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  • Summary: New Freestyle and Extreme modes exclusively created for the PSP. Master the Classic DJ Max gameplay with over 50 songs and 5 difficulty levels designed for players of all ranges. Challenge your friends in the customizable Network Battle mode to test each others' skills. Collect music videos, soundtracks and images to create a collection gallery. Hi-Resolution Widescreen graphics fully optimized to take full advantage of the graphical prowess of the PSP. Collapse
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  1. 85
    It is refreshing to see a game that knows who it is and doesn't back down. There is a lot to get from experiencing Fever if you have the balls to try.
  2. 80
    The game doesn't hold your hand and lead you through the controls or menus so users are going to have to be prepared to teach themselves, but there's some great gameplay here, good tunes, and a whole lot of stuff to unlock. Once you figure out the learning curve, there are good times ahead.
  3. Jul 11, 2011
    DJ Max Fever brings this korean franchise in Europe, proposing the same gameplay and structure of BeatMania brand by Konami. The music selection, the quantity of unlockable contents and GDR elements are good, but long loading times, the general hard difficulty and button mashing mechanics ruin the work.
  4. DJ Max: Fever is not a better mousetrap, it's just a good mousetrap, and it's managed to hook a rat like me. I hate to end this review with a pun, but due to the rhythm genre and the insane difficulty level, this game is hard to beat.
  5. DJ Max Fever has the sound, has the looks, but wants a little too much from the player instead of meeting halfway.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 2
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  1. David
    Apr 8, 2009
    I love this game~! It has hours of play time, and a lot of variety of music. It is your classic Dance dance revolution/guitar hero genre except they translated it flawlessly to the psp controls. Great gameplay although it can get very hard. I would like to note that default difficulty is set to easy. Overall awesome game, recommend it to anyone. Expand
  2. Aaron
    Feb 9, 2009
    Simply put, this is a great game. If you ever wished you had guitar hero or rock band on your psp, you might want to consider this. It is a difficult game and there are songs that I will never master. However, the amount of unlockables is amazing and they can range from gameplay improving items to psp wallpaper. Even if you keep playing the simple songs, you will keep leveling up and gaining experience to unlock new things. This game has a ton of replay value and is well worth the money spent. Think guitar hero, DDR, mixed with a touch of RPG elements. Oh, and the most important thing is the Korean based soundtrack ranging from techno to hip hop. Even if you don't love it at first, you will after about 20 minutes. Great game. Expand