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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 45
  2. Negative: 3 out of 45
  1. The gameplay has been made more accessible but nonetheless engaging for the handheld, and the presentation, particularly the sound, is great. The PSP is not perfectly suited for first person shooters, but this is about as good as it can get.
  2. This is a totally original title with all of the polish and exciting gameplay we’ve come to expect from the Call of Duty name. It’s just a shame that the control scheme wasn’t a bit more refined.
  3. Brilliantly tailored to the PSP, with varied gameplay and astonishing audio and visuals, this is an easy recommendation to WWII fanatics and civilians alike.
  4. Call of Duty: Roads to Victory, however, proves that not only can the Big One be done respectably on the small screen, it can at times be downright engaging. [May 2007, p.78]
  5. 80
    While it doesn't reinvent the wheel, it's still an exciting and enjoyable triumph of visuals and sound on the PSP.
  6. Throughout the game, you'll find all sorts of signs that the developers knew what would ruin the experience, and so worked overtime to avoid those pitfalls. As a result, Call of Duty: Roads to Victory is a serious contender for the handheld FPS crown. [Apr 2007, p.51]
  7. Word War II first-person shooters are a dime a dozen on the consoles so it is refreshing to see one make it to Sony’s handheld without losing much of what makes these games so much fun.
  8. It is fair to say that I was completely amazed when I booted the PSP up for a quick go, and then realised that I was still playing the damned game four hours later. I can’t reiterate enough, that I never thought that a handheld FPS could work as well as this.
  9. The campaign lacks the depth of its console counterparts but while you're involved its one of the most atmospheric shooters on PSP. [May 2007, p.90]
  10. While the multiplayer mode limits the action to AdHoc sessions, the single player campaign feels just as robust as the console games. The controls feel great, and the presentation shows outstanding potential.
  11. For me, the controls are the root of the game’s issues in that they’re not ideal for a combat intensive game like Call of Duty. To compensate, the enemy AI is dumbed down. To compensate for that, enemy respawns, sometimes in unlimited numbers, are used. It’s a trickle-down effect and it’s a shame because the presentation is solid and the mission design is excellent.
  12. The war torn adventure is epic and dramatic following the paths of three soldiers in WWII. Despite a few nitpicks that seem to come along with all first person shooters on the PSP, Roads to Victory holds up nice given the platform.
  13. 70
    CoD: RtV is exactly what you would expect from a pint-sized version of its console brother. While the auto-aim and brain-dead AI make the game a cake walk, it still satisfies in small doses which is the definition of portable gaming.
  14. Good set pieces and decent controls, but minor flaws mean it wins a battle, not the war for PSP shooters. [May 2007, p.72]
  15. 69
    It simply can't get over the control drawbacks of Sony's handheld. [Issue#153, p.80]
  16. Call of Duty: Roads to Victory offers the bare bones of a COD title, but the concessions that had to be made to bring the franchise to the PSP make the game something of a bore to play.
  17. While Roads to Victory is pretty polished, it's neither very exciting nor very original. And in this rather tired genre, originality goes a long, long way.
  18. 66
    While diehard followers should enjoy the entertaining ad hoc multiplayer options and the second-best representation of World War II on PSP (Medal of Honor Heroes still has first), the game's major mechanical problems, technical hitches, and lack of true customization make it "just another shooter" instead of the standout blaster its console counterparts are.
  19. If you’re looking for a WWII shooter for your PSP, then Call of Duty is not a bad choice as long as you don’t expect it to match the excitement of the other games in the series.
  20. The PSP controls just don’t seem to handle shooters that well. This is amplified by the sluggishness and slow response time by the action buttons. RtV could have been a good game if it had more compelling characters and a better control scheme.
  21. Every thing about this PSP installment screams the term, “dumbed-down” due to the hardware limitations of the system. After living life in a mansion, it is hard to go back to living in a log cabin.
  22. 65
    The control is flawed and attempts to handle the system's limitations in an imaginative, yet dysfunctional manner. There are many problems here from the button configuration and poor AI to auto-targeting.
  23. A decent handheld reduction of the main series with little new to offer in its short campaign and limited multiplayer.
  24. Although it may look like a Call of Duty game, Call of Duty: Roads to Victory lacks many of the aspects that have made the console games so much fun.
  25. Call of Duty: Roads to Victory has a lot going for it in the game options department, as well as presentation and weapon variety, but it fails to back any of that up with decent gameplay.
  26. But really this is a game that makes you wonder why people are still churning out first person shooters on the PSP - not least because it's probably one of the best, and yet it's still not really good enough.
  27. The lack of a second analog stick on the PSP is a huge pain and the system simply doesn’t seem capable of recreating the experiences that have made the franchise so famous and revered.
  28. The absence of a storyline to get you invested with the characters, the lacklustre gameplay and the limited controls pull the gameplay down so much that it's impossible to reproduce the quality of its kindred on other platforms.
  29. The game is still playable, although not without its frustrations. And seriously, why bother giving us an accuracy percentage when aiming is nearly impossible. That's like yelling at an arthritic waiter for spilling your soup. But the wonderful presentation COD fans have come to expect is intact, and the game visually translates unimpeded.
