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  • Summary: In Miami Vice: The Game, players follow a storyline set just before the events of the film. Gamers must build up the nefarious reputation necessary to infiltrate the seedy underbelly of South Beach, and ultimately bring down the organization of an "untouchable" South American drug lord. Play as undercover cops Crockett and Tubbs in the notorious world of Miami Vice -- the mansions, the money, and the mayhem -- set in present-day Miami. Experience cutting-edge motion capture, highly-detailed environments, and lighting effects inspired by the film created to maximize the technology of the PSP system. Play as partners with wireless action. Drug Trading – Raise needed capital and build reputation by managing drug inventory. Hacking – Unlock sensitive information (security codes, locations, etc.) Interactive Cutscene Encounters (ICE) – Continue to boost reputation through dramatic interactive cinematic encounters with powerful drug lords. Establish rep as a major player in the narcotics world through contraband trading, aggressively interacting with drug barons, and pursuing criminals with reckless abandon. Armed with intelligence from informants and utilizing hacking skills, take on the enemy in varied locations with an impressive array of weapons. Experience high-speed chases through Miami’s treacherous waterways while engaging in boat-to-boat shootouts. [Sierra] Expand
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  1. 82
    Second only to "Syphon Filter" in the handheld action stakes, Miami Vice really is a most pleasant surprise. Attractive, enjoyable, with a raft of extras, this is just what a movie license should be. [Issue 144, p.82]
  2. There’s not a whole lot to Miami Vice, whether we’re talking about gameplay or appeal. It’s a fun enough game to play through once, but considering its low variety and even shorter length, it’s at best a rent.
  3. Despite our low expectations, Miami Vice is competently made and surprisingly enjoyable. It isn't the most original of games and doesn't really push beyond the pattern established in the first mission, yet it does prove that PSP can 'do' shooting games and deserves some credit for that.
  4. Miami Vice has drugs, violence, hacking, and cussing, but in the end, it feels like the game is trying to hard to be, well, hard. It is not particularly bad, though definitely not very good.
  5. The charismatic animation and evocative, sunset-hazed setting make up for a lot of the game's shortcomings, and although limited in lasting appeal, Miami Vice is solidly and imaginatively made. [Sept 2006, p.86]
  6. The game is short and easy, combined with troublesome controls and bland visuals that don’t do justice to the wonderful material the game is based on.
  7. Other than that, Miami Vice is the most unremarkable eight hours you'll sppend en route to a lousy concclusion this year! [Oct. 2006, p.91]

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