• Publisher: Atari
  • Release Date: Aug 14, 2007
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 24 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 19 out of 24
  2. Negative: 3 out of 24

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  1. Jul 27, 2011
    If you are a fan of 3.5 D&D you will enjoy this game, and it is probably more like a 9/10, if you are not, you will probably not get much enjoyment. The menu system is pretty clunky and could have used some work, and there are a few minor flaws in the rules adaptations, but generally this is a great adaptation of the 3.5 rules (something we aren't likely to see more of now that 4th edition is out). It really is a lot of fun to play, from the tactically minded perspective. It is driven by exploration, fighting, and improving characters, not really by story. Expand
  2. Mar 12, 2012
    Interface is terrible, gameplay is incredibly inauthentic (Scorching Ray is NOT supposed to be an area effect), etc. Oh, and if you have 500 feet of tunnel to go through with no enemies along the way, you have to tediously move every character every single foot of that in turn. God help you if you have a character that moves 20 feet or less.
  3. Jun 15, 2012
    Major interface flaw -- why didn't the programmers add a command to call your 5 other party members to assemble when not in combat instead of having to control each one turn by turn? This is an utter waste of time.

    Additionally, it's not D&D v3.5 accurate -- e.g. Monks don't get a Wisdom bonus to AC, rapiers aren't light weapons, Mage Armor stacks with any armor, etc.

    Even if this
    game would normally appeal to D&D fans able to overlook the other flaws, it's lack of rule authenticity will just cause frustration. Expand
  4. NickB.
    Sep 10, 2007
    This is definitely a game for fans of the Dungeons & Dragons paper and pencil game, not the video games it has spawned. The game is a good tutorial for people already familiar with the 3.5 ruleset (like my girlfeind) but who are confused by the combat rules and such. I enjoyed this game a great deal, love the tactical miniatures-style gameplay (which is a very accurate portrayal of the miniatures-based combat from the game) and liked the storyline a lot. The downsides are similar for many: the menus can be hard for some to navigate; I foundthem okay, but there are much easier menu systems in other games. Also, some of the darker dungeon settings are very, very dark and that means that if you live in a sunny state like I do, you won't be playing this game at all in the sunlight. Collapse

Mixed or average reviews - based on 38 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 38
  2. Negative: 9 out of 38
  1. I felt completely confined by the rigid rules, limited skill opportunities, and a between-battle interface that's more complicated than figuring out the rules for grappling. [Aug 2007, p.103]
  2. It may start slowly, but we guarantee you won't want to put it down. [Sept 2007, p.78]
  3. This game could use a little more polish, but it's entertaining for the right people. [Sept 2007, p.62]