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  • Summary: In the year 2049, the governments of the world switched to unmanned aircraft for combat in an attempt to save lives. By doing so, they decommissioned thousands of jets and their fighter pilots, ironically destroying the livelihood of those they were trying to save. Years later, these planes appeared on the black market and were sold to the highest bidders. It wasn't long before an underground emerged, featuring ex-fighter pilots, smugglers and wealthy hobbyists piloting the decommissioned aircraft. In a competition of fight and flight, these pilots heavily modify their jet fighters to outrace and outduel the competition to win fame, glory and fortune. Welcome to the world of M.A.C.H. Modified Air Combat Heroes rise through the ranks by defeating rivals and unlocking customized parts and planes -- 180 over-the-top configurations possible across 11 planes -- for enhanced speed and weaponry. Gamers will take to the skies for intense aerial racing action and deadly air-to-air combat throughout a variety of environments and can choose from multiple gameplay modes. Arcade mode is designed to throw gamers into the action as quickly as possible and, although only one plane will be available initially, progressing through the Career mode to unlock other planes will gradually give access to the full Arcade experience. Career mode consists of a collection of high-octane tournaments spread over various landscapes. As gamers progress through their career from a Rookie through Pro, Ace, Elite and finally to a combat Hero, they'll gradually win access to enemies' planes and earn cash, which will enable players to upgrade capabilities and keep up with the competition. Each Challenge tier consists of five challenges -- MACH Melée, MACH Dash, Time Check, MACH LAP and Dog Tag -- in different locations in the quest for ultimate glory. Multiplayer – Players race or dogfight against up to eight opponents over an Ad hoc wireless network or via Game Sharing with rival PSP system owners for the ultimate deathmatch experience! (Game sharing mode requires only one copy of M.A.C.H.) [Sierra] Expand
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  1. Only a slight lack of personality and a few motion sickness issues stop this [from] scoring higher. [Apr 2007, p.86]
  2. With more variety in events and more stages, M.A.C.H would have kept me going for longer. That being said, if it’s a simple, satisfying flight game you’re after M.A.C.H is the choice.
  3. It's not like M.A.C.H. is going to set the world on fire. We're not saying that. But for a game that's pretty much gonna fly right into bargain bins due to zip awareness, it's a shockingly tight package.
  4. Given how fast and exciting jet fighters are by their very nature, it takes a real effort (or in this case, lack of one) to make a game about them as pedestrian as this. Modified Air Combat Heroes? Mediocre Aeroplane Crap Hour, more like.
  5. I can only recommend M.A.C.H.: Modified Air Combat Heroes to racing enthusiasts with a love of science fiction who have already played Wipeout Pure to death.
  6. 59
    Although the gameplay is fun and the controls are easy to master, the fact that you can play the game for half an hour and see just about everything possible makes M.A.C.H. an experience you don't need to plunk your hard-earned money to purchase.
  7. M.A.C.H is a sad waste of potential that feels like no one actually cared to deliver anything innovative or even competent.

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  1. BennyK
    Feb 13, 2008
    This is good arcade game with good gameplay and a nice fresh idea. One of the best points about this game is the gameshare ability, which makes it as a good game to buy if you have a lot of friends and play multiplayer often as it is a good quick game that players can get into easily, a bit like Fired Up and Wipeout. However the single player isn't too briliant. After about 20 mins, you can see all the game has to offer and parts to get boring. It's not a game you can play solid and might not be worth the money, but is nevertheless a good multiplayer and arcade game. Expand