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  • Summary: Full Auto 2: Battlelines blasts onto the PSP with a constant barrage of high-octane demolition. While the player races full-throttle through the city, their strategically timed missiles will bring down buildings and other elements on opponents and set off fiery chain reactions. Players wreak vehicular mayhem in both arena-combat and racing-combat modes with 15 customizable vehicles stocked with explosive weapons of their choice. A whole new career storyline awaits with challenging new pick-up-and-play modes, goals, and rivals all bent on mass destruction. Strategically targeted destruction opens up invaluable new routes and blocks opponents. New career storyline: A 50+ event single-player career path with multiple modes, objectives, destructive weapons, areas, and rivals to unlock. Numerous single-player and multiplayer races via ad hoc, such as Head-On, Down & Back, as well as Arena Deathmatch modes challenge players with a variety of objectives. Players obliterate and wreak havoc in 15 cars - nine brand new to the PSP version. All-new weapons: Customize vehicles with light, medium and heavy weapons including the M16, Grenade, M60, M203 Launcher, Aircraft Gun, Mortar, Fire & Forget Missile, and Heat-Seeking Missiles. Over 15 original tracks: Three unique new districts on the PSP system, each offering six tracks including Point-to-Point, Circuit, and Arena levels. AAA licensed soundtrack: Obliterate the city while listening to popular tracks by Stone Sour, Sum 41, We Are Scientists, Wolfmother and others. [Sega] Expand
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  1. Targeting has also been automated, a change that I think is actually a good thing for the game. Unfortunately, the physics and control of the cars is pretty terrible, and it really hurts my opinion of the game as a whole.
  2. Even with omitting online multiplayer, the game still packs in a lot of gameplay across a lengthy single player career mode and Ad-hoc racing.
  3. A basically fun racing game when taken in small doses. Good for a typical handheld gaming schedule.
  4. 60
    It's just not user-friendly. The HUD is a mess, and I struggled to decipher how damaged vehicles were -- either mine or my opponents'. Your level objectives aren't easily displayed, and neither is a radar of where your enemies are or what the track looks like.
  5. The best thing going for this hyper-violent pavement-pound is the epically bold badness of the unecessary storyline, concerning revolutionaries participating in Velocity Death Battles (VDBs, biatch!) to confuse a weather predicting machine hell-bent on controlling the human race. It makes the "Twisted Metal" canon look like Shakespeare.
  6. 50
    Rather than mixing speed and destruction Full Auto feels messy and made me wish I could turn my rocket launcher toward my head.
  7. 30
    Considering the basic concept the series is built on, Full Auto 2: Battlelines has perhaps the most needlessly confusing plot ever put to disc.

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  1. ZachS.
    Apr 30, 2007
    This game is really fun. Take it from the average gamer. The graphics are not the best and take after an older style but the actual playing is great. When you come home from work or school and pick up your PSP for 10 minuets it is the perfect game. Expand
  2. James
    Mar 27, 2007
    The reviewers are being pretty harsh on it, especially that gamespot loser, did he even play the game (there is too unwreck in the game!)? Anyways, I found it to be quite fun. Its not about the racing, its about the combat and destruction which this game does well. The cars drive really nice too, better then the console versions imo. Give it a shot, you might like it. Expand
  3. BruceC.
    Oct 23, 2007
    A really tepid effort. The graphics are not bad, though choppy at times. The steering input seems over-sensitive. The cars have too much ammo. You simply drive around in circles and keep the shoulder buttons held down. After a while it seems a bit lame and boring. The developers should have severely limited ammo and made the game a bit more strategic. Expand