-looking, addictive, and highly challenging game. But your cerebral activity is guaranteed a tougher workout with this one.
  3. Mercury exhibits a perfect hierarchy of challenge and reward... The pain becomes the pleasure because, in spite of the extraordinary degree of trial and error (practically requiring a degree in the subject), there’s never any moment that feels broken or exploitative. [June 2005, p.91]
  4. 77
    On the pure level of maddening puzzle challenge and an ingenious gameplay concept, however, it's oozing appeal.
  5. If this Mercury was put into a thermometer, it would be floating just above “lukewarm”.
  6. 70
    If you're a competent gamer with a steady hand you'll be able to complete every challenge eventually, but beating the game "clean" is going to require quite a specific skill set that may ultimately not make this entertaining for everyone.
  7. It doesn’t really have the endless appeal of something like "Lumines," "Puyo Pop" or "Tetris," but the problem solving, logical puzzles and interesting physics make it nonetheless enjoyable.

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