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  • Summary: Gran Turismo makes its highly anticipated debut exclusively on the PSP system, introducing the most ultra-realistic racing experience ever on a handheld. Buckle up as you prove your driving skills on 35 tracks and trade and share over 800 cars. Slick Visuals --Runs on a new graphics engine designed for the PSP system that delivers visuals at a crisp 60 frames per second. Depth and Variety -- Collect over 800 licensed vehicles from international automakers. Expand Your Collection -- Trade and share cars with friends to expand your collection via Ad Hoc wireless. Hit the Road -- Race on 35 licensed and fictional tracks, with 60 track layouts total. Compete in time trials, races, or drift mode challenges. Test Your Driving Skills -- Complete over 100 challenges to hone your driving skills and learn new cornering, braking and other driving techniques. Bragging Rights -- Prove your driving skills in four-player races using Ad Hoc mode. [SCEA] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 39 out of 73
  2. Negative: 1 out of 73
  1. However, Polyphony Digital has not only delivered on their promise to make a great portable Gran Turismo, they have created the best portable racer this generation.
  2. 85
    The best four-wheeled satisfaction you'll ever get from a handheld. [Issue#184, p.64]
  3. But there's no point in denying that Kazunori-san and Polyphony Digital have succeeded in bringing the GT experience faithfully to the PSP without having to condense or cut out anything that made the series what it is.
  4. Perfect for Quick Play. But without career mode GT seems a little pale.
  5. With the transition to the portable format, Gran Turismo PSP has managed to bring most of the selling points of it's stationary console siblings. The presentation is great, controls are solid and the content well crafted. But the omission of a true career mode is baffling. Being limited to single races only is a strange shortcoming given the many years that have passed since Gran Turismo PSP was originally announced. Though limited in scope, the actual driving experience is superb and easily one of the best on the PSP.
  6. Gran Turismo is fun to take out for a test drive, but for the long haul it lacks the depth that players have come to expect.
  7. Gran Turismo PSP falls short of delivering a full experience. Polyphony Digital did an amazing job on the technical side of this game, but the glaring omission of a real career and the lack of car upgrades sinks what could have been a great title.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 20 out of 37
  2. Negative: 4 out of 37
  1. AdamK
    Jan 1, 2010
    Gran Turismo for PSP is a totally new game, one that is solely about the driving. No rush to finish the game, buy your favourite cars and go racing or drifting. With the limited purchase from 5 manufactures you experience cars you would have missed before. Passing the license tests does provide some new features but if you don't want, don't do it. The game never has you race anything you don't want to. It's brilliant, at first I was disappointed when I read what people described as a lack lustre game, but it is so much more fun without what one reviewer called the grind of career mode( he meant it positively). The game gives you total freedom with amazing cars, that's how it should always have been. Expand
  2. LordM.
    Oct 3, 2009
    How can a Reviewer not say anything about the CUSTOM SOUNDRACK feature?.... It is a first on the GT series, and you'll unlock it after 5 or 10 minutes of playing the game.... It seems most reviewers didn't play the game at all or something, because every review just talks about the same "no career" thing and nobody lists Custom Soundtrack as a Plus or Good thing about the game. Expand
  3. CosmicBandito69
    Nov 5, 2009
    Sure it doesn't have career mode, but it races like a dream. I never got far in career mode anyways in GT4. It was too hard driving those crummy slow cars. I like the automatically adjusting difficulty level. Trust me, turn off all of the driving enhancements (except maybe traction control) and it feels fantastic. There is tons of stuff to do, don't listen to the haters. I'll play GT5 for career mode. Most of the time you are trying to squeeze in a "quick" race or two or ten. How many people are going to invest hundreds of hours for a career mode on a portable? Expand
  4. JohnW
    Oct 14, 2009
    Was it amazingly good? Naw. It is quite a good racing game, though. For a handheld, it's very good, but there's some things it could do better. I do miss the customization from full-size GT games, buying the various parts to upgrade your cars, but the racing in the game is still solid and enjoyable. Overall, glad I purchased it. Expand
  5. SteveK
    Jan 5, 2010
    I wanted to love it. I tried to love it. But it just came out as a poor cousin of the GT family. Sure, the graphics are great and it has the polish of a GT game, but it's missing something. It's not the lack of a career mode or customisation as such, it would have worked as a fun arcade game rather than a simulation, but there just doesn't seem any point to it. Buying cars makes no difference other than that you have yet another car. All AI players are in cars selected from those comparable in power to your own so there's nothing to be gained by having a higher power car or a specific make/model needed to enter a particular race. There's no point in choosing a harder compound tyre over soft as there's no tyre wear for it to make a difference. You can drive down the pit lane but all that seems to happen is you drive on auto under speed limiter without stopping and come out the other end. Surely the pits are there for a reason? Glaring issues like this mean it just feels .. incomplete. It's almost like they realised GT5 wasn't going to ship before Christmas so someone dusted off the half finished proof of concept demo that had been abandoned and spent a couple of months giving it a new coat of paint before shoving it out into daylight with very little warning as if to say 'Look what we were making instead'. The only saving grace in my opinion is the adhoc network play. Suddenly playing it does become fun compared to the tedious procession in single player. You still don't need to have stocked your garage with cars as Party Shuffle mode gives you random cars of comparable power. I think out of all the GT games so far, it offers the simplest and best social multiplayer experience for a group of friends. GT3s firewire based networking worked fine, but was a hassle and required buying proprietary equipment to use. GT4 only worked (officially) on a LAN and we found even that was pretty flaky. GT5P works well but you can only play against random Internet folk and not just challenge your friends to a race. Without multiplayer, I'd probably rate this a 3-4 as while it looks pretty but gets dull and tedious fairly quickly with no real incentives to keep playing. But the multiplayer does make the game more fun. Sadly it doesn't appear to support gameshare so you do all need a copy. Expand
  6. GaryK
    Oct 12, 2009
    This "game" is nothing more than a very impressive techinical showcase. I've had it on pre-order for months and was very disappointed when I played it. It looks great and the handling is very good but the sound is terrible and there is no real gameplay at all. I've played it a handful of times and have tried to like it but the game is terrible. What were the developers thinking when they "finished" this game. Have none of them actually played it. Look out for my copy on eBay soon if you're after a bargain. Glad I didn't get the digital download, at least I can get most of my money back :( Expand
  7. Justin
    Oct 3, 2009
    Worst driving game ever.

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