Gran Turismo PSP

  • Publisher: SCEA
  • Release Date: Oct 1, 2009

Mixed or average reviews - based on 73 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 39 out of 73
  2. Negative: 1 out of 73
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  1. However, Polyphony Digital has not only delivered on their promise to make a great portable Gran Turismo, they have created the best portable racer this generation.
  2. Gran Turismo for the PlayStation Portable is a faithful reproduction of the original PSX game that achieved so much success in the 90's. Although missing online functionality, it's still the best racer you'll find for the platform.
  3. Make no mistake, this is Gran Turismo as you remember it but on a handheld, and done in a way that betters what I imagined was possible.
  4. 2004, back when Gran Turismo PSP was announced, is a long time ago. Gran Turismo PSP delivers, but it doesn't fulfill our enormous expectations.
  5. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    The driving sim of choice for the true racing aficionado on the go. [Dec 2009, p.72]
  6. Even if you haven’t played one of the Gran Turismo games, you definitely should buy this one! Awesome!
  7. The idea of Polyphony is clear: to offer something different to Gran Turismo 5 for the players to jump between both versions to complete the garage, making each experience a bit different.
  8. 86
    A great adaptation of the console version. At least 800 cars, more than 40 tracks and great graphics. It’s kind of sad the career mode isn’t in this game, but the challenges and the quick race options are a nice replacement.
  9. At the end of the day, Gran Turismo on the PSP could be considered Gran Turismo light in some aspects, however if you're looking at a racing simulation with real-world cars and decent gameplay, than this is one title you should investigate.
  10. Play UK
    The best four-wheeled satisfaction you'll ever get from a handheld. [Issue#184, p.64]
  11. With incredible visuals and a literal ton of vehicles and courses, Gran Turismo PSP is definitely an amazing accomplishment for a portable title.
  12. We can certainly ask ourselves why the game took so long to develop if it was going to lack the essence of what made other Gran Turismos appealing to play. Sure the graphics are great and there’s a bunch of cars to unlock but if there’s no structure to keep me going back to the game, the willingness to play often will simply go away. Regardless of this, Gran Turismo remains an interesting game to check out…even though it’s not worth the five year wait.
  13. 80
    The game clearly leans backward rather than forward in some respects, but it bears repeating: What it does in the tiny PSP world, it does well.
  14. The lack of any classic game mode will likely deflate many a player’s determination to persevere over an extended time period, which means this is one for the purists. Even in light of all all its shortcomings it’s all so easy to fall in love again.
  15. Gran Turismo does a good job of bringing the core GT experience to the PSP, but racing fans are sure to be disappointed by the fact that the races are limited to four cars.
  16. It's you and your machine versus the circuit. In this respect, Gran Turismo PSP doesn't stall, effortlessly powering to the front of the handheld field in a manner that is likely to leave many a petrolhead breathless.
  17. 80
    Whether you get the most out of GT on the PSP will ultimately depend upon how much you enjoyed the rest of the instalments in the series. If you're not already a fan of the slavishly exhaustive self-confessed Real Driving Simulator, then this will do nothing to change your mind.
  18. It’s not the Gran Turismo you’re used to, but it’s well tuned for on-the-go gaming.
  19. Gran Turismo on PSP is not quite as slick as its PS2 or PS3 brothers and the lack of a career mode is surprising. It's clumsy at times and the quality varies immensely, but it's still a class act.
  20. Easily the PSP’s finest tuned racer so far with loads to do if you’re happy without the career mode. Online would have bolstered the score a notch, though.
  21. But there's no point in denying that Kazunori-san and Polyphony Digital have succeeded in bringing the GT experience faithfully to the PSP without having to condense or cut out anything that made the series what it is.
  22. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Effortlessly one of the finest driving titles on PSP. [Nov 2009, p.118]
  23. 80
    All the years waiting have certainly paid off in presentation and gameplay, but a lack of certain standard features is likely to disappoint some. Still if you love the series, don't mind losing some of the core aspects and are in need of a great sim racer for your PSP you will be hard pressed to find a better offering.
  24. The lack of structure here is a bit disappointing but hardly a deal breaker. There is a wealth of content on offer and Gran Turismo is a very well crafted game which is definitely worth the price.
  25. Games Master UK
    Great looks, impressive handling, good tracks and cars. But where's the career mode? [Dec 2009, p.64]
  26. Pelit (Finland)
    A very good driving game and the basics are spot on. The lack of penalties and internet multiplayer modes are real problems, though. [Nov 2010]
  27. Gran Turismo is for the real car- and racefans. If you drive round after round, to add that one Lamborghini to your garage or beat the time of yourself and others, this is probably the game to get. On the technical side Gran Turismo PSP is a real eyecatcher and it is a job well done by Polyphony. But as a game GT just misses too much, racing to max 3 cars at a time is very disappointing and there is no big career mode as well. It just feels as a stripped down version of what it should be.
  28. While it may be a bit later than PSP owners in 2005 expected, what we did end up with is a pretty good portable version of Gran Turismo that doesn’t have everything we’d expect out of a portable iteration of this series.
