Mega Man Maverick Hunter X PSP

  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Release Date: Jan 31, 2006
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 44 Ratings

Summary: Mega Man Maverick Hunter X is a remake of the original Mega Man X title that first appeared on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The game builds upon the original, adding newly rendered 3D character models, totally new environments and gameplay features that raise the bar for side-scrolling platformers. Mega Man Maverick Hunter X also includes an animated movie that provides real insight into the Mega Man X universe and even gives gamers a sneak peek at events that took place before the plot line of the first game. Plus to ensure that even the most veteran of gamers is given a real challenge, the level arrangements have been modified; with item locations, map layouts and the strategies needed for completing levels all updated. The year is 21XX. A mysterious robot named X has become the model from which further robots, called Reploids, were created to aid mankind. Unfortunately, some of the Reploids turned against the humans and were given the name Mavericks. In response to this, the Maverick Hunters, an elite squad of Reploids, was formed to combat these renegade Reploids and calm was restored until one of the Maverick Hunters, a powerful Reploid named Sigma, turned against the peacekeepers. Now X and his fellow Maverick Hunter friend, Zero, must prevent Sigma from executing his evil plans to destroy humanity. [Capcom]
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Rating: E10+
Developer: Capcom
Genre(s): Action, Platformer, Platformer, 2D, 2D
Number of Players:1 Player
ESRB Descriptors:Violence
Cast Credit
Keiji Inafune Executive Producer
Toshihiko Horiyama Music
Hisanori Ohtsuki Programmers
Tomohisa Asoh Dr. Thomas X. Light
Makoto Tomozawa Music
Kento Hasegawa Music Composer
Tatsuya Yoshikawa Lead Character Designer
Makoto Ikehara Scenario Writers
Takahiro Yamamoto Programmers
Akihiro Kashimoto Programmers
Masaki Kataoka Programmers
Hiroyuki Yamato Planners
Seiko Kobuchi Music Composer
Tatsuya Kitabayashi Producer
Roger Rhodes Voice: Sting Chameleon
Roger Rhodes Voice: Vile
Jonathan Love Voice: Spark Mandrill
Dave Pettitt Voice: Sigma
Yusuke Tokita Planners
Yusuke Tokita Scenario Writers
Rika Yamada Character Designers
Kimio Yamazoe Interface Designer
Kenichi Miyahara Background Graphic Designers
Keisuke Ando Effects Designers
Junichirou Ogawa Effects Designers
Yoshiki Sandou Sound Effect Editor
Shinya Okada Music Composer
Ryoutaro Okiayu Zero
Lucas Gilbertson Voice: Zero
Yuki Iwai Music
Tatsuji Yataka Programmers
Hirochika Nagaki Character Designers
Takanori Ishikawa Background Graphic Designers
Yuko Takehara Music
Yoshika Seto Background Graphic Designers
Hirokazu Tanaka Programmers
Dean Galloway Voice: Chill Penguin
Gerald Matthews Voice: Flame Mammoth
Gerald Matthews Voice: Sigma
Daisuke Sasaki Storm Eagleed (Storm Eagle)
Izumi Boomer Kuwanger
Randall Wiebe Voice: Dr.Light
Carol Anne Day Voice: Navigator
Masaya Miyazawa Dr. Cain
Hiroshi Shimozaki Sting Chameleo (Sting Chameleon)
Hiroshi Shimozaki Vava (Vile)
Ryuuzou Ishino Icy Penguigo (Chill Penguin)
Takeshi Nagasako Spark Mandriller (Spark Mandrill)
Tetsuharu Oota Launcher Octopardo (Launch Octopus)
Setsuo Yamamoto Music
Spinwake Theme Song "Don't Wanna Be"
Spinwake Theme Song "Don't Wanna Be"
Youichi Kodama Programmers
Masaru Ijuin Programmers
Tomonori Takano Character Designers
Mark Gatha Voice: X
Yumiko Kobayashi Female Operator (Maverick Hunter HQ)
Mugihito Sigma
Tommy James Voice: Storm Eagle
Takahiro Sakurai Rockman X (Mega Man X)
Kenta Miyake Armor Armage (Armored Armadillo)
Kenta Miyake Burning Naumander (Flame Mammoth)
Tomokazu Kadoue Character Designers
Koujiro Ogiwara Character Designers
Tetsuji Shimazu Character Designers
Hirotada Miyatake Background Graphic Designers
Ho Wui Yee Programmers
Nobuhiro Oka Character Designers
Syoufu Ohashi Character Designers
Naomi Gotou Background Graphic Designers
Keiji Kubori Programmers
Yuka Tanio Programmers
Daisuke Ishiwata Programmers
Yuji Hayakawa Planners
Gentarou Tanzawa Planners
Atsushi Otsuki Director
Tommy James Voice: Storm Eagle
Mark Gatha Voice: X
Takahiro Sakurai Rockman X (Mega Man X)
Kenta Miyake Armor Armage (Armored Armadillo)
Kenta Miyake Burning Naumander (Flame Mammoth)
Mugihito Sigma
Yumiko Kobayashi Female Operator (Maverick Hunter HQ)
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#16 Most Discussed PSP Game of 2006
#15 Most Shared PSP Game of 2006