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  • Summary: Dominate from Wire to Wire: Take your team all the way from opening day to the World Series in Season mode. Wireless Head-to-Head Gameplay: Challenge friends sitting next to you or across the room to an Exhibition Game, Homerun Shootout, or Pitcher Showdown. Party Play: Four players can compete in Batting and Pitching mini-games using one PSP unit. EA Pocket Trax: This new feature designed for PSP allows you to listen and watch music content via this built in player. [Electronic Arts] Expand
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  1. Unfortunately, there isn't a Franchise mode in MVP, but there is a great season mode, as well as an addictive Homerun Showdown. [May 2005, p.71]
  2. Gameplay definitely takes some getting use to, due to the design of the PSP.
  3. MVP’s a solid game that does a nice impersonation of a PS2 title, but its got a number of flaws and missing features that make 989’s "MLB," not MVP, the baseball game to have for the PSP this year.
  4. 70
    Sporting bigger loads than John Holmes (almost all of EA's PSP titles are plagued with long load times), this miniature version of the MVP franchise seems to be trying a little too hard to look good.
  5. EA has some great ideas that are just poorly implemented, and it would've been nice to see them rework it for next year.
  6. 60
    If this title had come out before the console version, I'm sure we'd have been amazed by its accomplishments, rather than puzzled by its mistakes.
  7. 40
    Going out with a bang for them has turned into sneaking out with a whimper. Not exactly my idea of the ol' ball game.

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