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  • Summary: In FINAL FANTASY, the tale begins when four young warriors, each possessing a Crystal, are summoned to bring the world back to a harmonious elemental balance. During their voyage, they discover a nefarious entity has created turmoil in the structure of time in order to take control of the world, causing the heroes to travel to places they never imagined possible. This all-new anniversary edition contain the best treatment of the classic RPG and features all-new character art, updated graphics, new dungeons, full 16:9 widescreen presentation and an updated camera view that gives players a new vantage point. [Square Enix] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 9 out of 34
  2. Negative: 3 out of 34
  1. 95
    Gamers who are used to contemporary titles may find this one a little too simplistic and old for their tastes but if you can look beyond that, you'll be treated to an amazing rendition of a classic console RPG. [July 2007, p.86]
  2. It's definitely old-school, but it's just as fun and charming as it was 20 years ago - only with modern tweaks that make it even better. [Aug 2007, p.83]
  3. Despite the game generally being the same as it was the last few times I played it, the PSP version pulled me right back in as if it were a completely new experience, and I didn’t want to let go.
  4. A deeply nostalgic trip for the fans. Even by today's standards this is not a bad RPG, but the lack of proper story and the constant fighting make it hard to recommend it to casual gamers. The PSP-version is definetely the best version of this game, thanks to the new, upgraded graphics. [Mar 2008]
  5. As a whole, Final Fantasy: Anniversary Edition on the PSP doesn’t cater to a huge audience. Diehard FF fans will be disappointed by the lack of extra features, and newcomers can be frustrated by the simple design and overload of randomized battles.
  6. Gamers who want to see for the first time the origins of the long-running series will have a decent enough reason to check out Final Fantasy on PSP: its high resolution visuals and distinctly retro gameplay set it aside from modern RPGs. However, for everyone else it’s just another cheap cash-in for Square Enix.
  7. An interesting gaming artifact, and very lovable...but essentially rubbish. [May 2008, p.79]

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 11 out of 13
  2. Negative: 0 out of 13
  1. AdamLang
    Apr 6, 2009
    A lot of the lower scores seem to have a common statement which points to the fact that there are older ports of these games (mostly noted for the GBA). There's a reason why there are continuous ports of these games. A game that created the basis of RPGs (which disappeared within the PS2 era) for a portable gaming handheld is awesome. Expand
  2. EricB.
    Sep 22, 2007
    This is really an amazing game. If you haven't played this game before, it's an incredible experience.
  3. Matt
    Aug 2, 2007
    I feel this this game is getting a bad rap. This is without a doubt the best remake of any Final Fantasy ever. Stunning visuals, a new dungeon and better music make this game a must play for RPG enthusiast's. Other than that it is very similar to the original, as you probably expect. If your a new comer to the series or if you could just go for some classic FF you will not be disappointed. Expand
  4. Apr 28, 2013
    I never cared for the original Final Fantasy in any of its previous incarnations, but I recently gave the PSP port a shot and I am so glad I did. This is the definitive version of the game, with design upgrades that make it quite nice to look at and extra dungeons that give the player something challenging to attempt. The story and gameplay works all the same, with just some basic tweaks such as set magic usages being replaced by the now commonplace MP system (which is a major improvement) and some names being adjusted due to latter entries in the series creating more popular names (ie: Life is now Phoenix Down, Imps are now Goblins, Ice is now Blizzard, Orbs are now Crystals, etc). This is a must play for any RPG fan and a must own for any Final Fantasy fans. Just be prepared to wander around aimlessly searching for hints as to what you're supposed to do next, as you often have to fetch a hidden item from some dungeon or town in order to be able to progress to the next section of the game. Great game though, and a very fun/challenging way to kill 20-25 hours. Expand
  5. Blighty76
    Aug 30, 2009
    This is a fantastic update of the classic RPG which has been lovingly reskinned for the PSP. It's perfect for handheld gaming; I played it in snippets over 3 weeks, grabbing an hour or two a day, with 25 hours played at completion. For an old crock like me this is a wonderful trip down memory lane. Expand
  6. Oct 11, 2013
    Based on the original where the "Final" fantasy sprouted, it is an update/remaster of the classic NES RPG.

    During the time the
    original Final Fantasy was released there wasn't much narrative and story in most games and this still holds true to this remaster, while there is a story present, namely: the four Heroes of Light trying to restore elemental balance to the world, it is spread far and wide, usually leaving you searching for clues on where to go next, this didn't bother me, but people less patient as myself might be offset by this approach of story progression.

    This is where the game shines, while simplistic compared to current generation FF's, it is by no means bad, battles go well paced and you're always trying to get to the next town to increase your equipment or learn new white/black spells, the (over)world is well (re-)made with some extra dungeon's to boot, each holding a few new bosses from other Final Fantasy games.

    It holds it's top-down view but has a tremendous graphical overhaul compared to the original NES version, and a far more crispier look then the GBA update, animations are smooth, spell effects are nice and the updated sprites for party members and monsters alike are everything you would expect.

    Another high point, the songs are remastered and sound a whole lot better, with the new dungeons and bosses also comes new music from the games those bosses are from, I definitely like the improved Mount Gulg theme.

    All in all, Final Fantasy Anniversary Edition is an overhaul with minimal changes to story and gameplay but optimal changes to graphics and music. If you can overlook the simplistic battle system in this day and age then it is the best version Final Fantasy I has to offer...
  7. AB
    Jul 8, 2007
    Without a doubt, the original Final Fantasy is a true classic; sadly, the Anniversary remake does not update the gameplay. Instead, by making only graphical and auditory changes, it allows this aged masterpiece to rust rather than shine. Expand

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