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  • Summary: Out to avenge the assassination of his father, Chili Con Carnage hurls Ramiro Cruz deep into the seedy underworld of Los Toros, Mexico, where he must single handedly create maximum carnage throughout the inner circles of local kingpin, Cesar Morales’ drug cartel. Featuring non-stop, over-the-top action, Ramiro comes equipped with a vast arsenal of weaponry along with signature super-spicy, gravity-defying special moves. Engage in gun frenzies against comical fiends such as mustached mercenaries, mutated super-Mamas and even killer exploding chickens. The action frenzy remains intense across seven unique 3D exotic locations from the trenches of a drug city to the heart of a dense jungle – an extensive varied landscape for a portable title. Three difficulty settings make the game appeal to casual shoot-em-up gamers as well as the most hardcore battle strategists, and the wireless multiplayer features of the PSP ensure that the game is enjoyable as a single player experience as well as a fun party game. [Eidos Interactive] Expand
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  1. It's not often that I get excited about handheld games, particularly handheld action games, but Chili Con Carnage has completely blown me away and changed my view on what Sony's handheld is capable of...As an action packed shooter it's far and away the best the PSP has to offer.
  2. Every time this game was in my hands, I didn’t want it to end. It will make you laugh, feel great about yourself, want to visit Mexico, and mostly wall-run so you can yell “Spicy move!” because you just ran off a wall.
  3. You won’t find anything revolutionary about Chili Con Carnage, but that’s the point. Non-stop action peppered with a wacky sense of humor makes this a great handheld game. It’s easy to get over the camera issues, as long as you focus on the fun.
  4. What needs to be taken into consideration with Chili Con Carnage is that despite its lack of substance, and tendency to milk the ridiculous for all it's worth, it's the kind of game that can be turned on for a quick burst of action and then thrown aside until the next time it takes your fancy, something which a lot of PSP games have failed to do, and something that encompasses the whole concept of handheld gaming.
  5. The ridiculous stereotypes, somewhat offensive writing, and ho-hum gameplay all manage to come together to be something worth playing.
  6. Taking some well-worn lessons from other shooters, you won't have to strain your mind to be able to enjoy this fun and action-packed shooter on your handheld.
  7. The only real stumbling blocks are the mediocrity of the overall experience – something that’s only fully realised once play has ceased – and the repetition that has to be endured. [Mar 2007, p.120]

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  1. May 26, 2013
    One of my absolute favorite games I played on PSP, it's funny and the action is cool, it's not meant to be play through in one seating, otherwise i would think it's short and the special effects might get old soon, it was a great gaming for picking up on my commute to work. Expand
  2. SeriousD.
    Mar 4, 2007
    Quite possibly one of the best games for the PSP. Tremendous amounts of fun and excitement. If you like games like Pursuit Force and Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror, Chili Con Carnage is for you! Expand
  3. Mar 5, 2012
    What more can I say, this game had brilliant graphics for a PSP game and the humour was actually funny. The moves you pull off with your guns and combos you find gives this game a unigue fell, but I have to say I did prefer the PS2/Xbox version as its more open world and the graphics are a tiny bit better. But overall My third favourite PSP game in its series, Driver being 2nd and GTA being 1st. Expand
  4. ReturnoftheTres
    Mar 8, 2007
    Chili Con Carne, Hispanic hip-hop, bullet time, more Mexican drug dealers than a whole season of The Shield, and heaps of high-powered guns to shoot them with... how can you possibly fault it? To be serious, I was also surprised at the amount of replay value this game has. The stages themselves have a medal system (similar to Rogue Squadron, where getting all golds was half the game), there are challenge stages in between, and heaps of unlockables. There's also an 'El Macho' mode, where you have to keep a combo going as long as you can to get a high score (the shooter equivalent of Endless Mode!) and the stages have to be unlocked through the 1 player mode. This may be a simple game at first (once you get used to the controls) but unlocking everything and getting the high scores requires real skill and practice. Overall, a fun, over-the-top shooter with puzzle game qualities- simple to learn, hard to master! Expand
  5. BruceC.
    Dec 30, 2007
    I find most shooters on the PSP to have very awkward and cumbersome controls. CCC is a bit different; the controls are fairly simple. You use the analog to move and turn your avatar, use the D-pad to switch weapons, and use the square button to shoot. The left shoulder is used to "lock on" to objects and the right shoulder is used for enemies. The graphics are fairly good and the theme is cartoonish violence, so it works fairly well. Most of the enemies are fairly easy to kill and it's not a particularly challenging game. Overall I like it and rate it about an 8 out of 10. Expand
  6. FuZZyD.
    Feb 27, 2007
    This reminds me of a sort of max pain/duke nukem/ matrix kinda of game, it's good for a while and funny while it last, but it is repetitive and pretty short lived, but never the less it's fun while it last and that it the main thing, it's not bad it's just not fantastically great neither. My opinion try before you buy. Expand