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  1. The bottom line here is that somehow, someway, Bigbig Studios managed to create a Motorstorm game on a handheld system that stands up to the PS3 versions in almost every single way.
  2. I'm gonna sum it the same way I started; all of the character and charisma that you enjoy about the Motorstorm franchise is captured with vivid exactness in Arctic Edge... That should speak for itself.
  3. MotorStorm: Arctic Edge has got everything its PS3 brother has. Power to the PSP.
  4. Above all else, Arctic Edge still feels like a MotorStorm game. While that won't do much to rope in an otherwise ignorant or uninterested consumer base, fans of the series should be positively delighted with how well the portable entry turned out.
  5. The best racing action you can find out there! If you don’t buy it, it is your own fault!
  6. This fun off-road racer is easily one of the best racing titles on the system and absolutely shouldn't be missed.
  7. 90
    This is MotorStorm, in its entirety, in a wholly new setting but without losing anything that made the series so damn fun on the PS3. Without a doubt, this is one of the best racing games you can find on the PSP. Go buy it.
  8. Arctic Edge captures the MotorStorm spirit in a great little portable racer.
  9. A seriously impressive entry on a portable that has already wowed with full-featured racers, MotorStorm: Arctic Edge is exactly what you expect from the franchise without sacrificing anything.
  10. 89
    Bigbig Studios has achieved to adapt the philosophy of the Evolution Studios games to a less powerful hardware.
  11. MotorStorm: Arctic Edge for the PSP is great. There's no two ways about it. It does everything that the console games have been doing for years now, with the one and only difference being the visual sacrifice. But even still, it's a damn good looking PSP game.
  12. At the end of the day, MotorStorm Arctic Edge is definitely a fun off-road game set in a winter wastelands of Alaska that will keep most gamers appeased.
  13. An awesome and massive racer. Should go in your collection instantly!
  14. For those who have been yearning for more quality arcade-style racing games for their PlayStation Portable, MotorStorm: Arctic Edge is the answer you have been waiting for. With non-stop action and fantastic visuals coupled with a deep single-player mode and proper online multiplayer, there is everything you will need for a very long time. Don’t be afraid, pick this one up and start heating up the ice.
  15. All in all, this is a great title, not only for the PSP, but in general. Players will really enjoy all the polish that has gone into the game, the quality tracks, the different vehicles, the varied game modes, multiplayer and leaderboard support, all the unlockables, etc.
  16. 85
    MotorStorm: Arctic Edge is the best arcade racer to hit the PSP platform, and is a fine addition to the already quality franchise that was born on the PS3.
  17. MotorStorm: Arctic Edge is not without its flaws: the tracks will bore you sooner or later, some vehicles behave too similarly, the upgrades are purely cosmetic, objectives and modes are few and far between. But BigBig succeeded in conveying the excitement of an extreme snow race, while maintaining nice visuals and the freedom of MotorStorm.
  18. Bigbig Studios did a great job of shrinking the great MotorStorm gameplay and feature set for MotorStorm: Arctic Edge, making it one of the better console transitions to the PSP so far. With the deep Festival and online modes, the package is worth the $40 for what is probably the best racing game for the PSP this holiday season.
  19. MotorStorm has lost little in its transition to the PSP. Arctic Edge may not have the eye-popping HD visuals of its PS3 counterparts, but it continues the franchise's frenzied attitude, which makes for a great racer on the go.
  20. 83
    One of the most popular PlayStation 3 franchises now on the PlayStation Portable. It has everything from the PlayStation 3 versions in another environment. One of the better PSP games of this year.
  21. PSM3 Magazine UK
    Another familiar, quality MotorStorm, only with a new setting and less flashy visuals. [Nov 2009, p.31]
  22. Arctic Edge is a great achievement on the PSP. The developer has managed to maintain what made the first two games in the series so popular, yet resisted simply giving people a cut down version of what they've already played.
  23. Arctic Edge is one of the best driving games for the PlayStation Portable, despite not being perfect and not having a so-well-looking graphic engine, that's lacking a more in-depth development of the vehicles that the games presents. Besides this aspect, the newest MotorStorm is a good example of how to adapt an impressive driving game into a handheld experience without losing its credentials.
