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  • Summary: Are you smarter than the average bear? Help Polar solve all 50 brain - freezing puzzle levels. Use snow, ice, metal and dynamite blocks to crack these conundrums. Achieve the Move and Time targets for each puzzle and collect all 150 Gold Stars. Over 20 hours of gameplay spanning the Icy Wastes, across The Frozen Sea, through The Twilight Forest to the Edge of the World and on to the oil rig. Number of hours based on a normal human being, actual hours of gameplay may vary depending on the puzzle solving, ninja skills of the player. Expand
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  1. With icy smooth graphics, solid controls and addictive gameplay Arctic Adventures: Polar's Puzzles is a welcome addition to the PSP's library.
  2. Compared to the similar block-sliding puzzler D-Cube Planet this is an example of just how good some minis are and how minis games are developing. The polished presentation makes this one of the best-looking, sounding and playing minis I have yet tried.
  3. 70
    If puzzling just isn't enough though, you should probably be looking elsewhere.
  4. It's a solid enough bit of brain training, but there's nothing new here, nor anything more fun than a face full of yellow snow. [May 2011, p.113]
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