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Generally unfavorable reviews- based on 7 Ratings

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  • Summary: Step into the moon boots of Napoleon Dynamite and relive some flippin sweet movie moments like dancing to Z-Kwon, throwing the pigskin a quarter mile with Uncle Rico, smashing piñatas with Pedro and many more! Napoleon Dynamite brings 20 mini games for the DS and 30 for the PSP that really need you to use all your good skills to pass…even your bow-hunting skills for when you're hunting Wolverines with your uncle in Alaska! So hurry up and play already and all your wildest dreams will come true. Gosh! [Crave] Expand
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  1. Here we have a game about a character-driven movie, where the character shines. It may not be stellar, but Napoleon is plenty fun all around.
  2. As a game, it's a little bit hard to recommend this, especially considering that it's basically just an assemblage of Flash-style games, the kind you could play for free on a movie promo site.
  3. 45
    The real reason why you should just forget the game in general is that it's simply not fun. There are moments where the mini-games approach mild entertainment, but you can have just as much fun -- if not more -- playing a free Flash game. Gosh.
  4. 40
    In the end, Napoleon Dynamite: The Game does little to fight the stereotype of low quality licensed games.
  5. 40
    Unfortunately, this collection of average minigames and overused sound bites is likely to be a disappointment to even the most diehard Dynamite fan.
  6. It looks and sounds good enough, but an annoying and punishing difficulty level - right off the bat - kills any genuine fun most people could have would a game like this.
  7. Basically, avoid this one at all costs; it's pretty much the "ET" of the PSP.

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  1. TerryT.
    Nov 13, 2007
    Its a fun game to play if your a fan of the movie. good for mini games which is what its all about. not much depth in the game but then there wasnt in the film neither, its more of a pick up and play mini game extravaganza which for me is what makes it entertaining, no flash graphics or look at me game play just a quick burst of fun when you need it. its like a vauxhall tigra "fun if you like that sort of thing." Expand
  2. GioD.
    Nov 23, 2007
    Damn, this caught me totally off guard. I did enjoy da movie but a game of it? Surprisingly, its very solid. Its a collection of minigames that are based off scenerios N themes from the movie. It may sound stupid, but in all honesty it totally works, n da games r fun n are actually pretty funny. 7 Studios did a great job with this license. Totally worth da $20. Try it, it may suprise u too. Expand
  3. AlexisD.
    Dec 2, 2007
    I actually like this game. Of course you must also like the movie to like this game. The mini games are really fun. I also liked the way they did the graphics for this game. It's very different from all the other games in my PSP. There are 31 mini games for this game. I just wish that they put in more mini games and unlockables and this game would totally be "SWEET!" Expand
  4. matrix1004
    Jan 3, 2008
    I was thinking more like a 7, but I'll keep up the integrity of the user votes, cause it'll probably get blasted by the critics. I don't know what is up with IGN's score. My friends, family, & I all love it and play it all the time. And that's saying a lot, since I only have 6 of the games unlocked so far! These aren't crappy, little 3 second Warior Ware games either. Some have full, multiple levels, & even boss battles. The story mode is fun & funny, and will be appreciated & enjoyed by fans of the movie. Expand