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  1. Apr 24, 2011
    I must say this game it's actually a lot of fun, even if they consider this a "clone" of Monster Hunter, and the best thing that I loved of this game is that even though it gives a "good" challenge at the higher levels of the game (I'm at difficult 5 so far) the game itself never feel "impossible", and it really helps that you can bring 3 allies with you and offers you the possibility to revive your allies AND to be revived by them...or else you'll just respawn. However it has its flaws. First of all the weapons are kinda few and lacking since you just have ONE weapon but that can be modified in 3 slots (Gun, blade and shield) and 3 subcategories: not necessary a bad thing but the parts are basically different versions of the same weapons you have (not all of them of course) and you can either buy them at the merchant or make them yourself...but you'll just end up making them. The swords actually give you a different approach of gameplay (the fast, the normal and the slow one), the gun is just different on how you shoot (the "sniper" rifle, the rapid fire and the mortar), while the shields are just different on the speed of "opening", but usually you'll go for the best in stats: these aren't bad details but in general you'll just go for one "style" in each slot and probably never change. Second: the game is challenging but in a sort of "wrong way": the new monsters are gonna be tough to beat fast and that's ok...but later you'll basicly fight the same monsters again, but with 1) different elemental attribute 2) together with X number of monsters. It surely is challenging but I would have prefered harder monsters to beat instead of beating 4 of them all at once. And online?! What the hell did you make a multiplayer-based game for if there's no online feature! Unless you find friends with a psp and a copy of this game you'll just play alone doing those missions on your own, which leads to the fourth and last "rant" from me: the game gets very repetitive very fast and I got tired very quickly of doing the same areas (which are few, I gotta say...) for the same kind of mission (kill the monsters and you're done). I'm gonna give it a 7 because I enjoyed this game but I REALLY wanted different missions (we're in a post-apocalyptic world and none asks me to find stuff for them?) and more weapon choices (big swords are cool but they can get tiring after a while). Expand
  2. Dec 5, 2011
    Gods Eater Burst is NOT just a copy of Monster Hunter, although it will undoubtedly appeal to many of the same players as Capcom's popular portable series. I just recently purchased the game, and I am sorry that I did not do so earlier, as I had originally planned on importing it, decided to hold off for the American release, then allowed mediocre reviews to dissuade me from following through. As an avid Monster Hunter fan, I was afraid that God Eater (I prefer to call it by the original and less awkward Japanese title) would end up the same as Lord of Arcana, a disappointing and uninspired rip-off that disguised itself using the obscure but devout Lord of Vermillion legacy. In the first half-hour, players will immediately recognize care and artistry in the game's design. From a sweeping and diverse soundtrack (ranging from techno and j-pop to classical and heavy metal) to some of the best visuals on PSP, God Eater is a treat for the senses, and the creature designs are far cooler than those found in Lord of Arcana. Some people may even prefer the modern / sci-fi themed God Eater universe to Monster Hunter's dino-monstrosities and Viking villages. But beyond the "hunt big things with groups of four" premise, the comparison to Monster Hunter isn't really valid, as the anime cut-scenes, above-par voice acting, and interesting story make GEB feel completely original. NPCs have a lot more personality to them than in similar games, and the action is fast-paced and responsive, save some issues with camera control (but that's a common symptom of the single analog stick that everyone's used to by now). Character creation is some of the best in any portable game on the market, and the ability to craft new equipment and specialized bullets to suit your play style really enhances the personal connection you form with your in-game counterpart. You can also switch on the fly between a gigantic blade, a massive gun, or an invaluable shield, all of which can morph into a gaping mouth that devours fallen enemies. Some strategy also comes into play when fighting later enemies, which may be more vulnerable to one attack type than another. Missions are plentiful enough, and there's already some free DLC available, but if there was one major complaint that I had about GEB, it would be the repetitious zones and enemies. Keep in mind that Burst is an improvement in this area, as well as some tweeks it made to control, but the game would certainly benefit from having two or three times the variety of locales and creatures instead of the elemental swaps that stand for new adversaries. Either way, God Eater will serve up enough challenge and content to fill 40+ hours on a single-player campaign, and that's not including the time you could spend doing ad hoc runs. And by the way, in case you're a fan of Monster Hunter but don't like depending on other gamers to topple the bigger baddies, God Eater allows you to take some very cool NPCs on the hunt to fill out your four-member squad. Gods Eater Burst is a solid first entry in what could be a growing franchise, and if the rumors are correct, we could be getting a bigger, better God Eater 2 on Vita in 2012. Start building your stats now, New-Type! ***As one final note, there have been several games compared to Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, the reigning champion in the portable action-RPG market. These include White Knight Chronicles: Origins / The Dogma Wars, Lord of Arcana, God Eater Burst, and Phantasy Star Portable 1&2, to name a few. Hardcore fans of Monster Hunter may wish to wait for Freedom 3 to be relaesed stateside, but if you're debating between the look-alikes to fill your time, Gods Eater Burst is easily the best alternative. I have played them all, and God Eater is far more enjoyable than the rest.*** Expand
  3. Nov 18, 2011
    Yes, you fight monsters like Monster Hunter, but then isn't BF, COD, Killzone,Black etc etc not just a copy of Wolfenstein or the first Doom? The game is fun and when you spend a few hours the story is also very good. Only two things which have to be changed (hopefully will come for the VITA) is the lack of a second anolog stick and there are only a few area's where you have to beat up the gods.
  4. Dec 24, 2011
    If this is just a Monster Hunter clone, (I would give that award to the horrible, Lord Of Arcana), which it is not I would play this game forever this post-apocalyptic tale is a game, with an anime flavor. I enjoyed this game soo much, I wasn't able to put it down clocking over 60 hours into this game, and I have only finished the main story arc and haven't even scratched the Burst arc. It has a very anime-style to it, which makes it rather pleasing to the eye, and a story that kept me invested all the way through. A sequel is going to be coming out, and I will definitely buy. I have both the Japanese release (known as God Eater) and the English release. I can't recommend the Japanese unless you know fluent Japanese, without that experience you will be completely lost on what to do and how to defeat your enemies.