  30. The decision to stick with the series' standard FPS format on PSP, rather than a clever perspective switch in the style of "Killzone Liberation," is a major tactical error. [May 2007, p.107]
  31. The controls are hardly the only problem facing this forlorn soldier. Anyone who has played a few WWII shooters will be all too familiar with this cookie-cutter list of tasks: take out anti-air artillery with bomb charges, counter-snipe Nazi snipers so troops can pass through an area, take out a few tanks with a Panzershreck, rinse, and repeat.
  32. 60
    The game is a fun time-eater that can be finished in one cross-country flight -- although some battles feel artificially lengthened by seemingly never-ending waves of soldiers that have as much tactical sense as headless chickens. But with the great voice acting, graphics, and audio, first-person shooter fans on the go should definitely give this a look.
  33. 60
    A valiant effort for what it is, but still falls short in terms of control and level design. But if you absolutely must have your World War II fix on the go, you could do worse.
  34. A competent debut for "COD" on PSP, but it's trumped by "Medal fo Honor: Heroes." [June 2007, p.82]
  35. Bizarre glitches tend to mar the experience at times, such as all the architecture vanishing in a blur or suddenly finding yourself stuck on the corner of an object for no obvious reason. Some missions also tend to have the odd bottleneck where you find yourself getting killed remarkably easily.
  36. 60
    Call of Duty: Roads to Victory isn't quite perfect --not even close, in fact. However, considering that the last entry of the series in a handheld form couldn't even hold someone's sweaty jockstrap in a locker room, it's progress.
  37. 60
    Roads to Victory achieved an impressive feat in translating virtually every aspect of the Call of Duty series to a UMD except the one that arguably matters most: control.
  38. It's highly unlikely you'll be able to find a steady group for the title's very formulaic multiplayer, and the single-player campaign can be completed in less than six hours on the normal difficulty setting.
  39. A backward cousin that tries but fails to live up to the previous achievements of the series. The blame cannot be placed with Amaze Entertainment, as these issues are suffered by other FPS titles on the PSP. The lack of a second analogue stick really impedes the control capability of the machine, and is the main downfall of such titles.
  40. As it stands, it's only barely playable, and it's only fun if you have the patience for fumbling controls.
  41. Admirable though the attempt to port the console experience to a handheld may be, there's just not enough compelling action here to warrant anything more than the most average of scores.
  42. 50
    Though the presentation is worth checking out, the rest of the experience makes it difficult to hang with, considering its laughable AI, dodgy controls and ho-hum storylines.
  43. The only real excitement that the game generates is when your life is in immediate danger. And that's only because you'll be threatened with the prospect of having to spend more time playing it.
  44. One of the big reasons why Amaze might have lobotomized the A.I. is the notoriously awkward PSP controls when it comes to first person shooters.
  45. Doesn't feel like a true Call of Duty game. Gamers can blame Amaze if they like or the difficulty of developing a shooter on the PSP format, but either way Call of Duty Roads to Victory falls short of expectations.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 23 Ratings

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  1. Dec 30, 2011
    Call of Duty Roads to Victory is a must-buy for PSP gamers. The reason I rate a 9 for this game was because of one thing: Multiplayer. InCall of Duty Roads to Victory is a must-buy for PSP gamers. The reason I rate a 9 for this game was because of one thing: Multiplayer. In multiplayer, it doesn't have infrastructure online play than Medal of Honor Heroes have. Instead the game has ad hac. But whats good about this game is the graphics, the gameplay, the sound, and everything! If you have friends who have this game then this game is right thing for you! Full Review »
  2. Oct 15, 2013
    Call of Duty's debut on Sony's portable is, without its issues, a fine addition to the franchise. Roads to Victory brings us back to Call ofCall of Duty's debut on Sony's portable is, without its issues, a fine addition to the franchise. Roads to Victory brings us back to Call of Duty's roots, as we play through historical WW2 events in first-person format. In terms of single player, Roads to Victory boasts a lengthy campaign, in which we play as US, British, and Canadian soldiers, all of which bear their own motivations. Roads to Victory's gameplay is mediocre at best. While Roads to Victory's control scheme is well thought out, the game lacks any real innovation. While players will be met with decent set pieces, engaging vehicles sequences, and addictive run-and-gun first-person fun, Roads to Victory's gameplay often feels like a tech demo for an early Call of Duty title. Graphically, Roads to Victory looks fine for a game over six years old. While environments tend to look rather muddy, guns look fairly detailed. Overall, Roads to Victory is essentially a clone of the original Call of Duty, and that isn't an entirely bad thing. Full Review »
  3. Apr 29, 2013
    *NOTE: This review is for the Vita version of the game.
    After the failure of the Vita's Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified, im glad to say
    *NOTE: This review is for the Vita version of the game.
    After the failure of the Vita's Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified, im glad to say that Roads to Victory is a strong improvement. With the Vita's second analog stick, you may now play the game as if it were on a console. The graphics are strictly OK, but you still have to respect that it is a 2007 PSP title. Finally, there is no multiplayer on the Vita version, but thats what Black Ops Declassified is for. SCORE: 7.0/10
    Full Review »