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  • Summary: NBA action on the go is back once again with NBA 08 for the PSP system. Delivering an engaging NBA experience with quick action and fluid gameplay, NBA 08 continues to expand on the franchise. NBA 08 introduces a number of brand new quick action mini-games that players can enjoy anytime, anywhere. All-new carnival-style games, as well as contests such as Fast Break, Block-a-Shot, and Alley-Oop, are all available to provide fast and engaging action that further adds to the stable of traditional and non-traditional basketball gameplay. Additionally, players will experience a more challenging Season Mode, where player management and balancing team chemistry come into play. Refined gameplay mechanics and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) also help to create a more realistic and action-oriented gameplay experience. [SCEA] Expand
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  1. NBA 08 on PSP is definitely the best of the three NBA 08 games, and a good basketball game to boot.
  2. The b-ball gameplay is great – stellar controls, smooth frame rate, and an impressive array of animations. NBA 08's pinball and Arkanoid-style mini-games are tons of fun, and the rest are entertaining diversions that encourage players to return.
  3. 80
    The folks at SCE Studios San Diego have once again brought their A-game. They've somehow managed to cram an incredible amount of action into their fourth PSP hoops release.
  4. It's not the best NBA game available; however it is a great addition to the franchise and has made some significant leaps from last year's version.
  5. I just want to take the time to request that everyone take notice of Conquest mode. It’s really a shot in the arm for sports games and should really be present in every other title in the genre.
  6. The single-player Conquest mode and robust multiplayer capabilities do help to redeem this title and are certainly worth a look, but if you already own NBA 07, you should carefully consider if NBA 08 offers enough improvements and new features to justify a purchase.
  7. 40
    Still, we can't fully recommend a basketball game if the main function of the game is this broken. If you can't shoot worth a damn or defend worth a damn, then, really, what's the point if the AI is just going to run right over you?

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