    I would definitely classify this as a buy, for being a unique and enjoyable game.
  5. Jan 28, 2012
    A very good game, with only the flaws any other would have.

    Gods Eater Burst is a metric ton of fun. The graphics are good, and the difficulty curve is not too bad for those who expect it. There is a lto of talk about Gods Eater being a clone of MH, and they're right. But as clones go, this one has made its mark and has differentiated itself well. It shares the same mechanics and premise
    as MH- person goes around, kills monsters, makes clothes from their body parts, rinse repeat, profit- but it has a faster pace. No longer do you have to plan as much, or move around sluggishly. On GE, you can dash, sprint, doublejump; and the best part is, there is nothing detracted! There's the same feeling there- the same immersion as you smash a dinosaur into oblivion, as you come within a flea's pube of death only to be saved by a quick dash, etc etc. It's also very well suited to an individual's playstyle. Want to attack fast? Grab a Short Blade and a small shield and get slashing. Want to flatten an Aragami with raw power? Buster Blade and huge-ass cannon. Fancy sniping from a distance? Pick a Sniper Gun and pop some heads. This and the bullet customisation menu makes for an immersive (if initially confusing) set of options that will satisfy any player.
    Plus, the difficulty curve is excellent in this game. The game allows you to start off easy, and work your way up slowly. Many of the missions are entirely optional- it gives you a set mission to advance the story, and nothing more. If you wanted to, you could go through the game without beating any of the extra missions- though it is advised you don't. This game is still capable of chewing up the foolhardy player and spitting him out in pieces, and it is all down to what equipment you have, what you use it on, and whether you're proficient with it.
    Another major thing Gods Eater has over MH is the story. GE actually gives the player a reason to go about killing things, and it is very welcome indeed. The story is well thought out and it meshes with the gameplay well in order to create a plot that you will actually want to fill out and complete. In addition, the Burst version adds a huge chunk of plot onto the end that ties up a ton of loose ends, which the original GE left around. The only real problem with it is that the plot follows a lot of cliches and tropes seen in your average anime, and once in a while you may find yourself trolling your eyes and thinking 'did she REALLY say that...?'

