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  • Summary: Evil is afoot and the villainous Master Gardal has diabolical plans. With the aid of his faithful minions Quiph and Morg, he intends to conquer the famed Castle of Heaven... the supreme fortress built to protect the world from forces of darkness. The only way for Gardal to breach the castle gates is by sacrificing the pure, untainted soul of Erwyn, a young boy mentioned in a millennia-old prophecy. Gardal and his minions have already captured the boy and imprisoned him inside a dungeon to await execution. Yet Gardal didn't count on the help of Aira, Erwyn's clairvoyant sister. To save her brother, Aira has sealed Erwyn's soul within a single teardrop and transformed the teardrop into a protective orb. Now, in order to free her brother she must safely guide the orb into the Castle of Heaven using a magical beam of light. Unfortunately, sending the beam of light to Erwyn has used all of Aira's strength and she cannot control it any longer... Will you help her? [Ivolgamus] Expand
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  1. A hidden gem in the PSP catalogue. Beautiful, understated and relaxing, this is to normal "marble puzzle" games what ICO was to normal platform games.
  2. 84
    The overall package sets the mood perfectly for the mind-bending challenges within the game.
  3. An outstanding little game, and one that's well suited to the handheld. I fully intend to while away many hours of travelling engrossed in this little gem, and I can heartily recommend it to puzzle game fans everywhere as an example of what video games can be when someone puts a little thought into trying to come up with something original as opposed to churning out just another sequel or licence.
  4. Fading Shadows is a not a bad game for those on the go as it is enjoyable in short stints. Unfortunately it wore on me after a period of time.
  5. There's some magic to this fantasy puzzle adventure, but a few frustrations break the spell.
  6. Aside from its meager length (the 40 player levels can be beaten in a handful of sessions), the only real knocks against this otherwise delightful diversion are technical ones--but to be fair, they're doozies. [Nov 2008, p.83]
  7. The puzzles are simple but require the exact kind of precise control this doesn't provide. [June 2008, p.106]

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