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  1. Like its PS2 sibling, NFL Street 3 is a rehash but still a must-buy for its intense and addictive Gamebreakers.
  2. NFL Street 3 plays a fine game of street football. It’s the kind of game that you can get a casual gamer into in a few minutes, compared even to other casual games like the Madden series.
  3. NFL Street 3 reaches a lofty level of “Chad Johnson-ness” for its outrageousness and over-the-top gameplay along with the nice embellishments of new modes and moves, but a sometimes-aggravating camera, lackluster graphics not up to the level of its console brethren and handheld controls that don’t entirely feel responsive as they should be deflate any game ball that you could have potentially handed out to NFL Street 3.
  4. NFL Street 3 is great for quick-playing, over-the-top football action on the go.
  5. 73
    While it packs in the game modes from the console title, camera angles will complicate play, along with weaker visuals and technical disappointments. It's still a decent football title, but it definitely gets lost in translation from the PS2 over to Sony's handheld.
  6. Yes, the action can get tedious over time, as you realize that strategy takes a back seat to cheap super-moves and quick fingers. But there's something here.
  7. AceGamez
    If you're looking for an American Football game that you can pick up and play without worrying that you don't know your quarterbacks from your quarterpounders then this is the game for you!
  8. A feature-rich offering that can be both extremely entertaining and equally frustrating to play.
  9. Unfortunately, NFL Street 3 isn't consistently entertaining, and the new wrinkles in its gameplay don't do enough to differentiate it from previous games in the series. Unlike Ocho Cinco, Street 3 is probably a bit too safe for its own good.
  10. 65
    NFL Street 3 treads familiar territory too closely to be considered a must for experienced players.
  11. 60
    NFL Street 3 seems at home on the small screen. This game is best taken in quick bursts of fun, and the PSP is built for just that. Still, even Ocho Cinco might have trouble keeping up the trash-talking intensity after prolonged exposure to the same old Street feel.
  12. 50
    In the end, it's fun to play, and will keep you engaged. But the muddy visuals, lack of Wi-Fi, and undersold Gamebreakers will throw you for a loop.
  13. From the dire music to the drab gameplay - NFL Street 3 can be described as nothing more than average.

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#99 Most Discussed PSP Game of 2006
#54 Most Shared PSP Game of 2006
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  1. Sep 26, 2015
    NFL Street 3-a great game on either PS2 or PSP.

    NFL Street 3's main feature,the ability to jump off objects scattered on the playing fields
    NFL Street 3-a great game on either PS2 or PSP.

    NFL Street 3's main feature,the ability to jump off objects scattered on the playing fields i.e. boxes in a warehouse and the ability to do flips,backflips and incredible moves off these objects and walls,completely changes the game and makes it as fun and deep as ever.Also GameBreakers have seen a huge change,now a GameBreaker is a special move you can do with a GB token you earn from showboating,making big plays and performing style moves in the air.These are very tactical,and are about timing i.e. mistime a GB tackle and you've lost a token,and some cancel out others i.e. timed GB tackle can cancel out GB Jukes or Spins.

    The graphics are quite good on the PSP version but could be better,there is also framerate drops after plays,especially any crazy plays,the game **** itself in that case,and there are a few glitches,but runs well for the most part.Disappointingly,there is no player audio at all,but the soundtrack is relatively solid.

    The main career for Street 3 is called Respect The Street,where you and your team must earn your way up the ranks and earn Respect points,which give you the right to eventually challenge the NFL teams.This is extremely frustrating early on,but was you start unlocking and completing drills to earn Dev.Points,it becomes a lot easier.

    Overall,NFL Street 3 is a innovative and fantastically executed game,go out and buy it.
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