• Publisher: Capcom
  • Release Date: May 23, 2006

Mixed or average reviews - based on 34 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 14 out of 34
  2. Negative: 2 out of 34
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  1. Play Magazine
    You'll find yourself unable to stop. Monster Hunter Freedom is just that addictive, and just that dangerous. [May 2006, p.56]
  2. It’s literally an Action-RPG with Harvest Moon elements. Not to mention the atmosphere of the game is very well created with the feeling that you actually are in a world of dinosaurs and there is a chance you will die.
  3. Official U.S. Playstation Magazine
    The devil may indeed be in the details, but if you dive into Freedom with the mind-set of "knowing is half the battle," you'll be rewarded with a game that will provide you with--no lie--over 100 hours of truly compelling gameplay. [Jun 2006, p.100]
  4. 80
    It's a lot more game than you'd expect from your average handheld title, and one that transcends the usual, disposable nature of portable games.
  5. 80
    Monster Hunter is certainly an acquired taste. But if you can appreciate the appeal of crafting, if RPGs aren't just about you leveling something, and if you're willing to try something completely different, you're in for a long, open-ended treat.
  6. 80
    A great game that could have been much better had there been a real online mode (especially with that VoIP headset, damn it).
  7. The game's short-burst quests and small-scale exploration are perfectly suited to a handheld game, and while it's easy to get into, it gets more fun and involving the more you play.
  8. 80
    There are hundreds of ways to style your character at the beginning.
  9. Computer Games Magazine
    It's Capcom's welcome variation on conventional RPG's, the difference being that you don't really go anywhere. [Sept. 2006, p.81]
  10. It's obvious that the developers spent a long time adapting the single-player mode to compensate for the lack of the online mode. The four-player co-op mode is played via the ad-hock wireless system. Having players equipped with different weapons, both Blade and Gunner style, you will be able to hunt effectively as a team by ambushing the creatures, flanking them or forcing them down paths loaded with traps. [JPN Import]
  11. 77
    While it’s unfortunate that Freedom shipped without an online mode, the single-player campaign and multiplayer mode have enough content to produce more than 100 hours of gameplay. It’s one of the longest, most involved titles on the system.
  12. netjak
    There might not be any online multiplayer, but Freedom makes sure that the player never runs out of things to do. And where else can you find cats who cook for you?
  13. Its sharp visuals, lengthy quests and interesting concepts make this a delightful romp well worth taking if you like hunting and action.
  14. 75
    The learning curve is steep and takes time, but the replay value in MHF is very high as there is easily 40+ hours of fun things to do.
  15. PSM2 Magazine UK
    An epic RPG quest that rewards patience. It's slow-paced, but once you're strong enough to tackle the bigger monsters it really shines. Just don't expect anything ground-breaking. [June 2006, p.81]
  16. Games Master UK
    It should be online: simple as that. With just a few people in your vicinity, it's no monster. [June 2006, p.66]
  17. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    Yeah, it controls fine and looks fantastic, but it suffers the same "been there, done that" feeling as other PS2-to-PSP ports, in this case with the added handicap of no online play. [Jun 2006, p.118]
  18. 70
    Monster Hunter Freedom is an improved experience over its PS2 single player counterpart but you won't get the most out of the game until you can find some hunting buddies and really give the multiplayer a proper workout.
  19. The seemingly simple process of having a working camera and an enemy lock-on system has been neglected and as a result we’re left with a ‘nearly’ title – one of those ‘it could have been really good’ situations.
  20. While it's great to build your own hunter and create weapons and armor with creative aspects, and some of the monster hunting is thoroughly enjoyable, the game runs into some slight problems with gameplay and camera control that keep it from being in "freedom" of flaws.
  21. 70
    It's a shame that Freedom isn't playable online, and there are a few awkward and unforgiving gameplay elements that hurt the overall experience, but determined hunters will find this quarry worth pursuing.
  22. AceGamez
    Despite an almost abandoned lobby when trying to play online, something tells me that Monster Hunter Freedom has so much more to offer once a larger community of gamers get hold of it.
