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  1. Dec 7, 2013
    The sequel to a supposed reboot of my favorite IP. Gameplay-wise, its actually decent. I love the way Crash controls this time around compared to the DS predecessor. Combat, for the most part, fells fluid and I love spinning and jumping to fight. All of this is completely drowned out by two things, however: the Mutants/Titans and the presentation. Fighting with the Mutants feels stiffer than ever and isn't nearly as fun as playing as Crash on foot. Graphically, the game looks as good as it can as a port to the PSP, but with any form of the game one will notice the backgrounds that look like painfully obvious cardboard cutouts. The music is okay, but is drowned out once again by annoying voice acting and stupid lines that reference every played out joke ever written. Add to that strange cutscenes presented in different styles such as a puppet show, horror film, and even anime. Not only do these cutscenes break the game immersion, but they come out of absolutely nowhere and are the epitome of annoyance. The entire game feels like a stupid Saturday morning cartoon and does nothing to reboot Crash Bandicoot. More than the previous installment, I keep asking myself, "Why?" as I play this game. Expand

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  1. Crash, a once center stage mascot, plays like an exhausted hero of yesteryear, and it may be time for him to take some time off the video game scene to recollect his once keen gaming senses.
  2. Crash MOM isn’t actualy a bad game, but the insane loading times cause it to be far more frustrating than it should be.
  3. I’m an old fan of the Crash Bandicoot license, and I have always loved the games for their clean, family friendly fun. Whether a blockbuster or a barnburner, I have always shared the Crash titles with my kids – and they have always had smiles on their faces. Mind Over Mutant is a different story in that it actually brought tears of frustration – for all of us.