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  • Summary: Delivering the most engaging NBA experience with fast, fluid gameplay, NBA '07 for the PSP expands upon the franchise by offering the most feature-rich, handheld NBA action available. Officially licensed by the NBA, and introducing all-new gameplay modes, mini-games, and presentation, NBA '07 is ready to deliver the thrill of and excitement of NBA action on the go. An all-new Conquest Mode allows players to take a team and challenge NBA squads across the country, while a new Pick Up Mode give gamers a chance to choose from 10 different NBA players for a playground-style match-up. In addition to the instant replay function, a new Highlight Reel option provides players the opportunity to view a select reel of highlight shots, passes, steals, and dunks at the end of each game. Players will also have more choices of quick pick-up-and-play mini-games, including an all-new rhythm-based dunk contest as well as carnival-style games including skee-ball, pinball, and pop-a-shot. Additionally, the game brings back popular mini-games such as Dodgeball and HORSE, as well as a comprehensive ladder challenge and virtual trading cards. [SCEA] Expand
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  1. By far one of the most delightfully engaging and deep basketball games on the PSP so far, NBA ‘07 is not only an improvement over last year’s fun offering but it’s also a game that is good enough to give the other NBA b-ball games a run for their money.
  2. Basketball, schmasketball. NBA '07 is all about the extra game modes. Dodgeball, Skee-ball, Pop-a-Shot, Pinball! Who needs to play any basketball. Seriously, NBA 07 will be appealing to anyone that enjoys playing games and keeping themselves entertained.
  3. So long as you go into things understanding that this isn't really a console-level basketball experience and that it's uniquely designed for shorter, more portable games, you end up with a shockingly good basketball entry. If they end up adding in some of the fluff from the console versions next year, it's going to make things near irresistible.
  4. In practice, it’s a forgettable game that offers less than its competition. Instead of taking an evolutionary step up from last year’s version of The Life, the game is content to shovel out more of the same.
  5. A ton of gameplay, a ton of issues.
  6. Whoever was in charge of programming the AI fell asleep at the wheel. The computer is at time[s] such an unholy bastard that playing against it makes me want slam my PSP against a wall. The AI will do whatever is necessary to make sure that you lose.
  7. 33
    Clunky, jerky, boring and tiresome in equal amounts. [Issue#153, p.90]

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