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Mixed or average reviews - based on 33 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 33
  2. Negative: 4 out of 33
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  1. The only thing that was holding this game back was its limitations put upon it by having to follow an established movie. Even so, the designers managed to get all of the Bond trademarks into this game.
  2. It has the double misfortune of being an incomplete port, and of being released around the same time as "Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror" (which does the same things, but better).
  3. Even though the console source wasn’t overly impressive and the PSP suffers from a number of new control issues, it’s still a good start.
  4. One of the better action titles available on the PSP, From Russia With Love is definitely not without flaws: it doesn’t last too long, the gameplay is a bit too easy, and there are some control issues.
  5. One of those games that doesn’t set out to have any huge impact on game design or execution. It does however make sure that what it puts forth is solid and entertaining.
  6. 71
    From Russia with Love successfully translates the console experience into portable form. What little changes developers made to the formula make it a better product.
  7. While it’s great to play through the most exciting moments of such a great Bond film, the game’s various faults just get in the way of enjoying this one.
  8. Practically every criticism you could lobby against the original game is still an issue here, along with a host of new issues that make this version decidedly less fun to play.
  9. From Russia With Love is a perfect example of how not to port a game from the PS2 to PSP. It does absolutely nothing new and a host of things much worse.
  10. 60
    We probably shouldn't be too surprised that Russia emphasizes repetitive action over character and style: it's just following lessons learned on the big screen.
  11. Official Playstation 2 Magazine UK
    It looks good, it plays good, and it does handheld multiplayer as well as anything out there. Bond and PSP make perfect bedfellows. [Apr 2006, p.107]
  12. AceGamez
    Ending as a reasonable attempt at a third-person action game, From Russia With Love manages to raise itself above many PSP games, despite its myriad flaws, and it's a title to stall the hunger for masterpieces until one arrives.
  13. Bond is back, and this time on the PSP. While it's great to play Connery on the handheld, it misses some of the memorable elements from its console counterpart.
  14. The Aston-driving sections are literally a blast and the atmosphere of the film is nailed. But the main event - running and gunning with Mr. Bond - is a real letdown.
  15. For the most part, From Russia With Love is an enjoyable gaming experience even though it is a rather short one.
  16. Game play can become repetitive quickly, so only those who dream of joining Her Majesty’s Secret Service, or implicitly trust the quality of EA games need apply.
  17. Game Informer
    If this is an accurate representation of what comes out of Russia(with love or otherwise), I can only assume the nation's chief export is boredom. [May 2006, p.113]
  18. 65
    When you unleash a game that plays like it was developed after too many martinis, well then that's just downright criminal.
  19. A disappointing PSP game that is hurt by poor controls, a lazy camera, and some strange editing decisions!
  20. Control issues deep six this double-o seven.
  21. Rent this game, just as you would the movie. If you purchase it, it will leave you shaken, not stirred.
  22. PSM Magazine
    Everything else if pretty standard stuff, but it has its Bondish moments, mainly thanks to the vocal talents off Sean Connery. [Jun 2006, p.87]
  23. Play Magazine
    Stripped down and limply recycled from the already lackluster PS2 version of From Russia With Love, this latest Bond action title is crippled by more than inconsistant designs; the control scheme just never feels passable. [Jun 2006, p.57]
  24. A decent game that's absolutely massacred by the lack of a second analog stick.
  25. PSM2 Magazine UK
    A disappointingly straight port of a mediocre game, From Russia With Love is a mere diversion - temporary, and awkwardly forgettable and here to occupy a place in the PSP's product portfolio. [Apr 2006, p.82]
  26. With few moments of exciting action and no real choices to make as you storm through the short campaign, the game fills the void with an uninspired use of gadgets and loads of cut scenes to gloss over the essential un-Bond quality of the shooting experience.
  27. Games Master UK
    A very basic, simplistic shooter with over-forgiving auto-targetting and linear levels. And the controls don't translate that well to PSP, either. [June 2006, p.79]
  28. 40
    The extremely limited multiplayer system, the frustrating and ill-conceived "follow the blue dots" gameplay, and the hackneyed control scheme make playing through From Russia With Love like going toe-to-toe with a giant blond boxer as your country's fate is on the line -- stressful, with a likelihood of receiving brain damage.
  29. 60
    Sadly, the horrible control scheme puts a damper on this dapper British agent.
  30. 60
    A pretty good port is a far cry from a strong original game, but fans looking for a quick fix of shooting action should find that this game meets the standard.
  31. Official U.S. Playstation Magazine
    From Russia With Love adds more unlockable multiplayer characters and hidden challenges; even with these additions, though, it actually has less content than its console cousin. [Jun 2006, p.103]
  32. The game is missing several things, including a crucial control scheme during a majority of the shootouts, the car and speedboat chases that threw in diversity in previous versions, and a multiplayer mode that generates interest.
  33. Probably the clearest way I can describe this game is by saying that I had a really tough time finding the motivation to play through it even though its core story is incredibly short (there are sub-missions and stuff, and the multiplayer, but the single player main story is only about 5 hours).

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Mixed or average reviews- based on 13 Ratings

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  1. DjFIL
    Jun 4, 2006
    This isn't a bad shooter for the PSP. The graphics are what you should expect for a PS2 to PSP port, the controls are well done (only This isn't a bad shooter for the PSP. The graphics are what you should expect for a PS2 to PSP port, the controls are well done (only complaint is the camera rotation is a little bit slow at times), and the gameplay is solid. It's not SOCOM (the best PSP shooter available), but it's a very good game to play if you didn't play the console version. Full Review »
  2. SharbazR.
    Apr 17, 2006
    This is a really fun game and I'm not saying this because I work EA - it's just as good if not better than every PSP game out there This is a really fun game and I'm not saying this because I work EA - it's just as good if not better than every PSP game out there right now. Full Review »