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  • Summary: (Also known as "HOT PXL") Hot Pixel follows Djon, a skateboarder, through a loosely structured central storyline which is packed with challenges--in the form of some 200 minigames, which require players to draw on their reflexes and 2D gaming prowess. The various obstacles Djon must successfully negotiate include performing tricks on a BMX bike, stagediving at a punk-rock show, playing an in-game video game, and just trying to cross a busy digital street. HOT PXL's minigame library can be updated with downloads via the PSP's wireless Internet functionality. Expand
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  1. Multiplayer mode is a welcome addition, and despite how unfriendly the PSP can be sometimes, it’s a great quickie on a bus ride. Hot Pixel is not something you’ll play forever and ever, but it’s a nifty fad.
  2. Hot Pixel has an excellent reward system with plenty of unlocks to keep things interesting. If you're a fan of the old 8-bit arcade gameplay or enjoy a faster-paced game, you might want to give Hot Pixel a try.
  3. 65
    The developers at zSlide have tried their hardest to make it all seem original and fresh but it doesn't take long to work out they've really not done a whole lot more than attempt to slip an ill-fitting urban skin over gameplay mechanics borrowed wholesale from the Nintendo classic ["WarioWare"].
  4. 60
    Hot Pixel does what it set out to do, clone Wario Ware without actually becoming Wario Ware, and it surprisingly succeeds, even if it's just a modest victory.
  5. 55
    It was only a matter of time until the PSP caught microgame madness, and while it's fun in bursts, it's also derivative and disappointingly insincere.
  6. 50
    Hot Pixel just isn't very good, despite a few decent ideas. It's a collection of mini-games of variable quality bound together by an obnoxious urban style, and throwing in some classic Atari touches isn't going to make it any more tolerable.
  7. Quirky games like this work only when there's a huge amount of truly inspired imagination behind them. Here, there isn't. [July 2007, p.97]

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  1. TobyO.
    Nov 6, 2007
    Lots of critical hate for this game; a little harsh, in my opinion. Yes, it's a Wario Ware ripoff, but how many Wii games are, too? It's also a little cheesy and repetitive, but I was still moved to play through it, and download the 70 free games online. PSP needed a game like this, and I think Hot PXL did a decent job. Collapse