• Publisher: SCEA
  • Release Date: Mar 14, 2006

Generally favorable reviews - based on 59 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 53 out of 59
  2. Negative: 2 out of 59
  1. It feels, moves and looks like a "Jak" title, and any fan of the series will have a blast taking this new title on the road.
  2. If I had to hold one thing against Daxter (and Ready at Dawn) it’s that they raised the bar so high that it’s probably going to be a while before there is another PSP title that reaches this level of quality.
  3. This is it, the first truly great game for the PSP. The entire game is just so polished, well-designed, and implemented that it could stand as an example of great gaming on any platform.
  4. Put simply, Daxter is not only a great game for the PSP, it would make a great game on any platform.
  5. Aside from looking great, the gameplay is very cohesive and tight, and though it doesn’t venture too far from the typical Jak and Daxter formula, it’s hard to complain when the game is this good.
  6. 95
    Almost effortlessly, the game provides a wonderful offshoot of the established "Jak and Daxter" world, serving up scores of original content and gameplay mechanics while maintaining the franchise's charm and fun.
  7. So far, Daxter is the most fun I've had on my PSP this year, and Daxter is a sure in for PSP game of the year.
  8. From the gorgeous graphics, solid control scheme to the writing and sound production, this one has "BUY ME" stamped all over it in big gold letters.
  9. Not only do the graphics look outstanding, but the developers went even further by having some of the best audio I have heard for a PSP game.
  10. Daxter continues to prove that the PSP is the best handheld system out there and the closest thing you can get to a home console experience. I’d certainly stack this game up against anything in the genre on the PS2.
  11. Daxter is one of the best experiences to be had on the PSP, and an excellent platformer on any system.
  12. It's just a really, really well-made platformer and probably one of the best to come along in quite some time.
  13. The best platformer on the PSP and almost the best title period on the console.
  14. Tremendously fun title to say the least.
  15. The pint-sized Daxter is every bit as good as its console counterparts, bringing all the best elements of the action-platformer Jak games fluidly to the PSP.
  16. Daxter isn't just a great platformer with amazing graphics and sound, it's one of the best playing games you can get on the PSP. You can look around all you want, but there's no reason to; Daxter is the new king of 3D portable platforming games.
  17. It takes a rich universe and focuses it on a very popular character, and didn't just throw him into some clone of Jak 3, but instead designed a game around Daxter and the PSP.
  18. With the non-existent load times and simple, but rewarding controls, this game feels like it’s been made with the idea of what handheld games need while not ignoring the presentation that the console-like power can provide
  19. A smooth, portable platformer that looks gorgeous. It is very traditional, but the playability is flawless and the levels are top notch. Hilarious minigames are a nice bonus. [June 2006]
  20. Daxter is the most technically impressive game on the PSP and delivers and extremely fun platforming experience that could be the best in Naughty Dog’s history.
  21. In short, Daxter is a highly polished game that, for once, really does set a new standard in terms of what we can expect from future PSP titles.
  22. Only the issues of its periodically dodgy camera and short lifespan - along with the rock-paper-scissors-esque two player bug fighting game, which is frankly not much cop and not really worth a mention - even come close to bringing it down, and even with those minor faults, you really should make sure you pick up Daxter as soon as possible.
  23. Lush visuals, solid gameplay and tight controls makes this one of PSP's best thus far.
  24. It looks almost as good as its PS2 siblings and has full voice acting for all the characters, all without the excruciatingly long loading that seems to plague most other PSP games on the market.
  25. This makes you realise how much Jak has been holding Daxter back all these years. It also shows just how good PSP gaming can get. [May 2006, p.84]
  26. With great graphics, great sound and a fun multiplayer game the simply titled Daxter is a hit on the PSP.
  27. 90
    Sure, its story is kind of ridiculous and even a little boring, but the events that said story lead into are fantastic. From the great level design to the ultra-refined controls to the excellent production values, Daxter is a game every PSP gamer should check out.
  28. Daxter makes a much better lead than he ever did a sidekick. As a lead critter, he's everything I look for and then some. [Apr 2006, p.71]
  29. It’s got everything; humor, excellent cutscenes, great graphics and strong gameplay. What more can you ask for?
  30. 90
    Daxter is a game designed from the ground up for the PSP and it shows. The handy save anywhere feature allows for gaming on the go while the length of each of Daxter's levels is suitable for a bus ride to school or work. Daxter’s graphics and gameplay are unmatched on the PSP and contribute to what is a truly exceptional game.
  31. Daxter is an amazing looking creature. He's loaded with personality and his animated movements are fluid and well detailed as he slinks around with tail wagging and ears flapping.
  32. 90
    As the first game to truly establish the balance between a console game and portability, Daxter is arguably the best game on the PSP.
  33. Even without the compelling multiplayer, Daxter is the best platformer available on the PSP, and a fantastic extra chapter for the series.
  34. 90
    This is the action/platformer we've pined for on PSP. With amazing graphics, an entertaining story and uber-accurate control, it's virtually flawless and its appeal knows no bounds.
  35. Daxter is a superb platform adventure that I highly recommend, and Ready at Dawn is to be commended for coming to bat for the PSP and filling the void that's plagued the system for almost a year. Purchase it immediately.
  36. With such deep variety of familiar but accomplished gameplay, and visuals that are always immersive and frequently arresting, Daxter easily leaps ahead of the PSP platformer pack to put such concerns to rest.
  37. One of the best platformers we've played in years. This handheld treat is a minor classic. [June 2006, p.73]
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 82 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 26 out of 29
  2. Negative: 1 out of 29
  1. Sep 23, 2013
    Lovely graphics, memorable characters, intriguing level designs, laugh out loud humor, and the fact it is all portable.

    Simply put, if you
    own a PSP, you SHOULD have Daxter Full Review »
  2. Sis
    Oct 24, 2013
    Fun and addicting. This game is has among the highest replay values I've ever seen. You never grow tired ow this game. If you're on the go, you need to own a PsP with Daxter. It's not a choice, it's an obligation. Full Review »
  3. Jun 30, 2013
    I've beat this game twice and i still enjoy playing such a fun game you get to collect these eggs to unlock stuff and the soundtrack sounds awesome especially when your going to the baron's palace, fish cannery and the final boss. The best psp game ive played besides gta vice city stories Full Review »