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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 29 out of 33
  2. Negative: 0 out of 33
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  1. 58
    In the end, I'd say Dark Hero Days is mildly recommendable, but with a huge caveat: It's a decent Disgaea... just not anywhere close to the best Disgaea.
  2. One of the best tactical RPGs on PSP.
  3. Strategy RPG fans need to have a taste of the Disgaea series. It’s simply one of the best and most engrossing series the genre has to offer and Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days continues this trend.
  4. Regardless, it's a finely crafted game and an exceptional example of how to do the genre right.
  5. Disgaea 2 is a deep and flexible game and should it get its hooks in you will lose your mind to it. That fact alone begs the question: why reinvent?
  6. Disgaea 2 is a perfect Tactical RPG, and arrives on PSP with some new interesting twists.
  7. Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days is not a dark day for gamers who want a portable version of the second game in their beloved Disgaea series.
  8. Item World is even more addicting.
  9. 90
    It's funny, it's charming, and it's an absolute blast to play for both aspiring Demon Lords and returning Overlords.
  10. If you're a fan of tactical RPGs, there's no reason not to pick this game up, as it's one of the best on the system. If you're not, than you're missing out, and it might be worth eyeing up the first game to get ready for the sequel.
  11. If you've already played Disgaea 2 and abused the Magichange system of Disgaea 3 for all it's worth, the handful of bonus content is probably not enough to do it all over again. However, if you haven't sunk 200 hours into your elite team of Prinnies, or won’t dry heave at the thought of another geo panel puzzle, Disgaea 2 is probably the perfect portable SRPG.
  12. Even fans who’ve already played through the original version should consider this re-release, since long marathons and quick bursts of gaming suit Dark Hero Days’ gameplay so much better than on a console.
  13. Dark Hero Days is not only one of the most enjoyable sequels with a lot to offer SRPG fans but it’s also one of the more surprisingly fun Disgaea games to come along on the PSP.
  14. Sure it's a port of a three year old role-playing game, but Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days is an adventure game worth reliving.
  15. This is a game that is packed with so much to do and experiment with that anyone who gives it a shot will definitely get their money’s worth.
  16. 86
    In a time when many games feel a bit watered down in order to appeal to a wide market, it's refreshing to play an unabashedly hardcore and complex game like this. Hands down, this is one of the deepest and most fun strategy games you'll ever play.
  17. 90
    Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days is a great PSP title and the best strategy-RPGs available on the system.
  18. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Manga graphics, sophisticated fighting system and clever dialogues await for those who are patient enough to spend hundreds of hours playing this smart RPS jewel. [Issue#189]
  19. Dark Hero Days offers exactly what we could expect form a production with Nippon Ichi's seal - plenty of fun, unlimited hours in front of the PSP and an outstanding storyline that makes us laugh and smile from time to time. With a few new additions, Disgaea 2's back at its best.
  20. The best version of the worst Disgaea might be for fans only but it's still a great strategy role-player.
  21. Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days is the ultimate version of this game. It's not a simply porting from PlayStation 2 of Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories, but a better and complete edition of this tactical role-playing game. With many improvements to the gameplay and added content such as stages and characters, newcomers are given an excellent place to start the series and Disgaea fans will be happy to play it. Highly recommended.
  22. Play UK
    Genuinely funny humour meets a great turn-based battle system and ludicrous levels of depth for those fond of levelling up ad nauseam. [Issue#190, p.77]
  23. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Mostly good news. [Mar 2010, p.103]
  24. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    Even longtime fans will enjoy a second romp through this simple, yet slick, PSP re-release. [Dec 2009, p.84]
  25. A superb portable version of the PS2 original, Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days offers exceptional depth and charisma, along with a few new tricks of its own to make it essential SRPG fare.
  26. PSM3 Magazine UK
    Another stellar entry in the series then, but not one for newcomers. [Mar 2010, p.88]
  27. 90
    Afternoon of Darkness was great on both the PSP and the DS, and the elements that were added to Dark Hero Days make it even better.
  28. 70
    Those who played and did not like the series, or who are bored with it, will find little here to change their minds. The Disgaea brand of near limitless levelling (and grinding to go with it), has always been an acquired taste, and the formula is starting to wear thin.
  29. 85
    It's true that the Disgaea series hasn't made a name of itself between the mass public, and many players may be reticent to this sub genre, considering it the younger brother of the RPGs; something Disgaea 2 renders untrue.
  30. Whatever category you happen to fall into, though, be prepared to sacrifice all of your free time; Dark Hero Days is a bottomless pit of gameplay that will command your attention from start to finish.
  31. All in all, Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days is a great strategy RPG, and while I still prefer the original title's story line and characters, there's nothing to really complain about when it comes to the gameplay.
  32. 90
    In my humble opinion, Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days for the PSP is the definitive Disgaea portable experience. From the widescreen presentation to the sound and voice work, the PSP is the benchmark for Disgaea on the go.

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  1. May 11, 2015
    This review contains spoilers, click full review link to view. I do not have to say anything more. But i need to write one hundred and fifty characters. i think my score can describe it............................ Full Review »
  2. Nov 18, 2011
    Disgaea 2 Dark Hero Days is a port of the Disgaea 2 from the Playstation 2. It has some additional features such as the inclusion of Disgaea 3Disgaea 2 Dark Hero Days is a port of the Disgaea 2 from the Playstation 2. It has some additional features such as the inclusion of Disgaea 3 Characters as playable characters and a new gameplay feature which was seen in Disgaea 3. Though the game's storyline isnt as dynamic or humorous as Disgaea 1's, fans will recognize alot of easter eggs from the first game and will surely enjoy the slightly different gameplay structure from the original and the predecessor of this game. Full Review »
  3. Dec 7, 2010
    another great SRPG from nippon itchi . this is probubly my least favorite disgaea game although dont get me wrong its stil a solid SRPG thatanother great SRPG from nippon itchi . this is probubly my least favorite disgaea game although dont get me wrong its stil a solid SRPG that should be played by every SRPG fan with out a doubt . my issues are Disgaea is built around goofy main charicters like laharl and Moa . Adel just doesnt really fit as the lead charicter he just to normal and a goody goody . Axel would have been amuch better choice because he's the biggest Goof . i also didnt ike the new judge system very much . the item world isnt the best yet eather unlike disgaea 3 which they perfected . alot of the problems i had with disgaea 1 are still present but the voice acting is fun the story is entertaining i love that etna , floan and laharl make appearnces in this game . there is new content with the Axel mode which tells Axels story . and it follows the disgaea model by giving you 100s of hours of gameplay . how many games can you say that about? Full Review »