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  1. 82
    As a long time fan of Lunar I couldn't be happier with the remake on PSP. The ability to save your game in the character menu paired with the sleep function of Sony's handheld makes this long role-playing experience very approachable.
  2. This great remake gives a timeless role-playing classic the luxury treatment.
  3. Game Informer
    Follows an old blueprint of the genre, but maintains a level of charm and humor that still works in 2010. [Issue#203, p.96]
  4. Lunar: Silver Star Harmony’s engrossing story, lovable characters, and newly redrawn visuals make it a great on-the-go RPG for fans and newcomers alike, but the long load times and grind-heavy combat system keep it from being unbeatable.
  5. The game is surprisingly lengthy, clocking in at almost 30 hours, though it is also still quite easy.
  6. If you were ever a fan of the series, then I'd suggest an instant purchase of this particular title, but if you've never played Lunar before, you might be better off with a rental before diving in, just to see if some of the dated mechanics of classic RPGs are your cup of tea.
  7. Getting back to planet Lunar ten years later is almost poignant. XSeed's remake is likely a tender fan's work, such it is faithful to the source. Gameplay and technical improvements barely alter the feeling of a ol' story, more a tale than a drama. Lunar: Silver Star Harmony is a ol' game as well. Fans of Japanese rpgs and Lunar series will absolute love this piece of art.
  8. Lunar: Silver Star Harmony is one of the best RPGs available on the PSP. The added content and reworked presentation are more than enough to warrant a playthrough or two for even the most dedicated fans.
  9. 70
    The core game is a classic, time-tested RPG, and the visual overhaul is excellent, but technical caveats and arguable matters of personal preference prevent me from saying that Silver Star Harmony is now the definitive edition of Lunar to play.
  10. 83
    Lunar is something you can sit back and relax with, a game that almost takes place in the background -- in a good way. In some ways, it feels a little too old and set in its ways, but this version is a slice of gaming history that's been wonderfully reworked for the PSP.
  11. 80
    With greatness often comes great load times, and Lunar is no exception to that rule.
  12. A great remake for an immortal classic. This version is seriously simplified, but old fans and new RPG lovers can enjoy a splendid story and a brilliant gameplay.
  13. Charming, and magic in some way. Sadly the core hasn't changed in the last seventeen years, except for the graphics, and this can be a pain for all the new-generation players. The old aficionados will still enjoy it, despite the wiping of a higher difficulty level.
  14. At the end of my adventure into my childhood, I came out loving Lunar even more than I already did. Lunar: Silver Star Harmony is a testament to how great stories transcend time and keeps getting better as time wears one.
  15. Overall, the best descriptor I can use for Lunar SSH is “charming”. While many things may feel antiquated or cliché, the entire package has this old-school familiarity that can’t help but bring a smile to your face.
  16. 80
    Lunar: Silver Star Harmony is a bold remake of a classic RPG that fans shouldn't miss. Its visuals are among the best we've seen on a portable system in some time, and the audio is so high quality, you'll want to keep your headphones plugged in every minute.
  17. Lunar is the videogame equivalent of a summer vacation. It's free of complication, full of careless fun, over before you know it, and easily lends itself to nostalgia.
  18. Lunar: Silver Star Harmony is a great remake of a classic RPG game. With updated graphics and audio, fans of the series will flock to this PSP version, while those new to the series will enjoy is cheerful and humorous take on the RPG traditions.
  19. The fundamentals are solid but the game also shows its age with repetitive battles linear character progression. But despite these shortcomings, Silver Star Harmony is a quintessential RPG experience.
  20. Fans of the genre, old or new, should have little trouble getting into this old classic that should belong in any RPG lover’s PSP library.
  21. 90
    If you've never played Lunar before and you own a PSP, this is your chance to play a classic.
  22. 75
    Rather than just rushing a port to the market, Game Arts really did good by their fan base by modernizing the game one more time.
  23. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    An epic adventure. [Apr 2010, p.79]
  24. Lunar: Silver Star Harmony's core mechanics may be more than a decade old, but thanks to redone graphics, voice acting, and dialogue, this one still has plenty of spring in its step. And while frequent load times and some pacing issues mar the overall experience, it's still an enjoyable RPG that never takes itself too seriously.
  25. Not the definitive Lunar update, but the timelessness of the gameplay, story, and music wrapped up in a shiny new package make it easy to see why Lunar is widely regarded as one of the greatest RPG's of all time.
  26. 70
    Although Silver Star Harmony is not a perfect remake, it's one that definitely received a lot of tender love and care.

