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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 62 out of 65
  2. Negative: 0 out of 65
  1. Despite the new control scheme and a minor technical glitch here or there, once you’ve gotten past these idiosyncrasies you’re left with a truly engaging title with plenty of content to keep you recharging your PSP’s batteries time and time again.
  2. If you were thinking that Rockstar would cowtow to the critics and release something on the PSP that was a watered-down shrinking violet of a story, rest easy. Liberty City Stories is as brutal and harsh as you've come to expect from the series.
  3. Not a truly outstanding new Grand Theft Auto game then, but an excellent PSP game.
  4. It’s a full GTA on an UMD, capiche? Besides the controls and a few way too difficulty missions LCS provides you with more fun and durability than three standard PSP games put together.
  5. It’s not often that a console title can make the successful leap to a handheld, but when that handheld version actually surpasses the console in many key factors, you know you have something special.
  6. Don't be fooled by its size. LCS delivers the full GTA experience in the palm of your hand. Definitely worth the time and money if you own a PSP.
  7. Sure, there are some targeting issues, but aside from that, this is a brilliant execution of the basic concepts on a system that nobody thought would be possible. This is the very definition of a must-have game, and the reason to own a PSP.
  8. 95
    The game looks downright terrific on the PSP. It's great to once again troll for flat-backers on the mean streets of Liberty City. (Aka, Pick up hoochies-for-hire.) The load times are incredibly short, considering how massive the game is.
  9. Rockstar just took numerous people to school on PSP development, showing you can take a huge game and put it on a UMD without sacrifice, and even add stuff to the mix.
  10. I was stunned by how well made this game was. Stories certainly is a wonderful achievement for the PSP, but it does have a few drawbacks with the slowdown, camera issues, battery and a lack of online play, but you still can’t be that disappointed as this is the best game on the PSP.
  11. If these are the types of games we can expect to see coming to the PSP, Nintendo is going to see their market dwindle away.
  12. One of the best handheld games I have ever played, hands down... This is the type of game that changes the definition of a handheld.
  13. Aside from brilliantly recreating the series’ look, feel and universe, the game’s multiplayer feature will make you feel the true power of the PSP.
  14. Although flawed, Liberty City Stories is a remarkable achievement; it shames the efforts that many other developers have put into their PSP games.
  15. 92
    It would be easy to sit back and pick apart the little things that are wrong with the game, but why do that? In the end, it’s a blast to play, keeps you going for hours upon hours, and both looks and sounds amazing.
  16. With a lengthy story, exciting multiplayer modes, and plenty of white-knuckle action, Liberty City Stories offers just about everything you could want from a Grand Theft Auto game.
  17. 90
    While rough around the edges, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories offers a deep, console-like GTA experience. There's so much to see and do that finishing the main story portion leaves around 60% of the game to experience.
  18. 90
    Missions are much shorter and less complicated than you saw in "San Andreas"...It makes the whole thing more handheld friendly, without losing the GTA-ness of it all.
  19. Everything you loved about the original games is in here, in glorious, put-in-your-pocket color. This is a must-have title for any portable punk.
  20. The GTA formula we all know and love has been flawlessly integrated in this handheld edition, complete with an insane amount of new story content padded with hours of potential car chase action. [PSW]
  21. On par with "GTA III" and "Vice City," and it includes multiplayer. Fans of the series should just go get it now.
  22. Whether you want to play for 18 hours or 15 minutes, the game is designed to accommodate to the hardcore and the moderate gamer.
  23. 100
    On a visual level, the game looks simply awesome. It's not quite as detailed as "Vice City" or "San Andreas," but it absolutely destroys the original "GTA 3."
  24. As a value proposition, there's nothing on PSP that comes close. It's a gigantic game; the core gameplay will probably take you 40 or 50 hours to get through, and it has 33 additional "games" that have the potential to occupy you another five or even 10 hours, if you really want to push it.
  25. 90
    The amount of content in the game is simply amazing and, like the console games, you'll find yourself playing even after you've completed the main story.
  26. Rockstar deserves props for miraculously cramming this much candy into such a small pouch without ripping a hole in the bottom, and while it doesn’t favorably compare to its older kin, it far outshines other attempts at shrinking GTA.
  27. Rockstar has cut no corners in crafting the game for the PSP and it shows. This is the real deal... A few control issues hold it back from getting a perfect score, but we'll save that for "Vice City Stories" (we hope).
  28. Single player gameplay is excellent. The missions are fun and the difficulty level ramps up over time so you’re usually given a pretty good challenge without being frustrated.