    In short, Gods Eater is an immensely satisfying game. It's great to pick up and play, and has a huge array of options and playstyles. As long as you don't mind similarity and the occasional niggle, this will become a quick classic.
  6. Mar 28, 2013
    Gods Eater Burst on the Sony PSP is the localised version of the Japanese game God Eater Burst. This is actually the second in the God Eater series, the first being titled simply God Eater and only released in Japan and Korea. It’s set in a science fiction future where monsters and chimeras rule the planet, and it’s up to the last remnants of society to get rid of these abominations.

    For those of you who enjoyed the Monster Hunter series, this game promises a similar type of gameplay. In GEB, you start out as a new recruit for the Fenfir corporation. You can set your gender to be male or female, customise hair, skintone and choose a voice out of a set of about a dozen. There are a variety of weapons, such as swords of various shapes and sizes, along with a variety of melee weapons. Each character’s weapon also has an ‘alternative mode’ which is a gun mode, where you can release the energy collected by attacking the enemy.

    One interesting quirk is that you can charge your sword in a ‘monster mode’ that will allow it to bite the enemy, allowing your attack to be boosted for a limited time. You can also gain enemy attacks as limited shots in the same way. You can also heal team-mates and transfer your burst power over to them.

    Speaking of team-mates, you start with three and gain more as the story possesses. Unlike Monster Hunter, you can have several AI squadmates. Not only are they pretty clever, but they will try to heal and revive you whenever possible. You can even command them by using Select, telling them to “Converge”, “Disperse” or “Gather”.

    You can use a variety of items, from health potions to muscle boosters. You can also use taunting scents and disguises to attract and distract enemy attention. Typically in a map you’ll encounter a few different foes at once. It’s your job to try and take them down one by one. In some missions this will be very hard. You’ll have to micromanage your team and keep everyone alive as long as possible. A good tactic is taking down the weakest ones first, leaving the main enemy unsupported.

    As you progress through the game, you can unlock new weapons to buy, craft ones yourself from monster loot, upgrade weapons, buy clothes and more. Some weapons and items have unique boosts, such as increasing your melee damage during Burst mode, or revealing the enemy’s healthbar. In my personal opinion, your first priority should be getting an item that reveals the enemy’s health, as this makes it a lot easier to prioritise and know how close you are to killing an enemy. Rather than having absolutely no idea how much more damage you need to deal out to the enemy (something I personally didn’t like much about Monster Hunter).

    I absolutely love this game, if you’re after something a bit like Monster Hunter, then this is a great way of trying something new.
  7. Mar 2, 2013
    While I originally thought it would only be a Clone of monster hunter, i was surprised at how different it truly felt. A storyline (nothing revolutionary but) with interesting characters (LINDOW), an awesome number or environments, interesting enemy. And a much quicker combat system, only one problem i saw, i simply wish it was longer, even after dumping 100+ hours into it i still want more. Also worth a note, the soundtrack is superb Expand
  8. Sep 2, 2013
    After Capcom abandoned their loyal customers on the PSP i was left to fill the void that Monster Hunter had left... enter Gods Eater Burst. The anime style visuals mixed with the faster paced action have made this an incredibly enjoyable game, and easily fills the void mentioned above. I can't wait for the sequel, as this plays brilliantly on the Vita but the sequel is made for the Vita so i expect it to be even better Expand

Mixed or average reviews - based on 30 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 13 out of 30
  2. Negative: 0 out of 30
  1. Sep 26, 2011
    Monster Hunter is a good concept to copy, and Namco has topped it off with a great projectile editor. Buy, don't just try, to experience the full depth of the play experience.
  2. Aug 1, 2011
    Gods Eater Burst makes for a nice alternative if you've either gotten tired of the Monster Hunter aesthetic or were interested in this subgenre without a medieval setting.
  3. May 25, 2011
    In the end, Gods Eater Burst certainly does enough to differentiate itself as not just a Monster Hunter-clone, and easily provides good amount of portable enjoyment. Whether or not it works as a story will be completely dependent on how much players can stomach overused anime tropes, especially the execution, but does at least arrive with interesting setting and premise. RPGamers who enjoy experimenting should find the battle system an excellent laboratory, especially with the superb bullet creator.