  29. I really don't understand why so much effort went into making Gran Turismo such a fantastic racer while you're behind the wheel, but so little went into extending that experience when you're not.
  30. Gran Turismo is a rewarding driving game with plenty of courses to master and vehicles to acquire. However, it's held back by a lack of key features and frustrating limitations that will aggravate car collectors most of all. After such a long wait, GT fans deserve better.
  31. PSM3 Magazine UK
    Portable perfection on the track, but uncharacteristically formless away from it. [Nov 2009, p.76]
  32. What bothers me is the lack of the fundamentals, the very basic and general things that have made Gran Turismo such a superb game. Yes, the physics are great, yes there's a ton of cars and tracks, and yes, despite all of these drawbacks the game is still quite a bit of fun. But this is a game that could've been perfect.
  33. Altogether, Gran Turismo for the PSP is a solid game, and it's exceptionally well presented on the PSP. Unfortunately, I felt that the lack of a career progression really hindered my experience.
  34. This GT5 appetizer is a very good driving game in its own right, especially if you have friends to enjoy it with.
  35. 75
    GTPSP is not a bad game by any means; it's a great fit for the PSP and offers a genuine Gran Turismo racing experience on the go, but it's constantly hindered by its boggling lack of structure. More than anything, GTPSP lacks a sense of direction.
  36. Gran Turismo is a fine racing simulator and offers car fans an enormous amount of killer vehicles to collect. Ultimately, the game is marred by the lack of a career mode and online play.
  37. Perfect for Quick Play. But without career mode GT seems a little pale.
  38. The poor AI and the ever absent damage system have spoiled our first GT experience on the PSP. Gran Turismo PSP is nevertheless a good product, enriched by tons of vehicle, tracks and tuning details all four-wheel enthusiasts will enjoy.
  39. 75
    Sure, it's nice to see Gran Turismo eventually materialise and it plays great, but it would have been even nicer for it to have come fully fledged.
  40. A game we'd recommend to anyone who wants to have the freedom to collect all eight hundred cars present and to guide them on the many paths available while you are traveling by train or waiting for the bus stop.
  41. Gran Turismo is a good game. Driving mechanics are great, but its visuals and game modes are not what we expected.
  42. AceGamez
    Gran Turismo PSP is Polyphony's Pokémon and, as such, one that's more for the Jay Lenos amongst us rather than the James Hunts.
  43. 70
    It’s a graceful, carefully contained experience, heavy on finesse and features but oddly short on competitive spirit.
  44. games(TM)
    The unfocused nature of the single-player feels cursory in comparison to the depth of its predecessors, making this a notable but certainly not extraordinary racer. [Dec 2009, p.98]
  45. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    There is no other option if you take driving simulation seriously on the PSP console. Pity Gran Turismo lacks the internet multiplayer option and single-player campaign deserves better structure. [Oct 2009]
  46. Gran Turismo is fun to take out for a test drive, but for the long haul it lacks the depth that players have come to expect.
  47. Coupled with archaic AI and the isolating absence of PlayStation Network support, this makes for a game that feels unfocused and regressive, despite its considerable technical and mechanical accomplishments.
  48. Gran Turismo hits shelves at the same time that PSP Go does. At first, anyone would assume that it's one of the most important games for the handheld, but its visuals and the number of cars available are not what we expected. If we take into account the whole series thus far, we don't understand why they decided to don't add the Career mode to the mix, and just four cars racing at the same time doesn't seem enough.
  49. The iconic series has always been first and foremost about the driving, and Polyphony Digital has managed to encapsulate that perfectly. It’s just a shame that some of the more endearing bells and whistles have had to be removed.
  50. If it wasn't for the lack of options this game would be a must buy, though GT PSP is still a great racer which you should at least consider.
  51. With the transition to the portable format, Gran Turismo PSP has managed to bring most of the selling points of it's stationary console siblings. The presentation is great, controls are solid and the content well crafted. But the omission of a true career mode is baffling. Being limited to single races only is a strange shortcoming given the many years that have passed since Gran Turismo PSP was originally announced. Though limited in scope, the actual driving experience is superb and easily one of the best on the PSP.
  52. The presentation is the best we've seen yet for a PSP racing game, and the controls are surprisingly manageable. Still, the missing online compatibility and extremely limited car store leave this entry feeling above average when it should've been superb.
  53. Gran Turismo failed primarily on providing a good gaming experience on single-player mode, since we are confined only to events rather than the races themselves, something that gets worse given the fact that we can’t really choose which car to buy.
  54. It’s easy to feel like you’re a kid in the candy store with GT’s open format, but this edition of the franchise has none of the sweet, satisfying racing that has been its hallmark.
  55. Whilst fans of previous series entries will doubtless drag plenty of enjoyment from having such a revered title in portable form, players less influenced by rose tinted memories of GT’s past may find it harder to forgive the limitations of the game structure and the similarly limited reasons to progress.
