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  • Summary: Iron Man, an explosive third-person action shooter game that pits one of the world's most renowned Super Heroes against unspeakable odds, draws its story from the upcoming movie while also incorporating story elements from original Iron Man comic books. Using the advanced technology in Iron Man's suits of armour, gamers can take advantage of the wide array of high-impact weapons to strategically annihilate any enemy force standing in their way. Before tackling stunning and immense open battlefields, players can customise their armour suit as they encounter progressively more vicious enemies, and fight in epic battles that could challenge even the toughest Super Heroes. [Sega] Expand
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  1. 55
    The levels are linear, the visuals are ho-hum, the story is lame and the cutscenes are bad. This game doesn't excel at anything.
  2. Visually disappointing, lacking in challenge and generally not that much fun, Iron Man singularly fails to communicate the excitement found in its big screen counterpart.
  3. Enough effort was put into the gameplay and graphical design to keep it from crashing and burning, but not enough to inject it with any sort of life or appeal.
  4. The majority of missions have you destroying weapons and taking down terrorists. The bonus levels are just rehashes of things from single-player. There's little to hold your attention for very long.
  5. In case you’re not interested in Tony Stark’s adventures, there are much better games.
  6. 33
    A by-the-numbers affair unlikely to rouse most action fans. Maybe you won't toss your controller in a fit of rage (unlike the frustrating PS3/360 games), but with gameplay and presentation this uninteresting, do you even need pick it up to begin with?
  7. In the end, there’s no real reason to play this game. Combat is dull and unchallenging and the flying mechanics are twitchy and unresponsive.
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  3. Negative: 2 out of 6
  1. Feb 13, 2011
    Let me start by saying the controls are fantastic I was amazed how well the controls work, the sound is also very impressive, the graphics are great during the cutscenes and pretty good the rest of the game, it's a blast to play, it has some great things to unlock like artwork and other costumes, my only complaints are that it's a little too easy there was really only one hard part, and it's hard to control yourself when your using the maximum speed, other than that it's a fun game that I would highly recommend to a PSP owner. Expand
  2. Apr 7, 2011
    I'm no fan of video games based on movies as much as the next guy, but surprisingly, I kinda enjoyed this game. Sure the graphics could've been better, but overall, I still enjoyed it. Expand

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