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  1. PeterC.
    Mar 10, 2010
    No, it's not groundbreaking. Yes, its a remastered port of a rather old JRPG. Who cares? This is a charming, light, almost "innocent" No, it's not groundbreaking. Yes, its a remastered port of a rather old JRPG. Who cares? This is a charming, light, almost "innocent" RPG that made me realize just how dense, exhausting and mean spirited the RPG market has become. Who knows, maybe its my age but I found the almost Disney like (or possibly Miyazaki) tone of this game utterly captivating. The voice acting does take something away but this is a beautifully presented quality game which focuses on the charm of the character. Finally, the music is absolutely brilliant. If you're looking for a old school JRPG with hand drawn animation for the PSP I think this is a much better option than Phantasy Star Portable or either of the Star Ocean ports. Full Review »
  2. Feb 19, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click full review link to view. Story: 10/10.. The story was one of the best I have seen. It was a combination of romance and desire.
    Graphics: 6/10.. The graphics of the game were more of the GBA level (except for the Pokémon-like cutscenes).
    Gameplay: 10/10.. Just great..

    The difficulty of this game is really low. I finished the game with my whole crew of level 40. And I didn't have many special items either.. The only thing that disappointed me in the whole game was the ending. The ending wasn't as good as the whole story. The story was romantic and sometimes heartbreaking. But the ending was too... easy.. By easy I mean that the ending wasn't the special type. And worse, they let us "walk" at the end. Meaning, they gave us the controls, to navigate. Which just made everything worse :/ They should have ended it with a pokémon-like cutscene..
    Full Review »
  3. Aug 18, 2015
    Title: Lunar: A updated trip down memory lane

    The Setup (Overview): A ancient disaster forced the abandonment of the the world's sister
    Title: Lunar: A updated trip down memory lane

    The Setup (Overview):

    A ancient disaster forced the abandonment of the the world's sister planet, The Silver Star. Seeking to save at least some of the population of the doomed planet, the goddess Althenia used her powers to bring the survivors to a new world where she used the last of her energy to transform the barren wasteland into a vibrant world where the sins of the past could be avoided. To ensure that peace reigned four beings, known as dragons, were given power over the forces of light, dark, fire and water.

    Their avatar in this world was known as the Dragon Master. She then retired to the goddess tower where she sleeps until she is needed again. Whenever the balance of the world was threatened brave men and women would set out to complete the dragons trials and earn the power necessary to deal with the threat. This cycle continued for thousands of years until the last Dragon Master, Dyne, perished under mysterious circumstances. The evil that threatened the world was defeated, but for the first time in memory there was no Dragon Master to maintain balance in the world. The world was left to deal with it's problems on it's own. The dragons were silent. It didn't take long for some to forget what the silent, silver reminder in the sky warned against.

    The Story(Some Story Details):

    The story begins in the remote town of Burg, fifteen years after the death of Dragon Master Dyne. An ancient evil has begun to stir on what as known as the frontier, a barren land that is beyond the reach of the Goddesses Althena's power. While rumors swirl of the return of the “Magic Emperor”, a title associated with anyone who unites the monsters of the frontier, they are just rumors without any proof. While some of these stories have reached the remote island town of Burg, they are far away and more the problem of the magic guild which is located on the main land.

    More popular are the stories of the legendary Dragon Master Dyne and his companions. Though most consider the stories to be a exaggeration of actual events, this doesn't matter to a young man by the name of Alex. He dreams of becoming the next Dragon Master and going on grand adventures to thwart evil where ever it may be. One day he gets his chance when exploring the nearby White Dragon Cave. In a flash of light the White Dragon appears and grants Alex the Dragon Ring, the first relic needed on the journey to become the Dragon Master.

    Soon Alex sets out on a journey to find the remaining Dragons and assume the role of Dragon Master. With him are his childhood friends ,Ramus, Luna, and his flying cat Nall. Their first stop is the magic guild, where they soon find that their journey might not be as simple as they thought...

    Conclusion(My Overall Opinion on the Story):
    I played this game when it first came out years ago. It was one of my favorite RPG's of the time and even though the graphics have been updated and a few things removed, like that awesome original opening song, it's still the engaging story I played all those years ago. There are several new scenes that have been added to flesh out the story and there are various game play tweaks that make the game a little more streamlined for modern times. In this version you can save anywhere, the graphics have been updated, the combat system has been streamlined with tactics that can be customized and probably a few more features that I am missing.

    The only downside to this game is that the combat hasn't aged that well. The combat is your standard turn based fair where you select an attack for each character and then they do said attack and then the enemy takes it's turn and does the same. While I don't like overly complicated battle systems, there isn't much need to think about tactics in this game, except for a couple of battles. This is helped a little by the fact enemies are visible on the map and, can occasionally, be avoided but there is still a lot of battles where it boils down to pick your area spell of choice and repeat two or three times till the battle is over and then repeat.

    The good thing though is that the story and the characters hold up even though it is your standard boy saves the world and gets the girl story. So if your looking for a classic rpg to sink some time into give this one a shot. m.a.c
    Full Review »