Mega Man Powered Up PSP

  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Release Date: Mar 14, 2006
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 36 Ratings

Summary: Mega Man is on a quest to restore peace in the world after Dr. Wily takes control of several robots in hopes to rule the planet. Completely re-designed for the PSP with new bosses and puzzles to master, Mega Man Powered Up is the only action platformer that lets gamers create their own levels and share with friends. Totally redesigned level structure - every level features modified map structures as well as varied item locations. Intuitive level editor option allows endless possibilities. Players can design their own stages creating challenges that are only limited by their own imagination. Customize everything from enemy and object placement to music. Mega Man Challenge 100 – take a break from the main story mode by putting skills to the test in 100 different short stages, each with its own objectives and challenges. Play as any of the eight boss robots in the game – utilize their unique abilities and characteristics to zip past obstacles. [Capcom]
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Rating: E
Developer: Capcom
Genre(s): Action, Platformer, Platformer, 2D, 2D
Number of Players:1 Player
ESRB Descriptors:Cartoon Violence
Number of Online Players:24 Players Online
Cast Credit
Keiji Inafune Executive Producer
Hisanori Ohtsuki Programmers
Hiroshi Ohno Sound Effects Editors
Takahiro Yamamoto Programmers
Akihiro Kashimoto Programmers
Masaki Kataoka Programmers
Tatsuya Kitabayashi Producer
Roger Rhodes Voice Actor: Fireman
Jonathan Love Voice Actor: Protoman
Rika Yamada Character Designers
Kimio Yamazoe Interface Designers
Kenichi Miyahara Background Graphic Designers
Chizuru Furukawa Background Graphic Designers
Keisuke Ando Effect Designers
Yoshiki Sandou Sound Effects Editors
Hiroaki Kondo Sound System
Kenji Nomura Voice:Gutsman(Japanese)
Kenji Nomura Voice:Yellow Devil(Japanese)
Tatsuji Yataka Programmers
Takanori Ishikawa Background Graphic Designers
Yoshika Seto Background Graphic Designers
Hirokazu Tanaka Programmers
Atsushi Kisaichi Voice:CWU-01p
Atsushi Kisaichi Voice:Oilman(Japanese)
Cole Howard Voice Actor: Mega Man
Shihiko Horiyama Music Composer
Tatsuya Yushikawa Lead Character Designer
Angie Beers Voice Actor: Roll
Randall Wieb Voice Actor: CWU-01p
Randall Wieb Voice Actor: Dr. Light
Dean Galloway Voice Actor: Dr. Wily
Zoe Slusar Voice Actor: Iceman
Brendan Hunter Voice Actor: Elecman
Scott Roberts Voice Actor: Oilman
Tommy Jones Voice Actor: Gutsman
Elinor Hort Voice Actor: Cutman
Mike Thiessen Voice Actor: Timeman
Ryan Stockert Voice Actor: Bombman
Gerald Matthews Voice Actor: Yellow Devil
Daisuke Sasaki Voice:Protoman(Japanese)
Tomohisa Aso Voice:Dr.Light(Japanese)
Takayasu Usui Voice:Bombman(Japanese)
Izumi Voice:Fireman(Japanese)
Kosuke Kobayashi Voice:Elecman(Japanese)
Sayaka Narita Voice:Timeman(Japanese)
Youichi Kodama Programmers
Masaru Ijuin Programmers
Yumiko Kobayashi Voice:Megaman(Japanese)
Akemi Kanda Voice:Iceman(Japanese)
Takeshi Aono Voice:Dr.Wily(Japanese)
Reiko Takagi Voice:Cutman(Japanese)
Tomokazu Kadoue Character Designers
Koujiro Ogiwara Character Designers
Tetsuji Shimazu Character Designers
Hirotada Miyatake Background Graphic Designers
Ho Wui Yee Programmers
Nobuhiro Oka Character Designers
Syoufu Ohashi Character Designers
Naomi Gotou Background Graphic Designers
Shyouji Hamada Interface Designers
Keiji Kubori Programmers
Yuka Tanio Programmers
Daisuke Ishiwata Programmers
Akemi Kanda Voice:Iceman(Japanese)
Takeshi Aono Voice:Dr.Wily(Japanese)
Yumiko Kobayashi Voice:Megaman(Japanese)
Reiko Takagi Voice:Cutman(Japanese)
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Awards & Rankings

#12 Most Discussed PSP Game of 2006
#51 Most Shared PSP Game of 2006