• Publisher: Konami
  • Release Date: Jun 8, 2010
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 313 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Negative: 17 out of 313

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  1. May 5, 2013
    First MGS game I didn't like, and had to delete it after 2 hours of play. I've been gaming for 20 years, and I have never seen a game with worse controls. It's a nightmare! I'm sure the story is as good as everyone says, but I hated every minutes I put in. Also, the zones are stupid tiny.
  2. Apr 8, 2011
    !NOTE: this review applys to MGS fans only, anyone else will probably find this game refreshing and new

    i got this game a long time ago, and i think ive only just come to terms with the solid fact: hideo kojima has failed us all
    i am baffled.... simply baffled at how highly this game is reviewed, i am a hardcore mgs fan, and ive loved every metal gear game to ever come out (even the acid
    ones! D:) up until this one....

    i dont understand how portable ops scored lower than this game, since this game essentially feels like a majorly trimmed down version of it (as far as actual gameplay goes)

    the campaign is much much larger than mgs:po... but that in itself is a bad thing, its like asking would you rather eat a bar of chocolate or a huge pile of feces?

    go figure

    >you cant crawl
    >you cant move while flattened on walls
    >sneaking is VERY difficult without making noise because of the fail analogue stick sensitivity
    >the whole game is based around coop
    >the coop is terrible
    >the entire control scheme has been messed up, and i mean messed up, beyond how you could even imagine it!
    >the soldier recovery system is cheap (yeah they managed to make lifting a soldier into a truck actually look good compared to it)
    >the bosses are generic and boring, more resemblant of devil may cry bossfights
    >it is almost impossible to hide and evade alert
    >'CQC' is highly focused on, one problem, it pretty much doesnt exist
    >the story is boorish, i began playing desperate to find out the missing plot to outer heaven, but it made me actually stop caring...
    >when you are detected (and you will be many times due to bad controls) the only way to evade death is to knock out all emenies in the area, and the only effective way to do that in this game is to throw them multiple times, so basically this 'SNEAKING' game consists of snake, or as i like to call him 'SUPER THROW MAN 200000'en desu!' with a snake costume sprinting through small linear areas and simply throwing every poor soul who gets in his way to the ground.

    this is not a metal gear solid game.
    dont let the title fool you.
    mgs is dead as of mgs4.
    what a sad way to end it all :(
  3. Feb 25, 2012
    This game should be called SNAKE'S REVENGE 2: Big Boss Revenge, because this is game as bad as 1st version of Metal Gear 2, known as Snake's revenge was.
    Before blind fanboys started to drop bricks out of their body and yelling that im not a fan of MGS and should GTFO let me introduce myself: I played Metal Gear since 1990 year, when most of you, kids, not even existed in this word, i
    started from both Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake on MSX, and i played every freaking game of series on every platform during 22 years, i know every detail about story better than Kojima knows his story, in Russian fan community im a well known as "alive walking bipedal MGS encyclopedia" and i could tell you whole story better than MGS database or wikia, in addition to this im admin and co-owner of most popular russian MGS community site and biggest social network group dedicated to Metal Gear series and Hideo Kojima... but im not a fan, I am a true connoisseur of Metal Gear series (some people call us hardcore orthodox fans), and i hate been called a fan. Because there is a difference - fan is usually a blind brainless zombie who will buy and love automatically everything with favorite title on the box, and true connoisseur have brains, not blind, can see whats good and whats bad in fav ttitle, and isnt tied to title, but tied to the core of awesomeness of this title and do not accept everything with title, especially if this everything have nothing else but title, and the core of awesomeness of original is lost.
    This is what happened to Snake Revenge and BigBoss Revenge aka PeaceWalker - despite this game have Metal Gear Solid title and shares some character and tries to glue MGS3 and MG1, its lost core of awesomeness of original MG and MGS, and its totally not acceptable as MGS game!
    Why? 1st the story (MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD) - its adds nothing but a nonsense far-fetched slapstick in best tradition of the cheapest and most stupid commercial anime, whole Outer-Heaven and Patriots idea was already explained in Portable ops, and back then it was more like a traditional MGS game story-wise, not its explains unnecessary things so stupid way so it adds nothing but frustration and ocean of plot-holes. Metal Gears in 1974 have AI that sings a songs, and they looks tech-more advance than any metal gear from 1995-2015 era (MG1-MGS4 - why the heck the pilot needed for it they had AI in 1974?), add to this stupidity of Boss ghost in this machine, loli-teen-super-double-agent-girl Paz, gay looking Miller with wrong age and face of Liquid (while in MG2 he was asian brunet), and more stupid RETCONs, metacritic dont have enough of space to explain this full... but trust me this game story should be totally retconed out of MGS timeline and forgotten just like Snake's Revenge.
    Not gameplay: THIS IS ISNT STEALTH GAME! AI is dumber than in original MGS1 on PSone, they are blind, deaf, stupid and rushing like tanks, u cant crawl anymore, cant move when pushed yourself to wall, cant move bodies, instead you can shoot stupid baloons into their asses so they can fly high through the ceiling like some ghost (how come Kojima could not prevent usage of fulton indoors?), stupid love, tank, ambulance and other weird boxes, stupid motherbase managment, tinny boring levels, awful controls (which was much better in portable ops btw), terrible frustrating akwardk, clunky and fuzzy action oriented gameplay, totally unrealistic and too conditional gameplay (oh lets pretend that this heavy-armored Snake is silent and invisible like a ninja ghost! lets pretend nobody hear they heli when we use fultons, lets pretend nobody hear sound of explosion, lets pretend you cant crawl and do most of things you was able to do since Metal Gear 2) - after Splinter Cell, Hitman, Riddick and Thief - this utter crap doesnt even smell like stealth and makes me want to puke and burn PW UMD (btw google for it, we actually going to burn PeaceWalker disk in fire for all the frustration it gave us)... this game lost everything good most of us love MG1-2 and MGS1-2 for! This is poorly designed, poorly written awkward unnecessary sequel to a finished Metal Gear story (which also screws up storyline pretty bad by many plot holes and stupidity that should not be in MGS time line) by a tired Kojima, who already jumped the shark and really needs to stop making unwanted MGS sequels after MGS 4 and should move on to something else. Konami gone Activision and turned MGS into their Call of Duty and milking that dead cow every year now, and this milk smells and tastes more and more like a rotten dead body, which should have been buried few years ago and rest in peace now, instead of peace walking . And Peace walker is that poisonous milk that makes me sick and forces me to puke!
    MGS & MGS 2 was real masterpieces, while PeaceWalker exploits their success just like Snake's Revenge and casts the shadow of shame on entire series, it should not exist at all as well as MGS 5!

Generally favorable reviews - based on 66 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 65 out of 66
  2. Negative: 0 out of 66
  1. Jan 18, 2011
    From the top-notch characterizations to the ethical indecision of its cast, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is a significant step forward for the series's maestro.
  2. Do not wait for the PSP2. Buy a copy of this game and the hardware necessary to play it as soon as is humanly possible. You're not going to see a better marriage of technical know-how, narrative inventiveness and holy-crap-I'm-playing-a-console-game-on-a-handheld-level awe on the system.
  3. Fans of the series will like this installment and newcomers to Metal Gear Solid like me will enjoy it as well.