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  • Summary: Features all-new Branch Point Technology, which provides seamless fielding transitions and smooth base running; the all-new Playmaker Fielding Marker that brings together a player's attributes with the gamer's skill level in order to make the play; and the all-new Release Point Pitching with Confidence Meter, which helps determine a gamer's ability to hit spots in the strike zone. Supporting up to two players via wireless multiplayer connectivity , gamers can compete against the Artificial Intelligence or go head-to-head against another player. By providing an unmatched broadcast presentation that brings together on screen gameplay, cut scenes, animation and sound, MLB for the PSP provides an engrossing authentic baseball simulation. [SCEA] Expand
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  1. It is well rounded, filled with features that you wouldn’t expect in a handheld, and it is a blast to play.
  2. 85
    The pitch meter from the console version made its way to this one, and the added degree of difficulty does a good job of keeping you on your toes, especially in those tough spots, when everything moves just a little faster.
  3. MLB may stumble a bit rounding first, but it easily makes the turn at second and barrels into third with big league-style graphics and intuitive gameplay.
  4. 989 Studios may have had to axe some graphical nuances and memory-intensive play modes (namely the mega-deep franchise mode) from the PS2 version of MLB 2006 in order to cram it onto the PSP, but everything else was brought across relatively intact.
  5. The PSP game mostly has the same great gameplay, gorgeous graphics, and sublime commentary the PS2 iteration has.
  6. But what it does have is an extremely solid amount of gameplay supported by two well-developed offensive and defensive control schemes and an engaging amount of baseball to appease just about any sports fan.
  7. While I still prefer MLB’s game play, the wealth of options and visual flare that "MVP" is bringing makes Sony’s game a bit stale.

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