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  1. Sep 3, 2011
    This is the reason why I never play sports video games, I don't know if its a bad luck, bad taste or simply If I don't tolerate this pathetical repetition. Major League Baseball 2K10 isn't bad, it's just that the slippery, uninspired gameplay don't push you to keep playing the game. For the PSP is not an option to take overall,while I never played the console versions ( that, I think is better than this cheap version ) please play the other serious versions, not this robbery. Oh , and , better play the PS3 original franchise exclusive MLB the show . Expand

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  1. 45
    At the end of the day MLB 2K10 will work for you if you’re absolutely desperate for a baseball game that at least appears to be authentic when you first turn on the system.
  2. Don’t let your love for 2K Sports blind you. What they did on consoles is light years ahead of this. Do you want a nice and fun baseball game for your PSP? Do yourself a big favor and go with The Show.
  3. As a game of hits and misses, you'll find plenty to moan about in the PSP 2K10 and just enough to keep you playing. [May 2010, p.79]