  23. Freedom offers countless missions and roleplaying elements such as mining, fishing and gardening.
  24. The freedom and range of item management creates huge scope for personalised gameplay and strategy, and while the dawdling pace won't suit many, those able to respect the game's qualities should find the experience very rewarding.
  25. 70
    MHF is definitely not a game for newbies, and it's not a big fan of loners, but there's some real fun to be had along with the frustration.
  26. PSM Magazine
    Alas, the ridiculous lengthy load times sap much of the fun, and the game only gets really interesting when you play with friends in ad hoc mode. [Jun 2006, p.87]
  27. By neglecting to address the fundamental problems of the original and slicing out the online play, Monster Hunter Freedom negates the few improvements it makes to its PlayStation 2 predecessor.
  28. Official Playstation 2 Magazine UK
    It may have a pouch full of original ideas, but Freedom makes too many basic errors to be a serious PSP predator. [May 2006, p.87]
  29. games(TM)
    If you’ve the patience, Monster Hunter is worth a look – just don’t expect to fall in love with it immediately. [June 2006, p.132]
  30. 60
    Freedom's slower pace, lack of story, and frustrating camera do little to warm the cockles of an action fan's heart, but those brave enough to slog through its rough spots will find the game improves with time.
  31. Staking its claim in the under populated wilderness betwixt classic story-driven RPG and balls-to-the-wall splatter action, it's a worthy evolution of a still-fresh franchise and a rather impressive addition to the PSP line up in its own right.
  32. At least the presentation is top-notch: Both the graphics and music are fantastic. The large mythical creatures look stunning.
  33. Game Informer
    Combined with clunky controls and a bad camera, Monster Hunter Freedom winds up about as appealing as a pile of the Wolfman's droppings. [Jun 2006, p.119]
  34. Monster Hunter: Freedom tries to capture the odd, free-form gameplay that made its console counterpart so quirky, but its load problems, aggravating combat, lame AI and lack of online play dulls its blade immeasurably.

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#7 Most Discussed PSP Game of 2006
#38 Most Shared PSP Game of 2006
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 81 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 65 out of 81
  2. Negative: 10 out of 81
  1. RuairiS
    Aug 27, 2009
    This game is exciting and adventurous. It keeps you guessing with some hard monsters and some simple monsters SO i would say to anyone buy This game is exciting and adventurous. It keeps you guessing with some hard monsters and some simple monsters SO i would say to anyone buy this game and buy freedom 2 and unite Full Review »
  2. MarcE
    Nov 8, 2008
    A lots of other game can lern mutch from this game its realy the best!
  3. Jan 31, 2012
    Monster Hunter is one of the rare gems in gaming that only comes out once every so often. It's a shame that the series wasn't fully realizedMonster Hunter is one of the rare gems in gaming that only comes out once every so often. It's a shame that the series wasn't fully realized here in the West. This game delivers in spades for fans of collecting, upgrading, and epic beast slaying. This game is not a hack and slash at all and is debatable whether or not it is even an RPG since there are no base attributes to the character. Success and power are accumulated through materialism and violence. Collecting items from the world and beasts around you is how you ultimately craft new weapons and armor which similarly reflect the beasts that they are composed of. Of the 3 MH titles that are available to N. America, Freedom is the one that shows its age the most. Features taken for granted in other MH games like item combining from the convenience of your own chest is not available here. This game starts off a slower pace than the games to come later. I didn't have armor for the first five hours or so until I found monster that had the required materials, however, for hardcore gamers this is hardly a complaint. Working to earn every thing you obtain is part of the thrill of the MH series and this game is no exception. The farm, were you can grow and harvest your own crops, mushrooms, honey, ect. are all available. Multilplayer mode has just as much to offer and more if you can get together 1 - 3 friends. I can't say this is the best example of MH now but it was when it first arrived and for that it deserves a ten, though comparatively I would give it an 8 or so. If your looking for the best version of MH available in the U.S. look no further than Monster Hunter Tri on the Nintedo Wii. Full Review »