  24. That Big BIg Studios have managed to squeeze an experience previously only available on the Playstation 3 into your pocket is a genuine marvel – Motorstorm: Arctic Edge is feature rich, beautifully polished, graphically ambitious and, above all else, retains the oil, smoke and tears that fans know and love.
  25. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    It's loud, it's ludicrous and more importantly, it's a huge laugh. [Nov 2009, p.110]
  26. Arctic Edge Motorstorm has managed to miniaturize the whole adrenalinic arcade saga without losing a single element of those who have made this a winning formula. The problem rather is to be found in the absolute absence of novelty, but it is really difficult for a fan being disappointed. Players will find many races to compete in the festival mode, an excellent online, an immediate and handling control system and races designed with style. The next time you might expect something new, but to be the first release of this brand on the small PSP, you certainly can not complain.
  27. Even though it has less content than the first two games, we still enjoyed the ride.
  28. 80
    Even though it doesn't look as good as other MotorStorm games, we're happy with the way Arctic Edge turned out. The controls are easy to learn, the presentation is solid and the crashes and stunts are just as fun as ever.
  29. If you enjoy racing games then you should check out Arctic Edge immediately, its one of the best.
  30. Quick and funny as the PS3 episode, and even more "cool" because of the multiplayer option (extremely rare on PSP).
  31. Despite its faults, Motorstorm: Arctic Edge might be the best iteration of the Motorstorm franchise, or at least the most fun.
  32. Despite the bland racing-modes you will find many hours of entertainment in this game. Arctic Edge takes the pole position when it comes to racing games on the PSP.
  33. Motorstorm: Arctic Edge on PSP is just as we expected it: an arcade racer, very spectacular and durable, given the huge number of races and the presence of online multiplayer. The lack of next gen graphics is certainly hard to swallow for the series, but it was done everything possible to make a good job on PSP.
  34. AceGamez
    Arctic Edge is classic Motorstorm, just in cold weather gear.
  35. The reckless racing style of Arctic Edge is certainly suiting for racing on the go, and the fact that Bigbig managed to fully retain the spirit of MotorStorm is truly commendable.
  36. MotorStorm feels like an appropriate entry in the series, and a remarkable feat given the technology.
  37. Unexpectedly brilliant, then, Motorstorm: Arctic Edge is an extremely likeable addition to the Motorstorm family, which provides a hectic racing experience that will get the blood pumping through your veins.
  38. 78
    Somehow, despite capturing the anarchic racing action of its PS3 sibling pretty well there's still something about Arctic Rift that feels a little underwhelming.
  39. Arctic Edge manages to retain the virtue of the Motorstorm series experience in PlayStation 3.
  40. This riotous off-road racer provides plenty of boisterous fun, in spite of a few irregularities.
  41. 75
    It ain't a revolution, folks, but racing on ice probably isn't something you're going to get to do in real life, so you take what you can get.
  42. While Arctic Edge may not be the penultimate title to propel the series past its cult status, it still maintains the polished pedigree and crazy crashes that makes the series a well-respected franchise.
  43. Arctic Edge for the PSP is a capable racer with plenty of spills and thrills for those well versed in the genre.

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Generally favorable reviews- based on 42 Ratings

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  1. Apr 12, 2012
    This is a well made game. Great graphics, stable frame rate and pure adrenalin gameplay!
  2. May 17, 2016
    Motorstorm Arctic Edge , Burnout Legends and Flatout Head On are the best racing games on PSP . Specialy Motorstorm Arctic Edge . InMotorstorm Arctic Edge , Burnout Legends and Flatout Head On are the best racing games on PSP . Specialy Motorstorm Arctic Edge . In Motorstorm Arctic Edge are good songs , amazing graphics for PSP and amazing tracks . I think this game one of the best game on PSP . 9/10 Full Review »
  3. MikeS
    Dec 28, 2009
    An excellent achievement, especially when you consider the PSP's limitations. I still think the original Motorstorm is the best in the An excellent achievement, especially when you consider the PSP's limitations. I still think the original Motorstorm is the best in the series though Full Review »