Mixed or average reviews - based on 24 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 24
  2. Negative: 1 out of 24
  1. 85
    With a massive selection of classic titles and wireless multi-player Extended Play is more than worth the $30 price tag.
  2. This should be an easy one for the PSP owner on your Christmas list. These games are classics and are now yours to behold and enjoy on the go.
  3. I don't care what anyone says; this is an impressive collection. It's the perfect companion for any commute since you can jump into an out of a game without a lot of commitment.
  4. A fantastic and totally enjoyable trip down memory lane for any gamer over 40 and a valuable history lesson for anyone younger.
  5. This is a package that contains a large number of fun, classic games that play well enough to pass for whatever qualifies as "accurate" in our aging minds.
  6. Control issues, load times and graphical hiccups do wind up making this a much better collection of titles for the console than for Sony’s handheld.
  7. Thankfully, nothing's been fiddled with (except the addition of Wi-Fi support), and the inclusion of Marble Madness and Championship Sprint in particular prove that quality gameplay is timeless. [PSW]
  8. 70
    The fact most of these games can be played in a couple of minute bursts is good for people on the go and the budget pricing point makes this a worthy addition to your PSP game collection.
  9. Giving the price and amount of content included on Midway Arcade Treasures Extended Play you can't go wrong.
  10. It’s not that the games no longer hold up the way they use to but rather it’s the poor way in which some of the game are fit into the PSP’s screen.
  11. Fit to burst with an astounding 21 games from the heyday of arcade history, Midway Arcade Treasures: Extended Play is an equal parts assault of entertaining variety and challenging frustration.
  12. A solid and extensive compilation, though not without flaws and not without competition.
  13. They've not exactly matured like a fine cheese or wine, but this selection is worth a look. [Apr 2006, p.85]
  14. Worth your $29.99? If you like the games on the "best" list above, sure. Otherwise, no.
  15. This collection has more classic titles than many other collections I have seen, but more importantly, it has more good old school games than I have seen in any other game collection.
  16. Midway ports their treasured arcade title to the PSP, but renders it almost unplayable due to the wrong display option and unbelievably long loading times.
  17. 60
    If you're not looking for total accuracy in your retrogaming then this isn't a bad choice, especially when most of these games are pretty darn close to their arcade counterparts. Just keep in mind that you'll be sitting around waiting more often than you'll be playing.
  18. The package's presentation is incredibly minimal as well, with the games dropped into the most generic of interfaces. [Mar 2006, p.94]
  19. 60
    Extended Play could have been a little better in terms of its presentation and some of its title selections (why no Hydro Thunder?), but it's a good start for the series' portable run, and I hope that future chapters continue to bring us the best of Midway's gaming past.
  20. 55
    On the whole, the classic Midway canon is represented fairly well, with only a handful a few wacky choices that seem out of place and seemingly thrown in randomly (perhaps drawn out of a hat).
  21. There's a lot of potential here, but many of the games have issues with their graphics, sound, or control that make the entire package a real disappointment.
  22. With wireless play included for every multiplayer title, there's certainly some fun to be had here. Just maybe not enough to warrant buying it. [Christmas 2005, p.106]
  23. 50
    Feels like a game with a lot of wasted potential. There are emulation issues and the game takes a long time to get into.
  24. 30
    After playing the three excellent console versions of Midway Arcade Treasures, it was a major disappointment to see just how half-assed Extended Play ended up being.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 7 Ratings

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  1. NickB.
    Mar 12, 2007
    This is what I consider one of two or three must-haves for the PSP. It will never leave the PSP case wherever I go, and its selection of classics can't be beat. Full Review »
  2. KarlM.
    May 12, 2006
    This whole point of a collection like this is to give players some immediate varied fun by presenting familiar titles. Sadly the load times prevent this from happening. The framerates of Mmortal Kombat games is bad too. Only for die-hard fans. Full Review »
  3. TreksterN.
    Mar 8, 2006
    The games are right on par with there arcade parents, easy to see and play. Would have been nice to take advantage of the umd and make had some media clips from the game designers. Full Review »