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  • Summary: echoshift is a franchise spin-off of the previously released PlayStation Network title echochrome.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 15 out of 29
  2. Negative: 0 out of 29
  1. For those who, like me, enjoyed the first game in the Echo series, you will no doubt jump at the chance to continue in the sequel to these strange puzzling adventures and it will be a welcome return.
  2. The clean, somewhat clinical presentation hides some seriously hellish later stages, so some patience is required to beat every level but for puzzle fans, this is definitely a logical purchase. [May 2010, p.96]
  3. The sober exterior of Echoshift is no indication of the complexity of the challenges it harbours. As the game progresses the challenges get tougher, but thanks to a steady increasing learning curve no challenge will ever seem too overwhelming. Manipulating time has been done much prettier by others, but difficulty wise it can easily keep up with the best.
  4. Even without the magic touch of Echochrome, Echoshift still delivers a nice puzzle experience, surely one of the best available for Playstation Portable. It would have been even better with a level editor for a longer lasting appeal.
  5. When you do surrender to Echoshift's world of relaxation, time management, and jarring cruelty, however, time - like your many lives - files by. [May 2010, p.104]
  6. Basically, the game concept is interesting, but only the most dedicated will have the patience to complete the game.
  7. EchoShift provides a puzzling twist to its predecessors problem solving. Using time-shifted co-op with oneself makes for exciting problem solving, but also makes brains hurt. The cooled presentation unfortunately fails to provide comfort for broken spirits. Well thought out puzzles gives EchoShift long legs but gaming sessions soon runs out of steam.

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