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  • Summary: (Known in the UK/EU as "Ford Street Racing: LA Duel") Now featuring 24 officially licensed Ford vehicles, classics such as the 1971 Mustang Mach 1 join the already prestigious roster, as well as scorching hot supercars like the 2005 Shelby GR-1 Concept. The Maximum Team Control Racing features have been expanded to 11 different modes, each designed to exploit different aspects of team racings such as blocking, drafting, and switching. Multiplayer has also been enhanced to include both team and solo racing options, utilizing the wireless capabilities of the PSP system for high velocity head-to-head racing battles. [Eidos Interactive] Expand
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  1. Yep, best version of the game. That may not be saying much for those who are looking for an exceptionally deep racer, but for $20, this is the perfect value-priced racer.
  2. It’s short, not overly challenging, and is a little repetitive. But you won’t find a better twenty-dollar racer for PSP.
  3. Unfortunately, the lack of unique tracks and insane AI will keep this title from competing with the upper echelon of PSP racing titles.
  4. Even if you love the Ford license, this game will just be a waste of not only your money, but your time as well.
  5. Another adequate yet uninspired entry for the Ford Racing brand.
  6. A surprise and a disappointment at the same time. The in-game visuals far exceeded what I was expecting, but the arcade racing soon becomes rather dull and repetitive.
  7. 29
    The AI driving your other car is just as bad as the one driving your opponents so you spend most of the time flicking between cars just making up for how the AI seems to lose your hard won position as soon as you leave it in control which takes all the fun and tactics out of it, you still have to admire the idea though and it would be nice to see another game pick it up and develop it properly.

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