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  • Summary: Two years ago, at Leafmore High, a group of young teenagers were trapped inside their school and hunted by monsters that had been released by the maniac headmaster. Some of them survived that terrible night, while others perished. Now, the survivors have picked up their lives and joined college. But all is not right on Fallcreek University; strange black flowers have suddenly sprung up everywhere on the campus. While experimenting with these flowers in class, a dangerous substance is discovered that induces strange but vivid dreams. But a handful of students find out that there is more to the flowers than anyone could have expected; when the seeds finally germinate, a bad trip suddenly turns into a horrible reality... Features 6 charismatic characters with unique skills; unique coop mode: second player can join in at any time; highly detailed and rich 3D environment; find clues and solve various rddles and mysteries; and a vast variety of weapons and horrifying monsters. [Playlogic] Expand
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  1. The controls are much more manageable as they should be for PSP designed controls.
  2. 74
    This game is pretty cool to play, but got camera issues and a buggy control scheme. The story, setting and sphere are a lot better than before. This game got a lot of issues but also a lot of good points to play. A nice title, noting less and nothing more.
  3. Obscure: Aftermath for PSP has the same issues than the original game appeared on Playstation 2 some years ago. Hydravision didn´t fix the problems with the gameplay and with the camera. At least the visuals are so good for the system, with a great terror atmosphere. The cooperative experience with another player is funny and it works really good but playing with the computer affects the playability.
  4. The fact that Hydravision took the time to improve on a few things before porting it to the PSP is good. If you have a friend to play with, your gameplay experience will be even better...and funnier. Just don’t expect an AAA quality game...but it does the job.
  5. The final result is a watered down adaptation which doesn't bring anything new to the genre.
  6. 60
    The gameplay of Obscure: The Aftermath is fun to tackle with a friend, but the PSP version runs into some problems that its console predecessors didn't: it loads more awkwardly and can hurt the pacing of the experience. But at the same time, the PSP benefits from Ad-Hoc multiplayer, which allows both players to move around without screen constraints.
  7. It's hard to get sucked into a game when playing it on a three inch screen and even more difficult to be scared of a monster that's no bigger than your thumb. Obscure: The Aftermath doesn't do much to turn the tide in this regard, and if a survival borror game doesn’t give you chills, then what’s the point?

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Score distribution:
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  1. Mar 14, 2012
    Best game series EVER. Instead of surviving the horrors of zombies and monsters as typical police or war veterans, you play as un experienced students who need to survive the horrors of Fallcreak. Great story, great graphics and great fun factor. Highly recommend it. Expand
  2. Jul 17, 2011
    Thoroughly enjoyed it!

    Immersive, intelligent and with a gripping and involving storyline that makes you actually CARE about the characters
    and their fate. Not overwhelmingly scary on the whole, but I was completely hooked from start to finish and found myself wanting to play it more after it was done. Sadly however it seems to have quite little replay value.

    The multiplayer mode (2 player co-op) looks good though so I'll give that a blast soon!
  3. Dec 16, 2012
    This game is pretty fun, the only problem is that you have to play 1 or 2 hours to find a saving spot, otherwise, if you decide to stop playing, you will lose all your progress.

    Gameplay: 7/10 - Camera can be messy.
    Music: 8/10 - Good music, but the music usually doesn't fix into the terror places.
    Story: 7/10 - There's no reason for those places to have monsters, therefore, the story isn't that good.
    Grapichs: 9/10 - For a PSP game, this is amazing.