  29. The absolute pinnacle of PSP entertainment, with enough variety to appeal to a wide audience and comedy to outsell the legend Bill Hicks himself (well, maybe). Essential purchase? This should be tacked, taped and stapled to the forehead of every single PSP owner out there.
  30. With so much lasting appeal, including 100 hidden packages and side missions with taxis and pizza bikes, as well as that amazing multiplayer, you will never get bored.
  31. For those who thought it can not be done, Rockstar has proven you wrong with this almost perfect port of a cleaned-up "GTA III" for the sweet PSP handheld.
  32. A brilliant extension of the GTA series, and the new yardstick against which every future PSP title will be measured. [Christmas 2005, p.72]
  33. The addition of a robust multiplayer mode makes this homecoming all the sweeter. [Dec 2005, p.188]
  34. The game includes cars, motorcycles, and boats and more specifically, ambulances, trucks, vans, big rigs and armored vehicles, among many others. They all handle very distinctly and very well.
  35. If you have enough people around you'll find the [multiplayer] experience just as engrossing as the single player game.
  36. While the single player game may have taken a couple of steps backwards, it’s still a big deal to have a game like this on a handheld, and an even bigger one to have a fully realised multiplayer mode.
  37. This is the reason to have a PSP. [Jan 2006, p.83]
  38. If you were stuck on a desert island with a PSP and only one game, this is the game that you’d want to have with you.
  39. Even with its portable limitations Liberty City Stories steps up to the plate a delivers a solid single player game with the same addictive continuity as its other versions.
  40. 90
    The cop response isn't quite as overwhelming as in the console GTA's, but overall GTA Liberty City Stories is not only an amazing technical achievement but an awesome portable game worth any PSP owner's £35.
  41. 90
    Whilst the game isn't as impressive as San Andreas, it's still incredible and some aspects that were missing from "GTA III" have been included in LCS like motorbikes and more aggresive police.
  42. A sure bet on any platform, GTA on the PSP is the beginning of a portable revolution, setting the bar even higher for any future games that dare challenge it.
  43. Short version: It rocks! Longer version: Sony PSP's killer application has arrived. It is GTA as we know it. Fantastic! [Dec 2005]
  44. It would have been nice to see a few more concessions made in the transition to the handheld, such as the ability to save anywhere and restart missions immediately, but minor quibbles aside, it’s a heck of an effort from Rockstar.
  45. An astounding addition to the Grand Theft Auto catalogue, and it barely suffers from the supposed constriction to a handheld device.
  46. Liberty City Stories stands out on the PlayStation Portable like an elephant in a henhouse, and puts almost every other PSP game -- especially console ports -- to shame.
  47. Everything you'd expect from the PS2 game has somehow made it intact, lending credence to Sony's claims that the handy portable is almost as powerful as its big brother.
  48. The story may not be too in depth and the characters don't endear themselves as previous titles do, but for those that bought a PSP, Liberty City Stories pays off big.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 411 Ratings

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  1. HarryD.
    Oct 30, 2006
    Its an awesome game with great graphics. I'm suprised that they could fit such a good game on that small disc.
  2. Manny
    Jan 2, 2006
    The Grand Theft Auto games for the Playstation 2 were all flawed masterpieces. For the most part, the oddly unresponsive and wonky controls The Grand Theft Auto games for the Playstation 2 were all flawed masterpieces. For the most part, the oddly unresponsive and wonky controls were made up for by an innovative open ended world and lots of things to do. Unfortunately, I can't say the same about this new mini version. First of all, the controls have been made even worse--partly because of the ridiculous analog pad, and partly because the controls are even more unresponsive and troublesome than before. This might be excusable if they were able to bring the gamplay to the small screen intact, but that's just not the case. Sure, the mindless violence is here, and you'll have fun for a while messing around in Liberty City, but the game is more limited and the missions blander. Not only that, but it's also more uneven. some parts are too hard and many too easy. Full Review »
  3. JamesF.
    Nov 5, 2005
    Without a doubt one of the best handheld games I have played, a true return to form for GTA. It feels like a trip back to the old skool rules Without a doubt one of the best handheld games I have played, a true return to form for GTA. It feels like a trip back to the old skool rules of GTA3. I see many have complained about the controls, I see no problem with them, it all feels fluid and cars drive like a dream. Ok so sometimes you might shoot a fat granny instead of a theiving pimp, but I cant recall a GTA where that doesn't happen. Great fun, get it and cause havoc till ya eyes bleed. Full Review »