  56. For all the years of development and jokes about Gran Turismo PSP being vaporware, the finished product is just fine in the gameplay department, but lacking almost everywhere else.
  57. 68
    While the driving mechanics are great, if somewhat dated, the numerous presentation issues (like the complete lack of a career mode) really keep this from being what it could, and should, have been.
  58. Gran Turismo on PSP is a disappointment even for the most hardcore fan of the Polyphony's franchise; the huge selection of cars and tracks can't compensate the lack of content and the crazy game design choices.
  59. Superb car handling is the only redeeming factor for GT PSP. It feels great to drive. But that driving needed to be packaged with an actual racing game and that game isn't here.
  60. 65
    I wanted more. I expected more.
  61. I'm sorry, but this isn't Gran Turismo -- it isn't even a good clone of a GT game. It's some kind of weird, neutered offspring that lacks all of the attraction yet tries to boast all of the basic numbers.
  62. The graphics and handling can't be faulted, and the game is one of the best looking titles on the PSP, but strangely, Gran Turismo PSP just feels rushed; a half-hearted attempt at perfection.
  63. Fans waited for Grant Turismo more than they had to do, and the final result is not worth as much as the other chapters of the franchise. Everything is scaled down considering the nature of the project and the fact that we're talking about the handeld version of the game but a few choices of the team have been disappointing. It is an average game but not able to sustain the hype, what we were expecting and what has been promised.
  64. 60
    Even an endless list of cars can't compensate for Gran Turismo's shortcomings.
  65. Our problem is where Polyphony Digital has focused their content here. 800 cars and 35+ tracks(which can be played in reverse) is super generous and no small feat to cram into a PSP. We'd trade half of them for a career mode – even if it was a cut-down version of past GT games – so we'd feel like picking the game up for a quick race was actually progressing something more than our track and car count.
  66. Hugely disappointing portable debut that replicates the basic look of Gran Tursimo but rips out its heart.
  67. 60
    The presentation is the best we've seen yet for a PSP racing game, and the controls are surprisingly manageable. Still, the missing online compatibility and extremely limited car store leave this entry feeling above average when it should've been superb.
  68. Gran Turismo was most definitely not worth the wait. It’s a good looking game that plays well, but the lack of game modes, the poor car acquisition system, and the absence of more online features completely deflate the experience.
  69. Simulating a realistic driving experience is something Polyphony Digital has mastered. The tragic part of this game is the lack of cars and tracks. The bad AI and low number of participants in a race bring the experience down. The biggest problem is the lack of focus thanks to the completely detached races: Gran Turismo PSP would have greatly benefited from a career mode. Only the biggest GT-fan will spend hours expanding his car collection thanks to its long-windedness.
  70. Gran Turismo for the Playstation Portable is a rare case. In one hand you have an extremely well made and polished game engine with spectacular graphics, and in the other you have absolutely nothing to do.
  71. It's a great racing game and fits in well with the Gran Turismo family in terms of audio-video presentation. But the lack of an actual career mode and the broken storefront only act as a counter-weight to how much you'll actually want to play, other than building up a car nut's dream collection like a Pokémon master does his own. It won't hold your attention for long, though, if you are after an increasingly challenging game to slowly plow through, and that's its biggest flaw.
  72. 55
    In the end, there is a lot of dazzle but no substance. Don't let the impressive car numbers fool you, if you have been waiting for this GT, you'll be whole-heartedly disappointed at this wasted effort of a AAA franchise.
  73. Gran Turismo PSP falls short of delivering a full experience. Polyphony Digital did an amazing job on the technical side of this game, but the glaring omission of a real career and the lack of car upgrades sinks what could have been a great title.

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  1. Positive: 17 out of 40
  2. Negative: 4 out of 40
  1. Nov 23, 2015
    The game is just amazing. I love play this game. For me this game is amazing ! Nothing more to comment because this game is amazing ! I rateThe game is just amazing. I love play this game. For me this game is amazing ! Nothing more to comment because this game is amazing ! I rate this 10/10 Full Review »
  2. Aug 30, 2012
    It's pretty fun, the graphics are INCREDIBLE. It is a shame that you can't just buy the cars you want but have to race and then see what theIt's pretty fun, the graphics are INCREDIBLE. It is a shame that you can't just buy the cars you want but have to race and then see what the dealership have in store for you, but overall it's pretty great. Full Review »
  3. DWilliams
    Oct 6, 2009
    Oh dear...Graphics? amazing! Physics? amazing! 4 cars on track? Laughable. No career mode? Despicable!! The reason I bought a PSP on release Oh dear...Graphics? amazing! Physics? amazing! 4 cars on track? Laughable. No career mode? Despicable!! The reason I bought a PSP on release was for this game and Polyphony have made a complete hash of it. I'd rather have taken a hit in the graphics dept. to allow at least 2 more cars on track, preferably another 4. As for the lack of career mode...what were they thinking? probably something like ''lets not include a career mode incase it stops people buying GT5''.... well to be honest people would have bought both.... Idiots. Potentially an amazing game ruined by Idiotic decicions in Polyphony towers! Full Review »